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How to deal with "mom" on Facebook. These slides offer my talking points, but no audio is available. So you'll have to piece it together yourself!


  • 1. OMG. My (online) life is over...Moms on Facebook. Lana Carlene October 15, 2009She works on computers! Mom

2. Brief disclaimer.MomYour collective of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. who are newbies to online social interaction. 3. Its happening to everyone...THE WASHINGTON POST | MARCH 9, 2008 When Mom or Dad Asks To Be a Facebook Friend ABC NEWS | JANUARY 2, 2009 When Your Grandfather Joins Facebook ABC NEWS | JANUARY 3, 2009 Friended by Mom and Dad on Facebook THE WALL STREET JOURNAL | SEPTEMBER 8, 2009The Helicopter Parents Are Hovering on Facebook ONION NEWS NETWORK | SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 Facebook Revolutionizes How ParentsStalk College-Aged Kids SWITCHED | OCTOBER 12, 2009 10 Tips for Dealing with Family on Facebook 4. US Facebook Users by Age Ages 35+ = 38% of US Facebook members, October 1 2009 5. US Facebook Audience Growth Rates (Last 30 Days) Ages 35+ = 38% of US Facebook members, October 1 2009 6. Good news, though... OMG ScaleLevel of Embarrassment due to ParentsTeen Adult 7. Wild child? When your mom wants to friend you: Ignore friend request. Accept friend request, let it all hang out. Accept friend request, set custom Privacy Options. 8. Privacy OptionsSelect Customize in Privacy Settings.Restrict viewable items by List or Friend. Or just delete wall posts on a case-by-case basis.But wait why not entertain your friends?! See FACEBOOK FAIL: How to Use Facebook Privacy Settings and Avoid Disaster 9. OPP = Entertaining (Other Peoples Parents)MistakenIdentity See Facebook Mom 10. Parental oversharing is also entertaining See MANY more at 11. But seriously... We love mom. Lets help her out.(Were more than qualified!) (Pre-LOLz) Flickr: Patrick Q Flickr: Tjflex2 Flickr: freeparking 12. Help mom blend.1. Set her up right.2. Its OK to ignore.3. Respect the wall. 13. 1. Set her up right.Set appropriate privacy: And show her how to control third-party apps. 14. 2. Its OK to ignore. 15. 3. Respect the wall. 16. Mom overwhelmed? Go Lite! Wall Profile Friends Photos & Videos Events Inbox 17. Eventually, Mom will be making fun of us. 18. Thanks! Lana Carlene @lanacar