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  • Olden days ofRichmond Hill, Ontario
  • Driving north on Yonge Street in the lastdecade of the twentieth century,accelerating to catch a green light at theHighway 7 intersection, our imaginationslink past and present along this two-hundred-year-old main street of RichmondHill. GO Bus shelters of the 1990s aretransformed into radial railway stops of the1920s. Traffic lights remind us of thenineteenth-century Langsstaff toll-gate. Fourlanes of paved highway fade away tobecome the dirt trail of late eighteenth-century Yonge Street. The future, too, announces its presencealong this Yonge Street lifeline. Signs ofgrowth are everywhere. Population figuresrise annually on the Richmond Hill townlimits sign near Langstaff Road. Newcommercial and residential developmentssprout on the left and right as we drivenorth across the Carrville Road/ 16thAvenue intersection. How significant that areal estate office should occupy thesoutheast corner of Yonge Street and MajorMackenzie Drive, where Richmond Hillpioneer Abner Miles first settled almost twocenturies ago.
  • Metropolitan Railway locomotive 1 at Richmond Hill 1897
  • 1900 Richmond Hill Methodist Church
  • A 1905 photo by Edmund Zavitz of tree planting in Guelph
  • Metropolitan station in North Toronto was located at Yonge Street and Birch Avenue on the north side of the CPR whose station was on the south side. Circa 1905.
  • C.N.R. #2631 at Richmond Hill Apr. 13 1955
  • Dufferin Street in Richmond Hill. April 30, 1940
  • Richmond Hill C.N.R. Station - 1955
  • Highway 401 and Highway 11 (Yonge Street) Cloverleaf in Toronto, facing north towards Richmond Hill (1958)
  • Old Fulton-Vanderburgh House, 32 Hillsview Rd., Richmond Hill, Toronto, Ontario.The house was of log construction and some original logs can be seen in thebasement. The house was identified as a historical entity in 1973 when RichmondHill observed a centennial.
  • "The Founding of Richmond Hill."Unveiling of an historical plaque infront of the town hall on YongeStreet, June 18, 1973. Pictured leftto right are councilors DavidStephenson and Louis Wainwright;regional councilor Gordon Rowe;councillors Andr Chteauvert andGraeme Bales; mayor WilliamLazenby; councilors Charles Stewartand William Corcoran; WilliamOrmsby of the Archaeological andHistoric Sites Board of Ontario;Patricia Hart, chief librarian andlocal historian; Russell Lynett,retiring town clerk; William Neal,first mayor of the Town ofRichmond Hill; Robert Warner,chairman of the CentennialCommittee; Garfield Wright,chairman of the RegionalMunicipality of York; Reverend EarlGerber of St. Johns AnglicanChurch, Jefferson; and regionalcouncilor Lois Hancey."
  • Kids in early days of Richmond Hill, Ontario
  • Kids in early days of Richmond Hill, Ontario
  • North Yonge Railways Station - Richmond Hill, Ontario
  • In affectionate remembrance of MaryPresbyterian Church Cemetery; Richmond Hill, Ontario.
  • The family of Jacob Eyer and Elizabeth Heise on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. A
  • The family of Jacob Eyer and Elizabeth Heise on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. A
  • War Memorial in honor of the men of Richmond Hill who gave theirlive in the great war
  • Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Richmond Hill, Ontario.
  • Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Richmond Hill, Ontario.
  • Mrs. Anderson from Dwyer Hill Ontario milking her cow in the early 1900s. Her familyfarm would have been on the North West corner of the intersection of Dwyer Hill Road and Franktown Road which is west of Richmond Ontario.
  • Tunnel for pedestrian / bicycle path, under railroad tracks Near Newberry Park; Richmond Hill, Ontario.


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