old-fashioned milkshakes flexible days and hours …...a scoop of each: vanilla, chocolate, and...

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  • Classic MilkshakesGiant (32oz) $6.95Medium (20oz) $5.35Small (16oz) $4.50Kids Shake $3.60

    MALTS 50¢ extra

    Old-Fashioned MilkshakesLarge (20oz) $6.25Small (16oz) $5.25

    FloatsLarge (20oz) $3.25Small (16oz) $2.75

    Old-Fashioned FloatsLarge (20oz) $3.55Small (16oz) $3.05

    Milwaukie3045 SE Harrison(At Hwy 224)503.654.0131

    Oregon City 905 7th St. (At Madison)503.656.5588

    Save up to


    Deluxe Burger (1/4 lb)

    Deluxe Cheese (1/4 lb)

    Long Hot Dog

    Garden Burger

    Always Accepting ApplicationsFlexible Days and Hours

    Mike’s Drive-In Restaurant

    Easy Ordering and Payment

    Just order and come pick it up!

    Call ahead for faster service! 07/2020Prices Subject to Change

    Happy Hour


    Shakes • Malts • Floats


    Specialty Sundaes

    Our milkshakes and malts are made from our rich soft serve ice cream with your choice or gourmet flavorings. Our old-fashioned ice cream treats are made from Umpqua hard ice cream.

    Choose from one of our many flavors or create a combo from our lists.

    Our sundaes are made from rich vanilla soft serve ice cream (or your choice of other flavor), your favorite topping, whipped cream, nuts and a

    cherry. Our old-fashioned ice cream treats are made from Umpqua hard ice cream.

    These sundaes are not only awesome, but are each over 1 lb in size. Feel free to ask for an extra spoon to share

    ...or just dive right in and indulge by yourself!Soft Cones or Dish: All Day, Every DayLarge Waffle Cone $1.89Small Cake Cone 99¢

    Old-Fashioned Cones or DishesTwo Scoops—Waffle Cone $2.95One Scoop—Cake Cone $1.75

    Parfait SundaesLarge $2.95Small $2.50

    Old-Fashioned ParfaitsLarge $3.75Small $2.75

    Banana Split SundaeChocolate, vanilla, and strawberry soft-serve ice cream with Hershey’s chocolate, chunky pineapple, strawberries, sliced

    banana, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry!


    Classic Flavors Hershey’s Chocolate • Pineapple • Marshmallow • Root Beer • Vanilla • Orange Creamsicle

    Specialty FlavorsKIDS 40¢ EXTRA • 16/20oz 50¢ extra • 32oz 75¢ extra

    Hot Fudge • Cherry • Fresh Banana • Oreo • Peanut Butter • Oregon Strawberry Chocolate Banana • Oregon Marionberry • Berry Blast • Dark Chocolate Caramel

    Peppermint Candy October–December: Pumpkin • Eggnog

    June–Sept: Oregon Raspberry

    Ultimate FlavorsKIDS 60¢ EXTRA • 16/20oz 75¢ extra • 32oz $1 extra

    Butterfinger • Skor • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup • Coffee Latte • Coffee Mocha Strawberry Banana • Dark Chocolate Cherry • Hot Fudge Banana

    Peanut Butter Oreo • Dark Chocolate-Chocolate Chip


    Sundae FlavorsHershey’s Chocolate • Strawberry • Blackberry

    Marshmallow • Caramel • Pineapple Hot Fudge • Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate

    June–Sept: Oregon Raspberry

    Enjoy an Old-Fashioned Banana SplitA scoop of each: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, topped off with chocolate, strawberry and pineapple toppings,

    whipped cream, nuts, a cherry and of course a banana.


    toffee caramel crunchMultiple layers of rich vanilla ice cream, Ghirardelli caramel and

    crunchy Skor toffee bits with whipped cream and a cherry.$5.25

    tin roof sundaeMultiple layers of hot fudge, Spanish peanuts, and rich vanilla

    ice cream. Topped with whipped cream and a cherry!


    Every Day, All Day

    online orderingmikesdrivein.com

    Monday thru Thursday 2:30–4:30pm

    Burger with Fries or Tater TotsYour choice of:

    16oz Floats $1.50 each

    Fried Pickle Spears


    Corn Dogs$1.25 each


    August & september

    Wild huckleberry

    All day

    Every day

    99¢ $1.89

    Only $6.00

    other burgers and fries $1.50 extra

    99¢ Soft Cones$1.89 Waffle Cones

  • Grilled chicken fillet5oz grilled chicken breast garnished with mayo, tomatoes and lettuce. Served on a brioche bun100% Natural • No Antibiotics EverTillamook cheddar or Swiss extra 50¢ • Bacon extra $1.50

    halibut fish fillet5oz natural cut fish fillet, hand-breaded in our kitchen with tartar, tomatoes, and lettuce on our sesame seed bun

    Halibut Fish and Chips3 Piece (5oz) $13.30

    4 Piece (6.5oz) $15.55

    Halibut and Clam Combo $15.553 pieces of halibut and 1/4lb of clam strips

    Kids • Senior MealsKids/Senior meals include fries, 12oz beverage or coffee, choice of coleslaw, potato salad,

    cookie or a token for a free soft serve cone

    Substitute 12oz Classic Shake for only $1.45 extra

    No additional discounts on kids/senior meals.

