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In August 2012, the two large industry organizations, Danish Offshore Industry (under the Confederation of Danish Industry) and Danish Operators, gathered forces and formed Oil Gas Denmark. The new and strongly founded organization will take up the task of promoting the best possible conditions for fruitful growth, for the oil and gas industry in Denmark, in collaboration with related industries and society as a whole


  • Special Edition Published by Oil Gas Denmark 23 August 2012

    The minister:

    Investment in the North Sea should

    be attractive page 5

    The scientist:

    Gigantic potential

    but major challenges

    page 10


    Ready to explore new

    venturespage 34

    We create value forsocietyOil Gas Denmark unites the sector in a new organisation.The goal is that revenues fromthe North Sea should continue for many years, but majorchallenges awaitpage 4

    Martin Nsby:

  • There are still billions to be earned and thousands of new jobs to be filled in the North Sea oil industry. The truth is that the North Sea is far from running out of oil and gas, but it is getting increasingly difficult to extract the energy. This is why the number of years that the Danish oil adventure is yet to continue largely depends on the development of future technology and on corporate willingness to invest.

    This encouraging picture is cited from a new report on the develop-ment and significance for Danish society of the Danish oil and gas sector (1992-2022) that has been prepared by Quartz+Co on behalf of Oil Gas Denmark.

    We are a newly founded trade organisation for the entire oil and gas industry. With this magazine we invite everybody who is interested in oil and gas to step inside.

    As an industry, we are facing major challenges. It requires a focused effort and major investments to extract the potential. With Oil Gas Denmark, the industry has a joint forum to promote this task. If we are to succeed, we need a coordinated effort in order to further de-velop the sector in the areas of technology enhancement, education, safety and environment.

    With Oil Gas Denmark, we offer joint access to the sector. The idea is to create more openness about our sector and increase the under-standing of the potentials and challenges we are facing.

    We look forward to cooperating with you.

    Martin Nsby Managing Director, Oil Gas Denmark

    Oil and gas production may continue for many years yet


    Investment in the North Sea should be attractive

    Offshore provides the energy of the future

    The growth potential

    Our goal is to increase value

    Scientific research needed

    Historically high activity in the North Sea

    The industry at a glance

    Gigantic potential but major challenges

    With the world as her workplace





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    2 Oil Gas Denmark 08.23.12

  • In 2012 it is 50 years since exploration began in the North Sea and 40 years since the taps were opened for oil production. It has been a great success to reach the point where we are now both technologically and for society, says Franz Willum Srensen, Vice Presi-dent of Maersk Oil. He anticipates major opportuni-ties for a successful continuation of the production.

    Everybody in Denmark has an interest in retriev-ing the maximum value from the resources in our subsoil and ensuring an efficient exploitation of the infrastructure and competences we have built up, he adds.

    Franz Willum Srensen is chairman of the board of the new trade organisation Oil Gas Denmark whose mission it is to create value for the sector and for the whole of Danish society. One of the first tasks is to promote continued development, export and jobs through comprehensive investment, education and the advancement of new technologies. The sector comprises large oil corporations as well as small and large companies. Each of them is an indispensable piece of the puzzle. It is necessary that all these com-panies pull their weight if the Danish oil adventure is to continue. The North Sea is far from close to running out of oil and gas, but it is getting increasingly difficult to retrieve these rich resources.

    The time of creating Oil Gas Denmark is not inci-dental: It is now that we see the opportunities and an interest across the sector for a representation of the industry. We are facing major technical challenges as Danish subsoil is complex. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of the oil. It requires advanced technology and competent experts. We believe it is advantageous to cooperate across the sector and make it more attractive for young people to join the sector.

    Verner Andersen, Vice President of Semco Mari-time is the deputy chairman of the organisation. He agrees: With the founding of Oil Gas Denmark, all

    the road to continued success

    Franz Willum Srensen (right) is the chairman and Verner Andersen (left) the deputy chairman of Oil Gas Denmark. The trade organisation promotes a continuation of Danish oil and gas production in the North Sea for many years to come.

