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OMICRON TEST METHOD FOR DTP1. From relay software

Press measure & counter

2. This screen will appeared

3. For pickup value (sensitivity) Double click on omicron icon

4. This screen will appear OMICRON MAIN SCREEN click QUICKCMC

5. There are two methods to test sensitivity

5/1 by applying value in ph R =0.2 A if no trip stop the test and increase the value to 0.3 A

to get the min pickup value

5/2 by applying value in ph R =0.2 A and make auto test by adjust the increasing value and take stop contact from the diff. relay to stop test at the pickup value So adjust step like as fellow:

Triple = CMC156-EPI

size = 0.01 A

Quantity = I1

time = 0.5 S

And select auto step and select stop contact then press test

6. For test harmonic in the main screen press testing tools then press harmonic

7. This screen will appearput Ia = 5 A time = 1 S select Ia from here and harmonic value = 22 % then file - export

8. this screen will appear enter the name of your harmonic (any name) for ex. 2 hr 22

9. this screen will appear then press OK then file - Exit or press here

10. this screen will appear then press NO

11. The main screen will appear again

Press testing tools then transplay

12. This screen will appear press add to list

13. This screen will appear then select your test name and press open

14. This screen will appear then press ok

15. This screen will appear then press play (means the tester start to inject if you want to change the harmonic value repeat again from point 7 and adjust according your requirements

16. For RESTRAIN testOpen screen QUICKCMC

Then inject ph R = 2.5 A angle 0 and connect it to ph R HV side,

Inject ph S = 1.443 A angle 180, ph T= 1.443 A angle 0 and connect it to ph R ,ph T LV side consequently

Then start test and read the measurements from TDP software and take Id , It

17. Instantaneous function 87B

Disable the harmonic & diff. functions

Enable Instantaneous function 87B

Then open QUICKCMC and make auto test for this function to bring the tripping value

Like as point

Start from 9 A and size 0.1 A

Like this screen

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