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    WARNING:Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions beforeusing this product. Failure to do so can result in serious injury.ADVERTENCIA:Lea el manual de instrucciones y siga todas las advertencias einstrucciones de seguridad. El no hacerlo puede resultar en lesionesgraves.AVERTISSEMENT:Lire le manuel dinstructions et bien respecter tous les avertisse-ments et toutes les instructions de scurit. Tout dfaut de le fairepourrait entraner des blessures graves.





    115379327 Rev. 3 3/31/11 BRW

    WEED EATER9335 Harris Corners ParkwayCharlotte, NC 28269

    For Occasional Use Only

    WEED EATER850 Matheson Blvd. West

    Mississauga, Ontario L5V 0B4

    Instruction ManualManual de Instrucciones

    Manuel dInstructions

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    WARNING: This unit can be dangerous! Careless or improperuse can cause serious injury.

    Trimmer line can throw objects violently.You can be blinded or injured. Alwayswear hearing protection and safetyglasses marked Z87. Always wearheavy, long pants, long sleeves, bootsand gloves.

    Secure hair above shoulder length.Do not wear jewelry, loose clothing, orclothing with loosely hanging straps,ties, tassels, etc. They can be caughtin moving parts.

    DANGER: Use only specified trimmer head,spool, and 0.065 inch (1.65 mm) recommendedtrimmer line. Never use blades, flailing devices,wire, rope, string, etc. Unit is designed for line trim-mer use only. Failure to follow these instructionsmay result in serious injury.

    Hazard zone for thrown objects.S Trimmer line throws objects violently.S You and others can be blinded/injured.S Keep children, bystanders, and animals50 feet (15 meters) away.

    Never allow children to operate this unit.

    WARNING: Read the operators manual before use. Failure tofollow instructions could result in serious injury to the operator and/orbystanders. Save operators manual.

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    When servicing unit, use only identical replace-ment parts.

    Store unit indoors in a high, dry place out of the reach ofchildren.

    Always stop unit and disconnect spark plug beforecleaning or servicing.

    WARNING: Fire hazard. Never mix, pour, or store gasoline oruse the unit near a flame or sparks (including smoking, open flames, orwork that can cause sparks).

    Use unleaded gasoline and two--stroke oil mixed at a ratio of40:1 (2.5%).


    WARNING: When using gardeningappliances, basic safety precautions must al-ways be followed to reduce the risk of fire andserious injury. Read and follow all instruc-tions.This power unit can be dangerous! Operator isresponsible for following instructions and warn-ings on unit and in manual. Read entire instruc-tion manual before using unit! Be thoroughly fa-miliar with the controls and the proper use of theunit. Restrict the use of this unit to persons whohave read, understand, and will follow theinstructions and warnings on the unit and in themanual. Never allow children to operate thisunit.



    DANGER:Never useblades or flailingdevices. This unit is designed for line trimmeruse only. Use of any other accessories or at-tachments will increase the risk of injury.If situations occur which are not covered inthis manual, use care and good judgment. Ifyouneedassistance, contact yourauthorizedservice dealer or call 1-800-554--6723.OPERATOR SAFETYS Dress properly. Always wear safety glassesor similar eye protection when operating, orperforming maintenance, on your unit (safetyglasses are available). Eye protection shouldbe marked Z87.

    S Always wear face or dust mask if operation isdusty.

    S Always wear heavy, long pants, long sleeves,boots, and gloves. Wearing safety legguardsis recommended.

    S Always wear foot protection. Do not go bare-foot or wear sandals. Stay clear of spinningline.

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    S Securehair aboveshoulder length. Secureorremove loose clothing or clothing with looselyhanging ties, straps, tassels, etc. They canbe caught in moving parts.

    S Being fully covered also helps protect youfrom debris and pieces of toxic plants thrownby spinning line.

    S Stay Alert. Do not operate this unit when youare tired, ill, upset or under the influence of al-cohol, drugs, or medication. Watch what youare doing; use common sense.

    S Wear hearing protection.S Never start or run inside a closed room orbuilding. Breathing exhaust fumes can kill.

    S Keep handles free of oil and fuel.


    WARNING: Disconnect the sparkplug before performing maintenance exceptcarburetor adjustments.S Look for and replace damaged or looseparts before each use. Look for and repairfuel leaks beforeuse. Keep in goodworkingcondition.