    Cheeseburger $2.95 meal $5.95Mayo, pickle, lettuce and American cheese

    Hamburger $2.60 meal $5.60Mayo, pickle and lettuce

    Chicken Strips Basket8oz $9.35

    Clam Strips Basket8oz $9.35

    French Fries sm $2.05 lg $2.50

    Tater Tots sm $2.05 lg $2.95

    Beer Battered Onion Rings (1/2lb) $4.25

    Fried Pickles (5 spears with ranch) $3.95

    Sweet Potato Fries (1/2lb) $2.95

    Battered Mushrooms (with ranch) $3.65

    Soup (when available) $3.25

    Clam Chowder (Fridays only) $3.50

    Green Salad $3.25

    Coleslaw/Potato Salad sm 95¢ lg $2.50

    Halibut (per piece) $3.75

    Chicken Strips (2 piece with dip) $3.75

    Clam Strips (1/4lb with sauce) $3.75

    Chocolate Chip Cookies 2 for $1.50

    Friday SpecialFree 5oz bowl of

    Ivar’s Clam Chowder with all seafood baskets

    8oz $3.50 with oyster crackers

    February • March • April

    Seafest – Oysters & Shrimp

    All-American 1/2 lb Steak Burger A perfect blend of short rib, brisket & chuck, this tender and juicy coarse ground patty gives the flavor and the bite of steak, served on a brioche bun and topped with A-1 mayo

    Buffalo Burger1/4 pound Lean Buffalo served on a sesame seed bun

    Blues Bacon BurgerOur famous Deluxe Burger served on a brioche bun topped with real blue cheese crumbles and bacon

    Mike’s Special DeluxeTopped off with thick-sliced pepper bacon, Tillamook cheddar, a fresh large egg and our special sauce

    Guacamole Swiss and BaconTopped off with thick-sliced pepper bacon, natural Swiss cheese and our guacamole

    Pastrami and SwissThinly sliced pastrami and Swiss cheese on our Deluxe Burger

    Bacon CheeseburgerThick-sliced pepper bacon and Tillamook Cheddar on top of our famous Deluxe Burger

    Pastrami Reuben Thin sliced pastrami, Swiss cheese, topped off with sauerkraut and our special sauce grilled on light caraway rye

    Pastrami Melt 1/4lb hot, thin-sliced pastrami and Swiss cheese, garnished with mayo, tomatoes and served on sourdough bread

    CRISPY CHICKEn FILLET5oz crispy chicken breast fillet with mayo, tomato, pickles, and lettuce 100% Natural • No Antibiotics Ever

    Bacon Lettuce & TomatoServed on sourdough bread

    chipotle Jalapeño BurgerOur famous Deluxe Burger with jalapeño slices, pepper jack, and chipotle spread

    Mushroom and Swiss Burger Fresh-sliced grilled mushroom with natural Swiss cheese melted on top

    Deluxe Cheeseburger Our Deluxe burger smothered with Tillamook cheddar cheeseDouble Cheddar Cheese extra 60¢

    Deluxe Burger Our famous Deluxe Burger is the burger that started our reputation more than 40 years ago

    Gardenburger® Gourmet meatless burger made from mushrooms, onions, rolled oats, brown rice, cheeses and egg whites. Served on a wheat bun, with mayo, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce and onions on request

    Long Hot Dog Served with your choice of ketchup, mustard, relish, onions and sauerkraut

    1/2lb $8.35 $11.95Double $12.35 $15.95

    1/4lb $8.35 $11.95Double $12.35 $15.95

    1/4lb $8.35 $11.95Double $10.60 $14.20

    1/4lb $8.35 $11.95Double $10.60 $14.20

    1/4lb $8.35 $11.95Double $10.60 $14.20

    1/4lb $8.35 $11.95Double $10.60 $14.20

    1/4lb $7.50 $11.10Double $9.75 $13.35

    $8.35 $11.95

    $8.35 $11.95

    $6.45 $10.05

    $5.35 $8.95

    1/4lb $7.50 $11.10Double $9.75 $13.35

    1/4lb $7.50 $11.10Double $9.75 $13.35

    1/4lb $6.25 $9.85Double $8.50 $12.10

    1/4lb $5.65 $9.25Double $7.90 $11.50

    $6.55 $10.15

    $4.65 $8.25

    Upgrades Sweet potato fries, seashore fries, or large fries for 75¢ extra

    Onion rings, fried pickles, or battered mushrooms for $1.50 extra

    French fries or totsChoice of coleslaw, potato salad, or cookie16oz soft drink, coffee, or bottled water16oz classic shake $1.45 extra

    Make it a Burger Basket

    Pick any burger or sandwich and get

    HamburgersOur hamburgers are made from 100% pure ground chuck and garnished with fresh lettuce,

    tomatoes, pickles, mayonnaise, and onions (on request). Gluten-free Bun $1.00 extra


    $10.85 $14.55Basket

    $6.45 $10.05Basket

    Halibut & Specialty BasketsOur halibut is hand-prepared in our own kitchen. We batter and bread it fresh to order; we think that it’s the best

    fish & chips found anywhere! The following baskets are served with french fries and your choice of potato salad or coleslaw, or cookie. Also includes dip and lemon.

    Side Orders

    Prices Subject to ChangeConsuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs can increase risk of illness.

    Dips and Sauces 1.5ozFry Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Tartar, Cocktail, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Chipotle Mayo or Jalapeño Slices

    30¢ each or 2 for 50¢

    Guacamole 75¢

    Thick Seashore Plank Fries $2.951/2lb lightly coated with sea salt, black pepper, and garlic

    Hot Specialty Sandwiches

    Kids (12oz) $1.55Small (16oz) $1.85Medium (20oz) $2.05Large (32oz) $2.25

    Coffee $1.85Tea $1.85Milk (8oz) $1.85Bottled Water (24oz) $1.85

    Soft Drinks / Beverages

    Tillamook Grilled Cheese $2.60 meal $5.60

    Corn Dog $1.75 meal $4.75

    Halibut Meal (2pc) $10.50

    Chicken Meal (2pc) $6.75


    great value