    A new organisation, Oil Gas Denmark, mobilises the companies in the business in efforts to ensure development, exports and jobs. There is still a great potential in the North Sea that requires major technological development and substantial investment

    Text Tine KortenbachPhotomontage Das Bro

    Trade organisation for all companies in the oil and gas production sector.

    The sector includes about 300 companies and 15,000 employees.

    It is the goal of the organisation that both the businesses and society reap the maximum value from oil and gas, both directly as income from the North Sea and indirectly in the form of new export opportunities and jobs.

    Four focus areas: development of the oil and gas sec-tor, infrastructure, HSE and competence development.

    Oil Gas Denmark unites two existing organisations: Danish Operators, whose members include Maersk Oil and DONG Energy, and Danish Offshore Industry which is the member organisation for suppliers and service companies.


    pieces have fallen into place. The organisation repre-sents the entire value chain. It handles the interests of operators, suppliers and service companies. We have a lot of common denominators, and we can now speak in one voice.

    Verner Andersen also finds it natural that Oil Gas Denmark has a focus on recruitment. Safety, energy efficiency improvement and environmental issues are some of the issues for which there are also joint interests and synergy between the oil companies and the many suppliers of offshore services and equip-ment.

    The Board Franz Willum Srensen Vice President Maersk Oil

    Verner Andersen Vice President Semco Maritime

    Flemming Horn Nielsen Country Manager DONG E&P

    Anders Nymann Country Manager HESS Danmark John Srensen

    Managing Director Ramboll Oil & Gas

    Oil Gas Denmark 08.23.12 3

  • Martin Nsby:

    the goal is to increase valueMartin Nsby is the new front man of the oil business. With him at the helm, the industry wants to draw the attention to the vital importance of the oil and gas sector for Danish society

    Text Tine Kortenbach

    Our ambition is to increase the value for the sector and for society.

    This is how plainly Martin Nsby formulates his vision for the Dan-ish oil and gas sector. He has recently taken up the post as managing director of the new trade organisation Oil Gas Denmark.

    Martin Nsby explains that the or-ganisation is to focus on four main ar-eas. First, HSE issues as well as knowl-edge sharing between companies and with other oil-producing North Sea countries will have high priority.

    The second area is about the de-velopment of the sector. Oil Gas Den-mark wants to promote cooperation on the major challenges that can help the sector realise the potential of the North Sea and the Danish onshore subsoil.

    Thirdly, education and competence development should be in focus. This is vital in order to attract and retain the best employees and generate knowl-edge development. Last, but not least, the goal is to contribute to support-ing the continued development of the service companies that supply the oil industry.

    We want to meet our goals by constantly keep-ing in contact with the industry and in dialogue with our stakeholders in order to address the needs, opportunities and challenges of the in-dustry, Martin Nsby says.

    Martin Nsby ex-pects to work closely with the relevant authori-ties, the Confederation of Danish Industry, Offshore

    We want to help identify issues and suggest solutions in order that we can jointly realise the potential we believe existsMartin Nsby, Managing Director Oil Gas Denmark

    Center Denmark, the educational sec-tor, including universities, and a long list of partner organisations.

    Suggest solutionsGood cooperation with the authori-ties will be central in our work. We want to help identify issues and sug-gest solutions in order that we can jointly realise the potential we believe exists, he says.

    We should be better at explaining about the sector. By providing factual information we want to extend the un-derstanding of the major significance that the sector has for Denmark. We are an industry that represents 15,000 jobs and nine per cent of Danish ex-ports. After all, the sector provides a

    contribution to the public purse of ap-prox. US$ 5 billion.

    At the same time it is a safe in-dustry. The statistics document that we have few accidents. We are happy to tell that story. But we also want to work

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