    S Replace trimmer head parts that are chipped,cracked, broken, or damaged in any otherway before using the unit.

    S Maintain unit according to recommended pro-cedures. Keep cutting line at proper length.

    S Use only 0.065 inch (1.65 mm) diameterWEED EATER brand line. Never use wire,rope, string, etc.

    S Install required shield properly before usingthe unit. Use only specified trimmer head;make sure it is properly installed and securelyfastened.

    S Make sure unit is assembled correctly asshown in this manual.

    S Make carburetor adjustments with lower endsupported to prevent line from contacting anyobject.

    S Keep others away when making carburetoradjustments.

    S Use only recommended WEED EATER ac-cessories and replacement parts.

    S Have all maintenance and service not ex-plained in this manual performedby anautho-rized service dealer.

    FUEL SAFETYS Mix and pour fuel outdoors.S Keep away from sparks or flames.S Use a container approved for fuel.S Do not smoke or allow smoking near fuel orthe unit.

    S Avoid spilling fuel or oil. Wipe up all fuel spills.S Move at least 10 feet (3 meters) away fromfueling site before starting engine.

    S Stop engine and allow to cool before remov-ing fuel cap.

    S Always store gasoline in a container ap-proved for flammable liquids.


    WARNING: Inspect the area beforeeach use. Remove objects (rocks, brokenglass, nails, wire, etc.) which can be thrownby or become entangled in line. Hard objects

    can damage the trimmer head and be throwncausing serious injury.S Keep others including children, animals,bystanders, and helpers at least 50 feet (15meters) away. Bystanders should beencour-aged to wear safety glasses. Stop engineimmediately if you are approached.

    S Use only for trimming, scalping, mowing andsweeping. Do not use for edging, pruning orhedge trimming.

    S Keep firm footing and balance. Do not over-reach.

    S Keep all parts of your body away frommufflerand spinning line. Keep engine below waistlevel. A hot muffler can cause serious burns.

    S Cut from your right to your left. Cutting on leftside of the shield will throw debris away fromthe operator.

    S Use only in daylight or good artificial light.S Use only for jobs explained in this manual.TRANSPORTING AND STORAGES Allow engine to cool; secure unit before stor-ing or transporting in vehicle.

    S Empty the fuel tank before storing or trans-porting the unit. Use up fuel left in thecarbure-tor by starting the engine and letting it run untilit stops.

    S Store unit and fuel in area where fuel vaporscannot reach sparks or open flames fromwa-ter heaters, electric motors or switches, fur-naces, etc.

    S Storeunit so line limiter blade cannot acciden-tally cause injury. Theunit can behung by theshaft.

    S Store unit out of reach of children.

    WARNING: The engine exhaustfrom this product contains chemicals knownto theStateofCalifornia to cause cancer, birthdefects or other reproductive harm.SAFETY NOTICE: Exposure to vibrationsthrough prolonged use of gasoline poweredhand tools could cause blood vessel or nervedamage in the fingers, hands, and joints ofpeople prone to circulation disorders or abnor-mal swellings. Prolonged use in cold weatherhas been linked to blood vessel damage inotherwise healthy people. If symptoms occursuch as numbness, pain, loss of strength,change in skin color or texture, or loss of feelingin the fingers, hands, or joints, discontinue theuse of this tool and seek medical attention. Ananti--vibration system does not guarantee theavoidance of these problems. Users who oper-ate power tools on a continual and regular basismust monitor closely their physical conditionand the condition of this tool.SPECIAL NOTICE: This unit is equippedwith a temperature limiting muffler and spark ar-resting screenwhich meets the requirements ofCaliforniaCodes 4442 and 4443. All U.S. forestland and the states of California, Idaho, Maine,Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, andWashing-ton require by law that many internal combus-tion engines be equipped with a spark arrestingscreen. If you operate in a locale where suchregulations exist, you are legally responsible formaintaining the operating condition of these

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    parts. Failure to do so is a violation of the law.For normal homeowner use, the muffler andspark arresting screen will not require any ser-

    vice. After 50 hours of use, we recommend thatyourmuffler be serviced or replaced by your au-thorized service dealer.


    WARNING: If received assembled,repeat all steps to ensure your unit is properlyassembled and all fasteners are sec