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Oh Lady Lady - Piano Vocal


<ul><li><p>L 1 B RA R.YOF THE</p><p>U N 1 VERS ITYor ILLINOIS</p><p>q.M782.6K45i</p><p>AliSl&amp;.</p></li><li><p>NOTICE: Return or renew all Library Materialsl The Minimum Fee foreach Lost Book is $50.00.</p><p>The person tharging this material is responsible forits return to the library from which it was withdrawnon or before the Latest Date stamped below.</p><p>Theft, mutilation, and underlining of books are reasons for discipli-nary action and may result in dismissal from the University.To renew call Telephone Center, 333-8400</p><p>UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS LIBRARY AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN</p><p>LI6IO1096</p></li><li><p>/^</p></li><li><p>F. RAY COMSTOCKand</p><p>WILLIAM ELLIOTT</p><p>Frese?it</p><p>The Fifth Now York Princess Theatre Musical Production</p><p>OH, LADY! LADY!!Book and Lyrics by</p><p>GUY BOLTON and P. G. WODEHOUSE</p><p>Music by</p><p>JEROME KERN</p><p>Staged by</p><p>ROBERT MILTON and EDWARD ROYCE</p><p>PRICE, TWO DOLLARS</p><p>New York</p><p>T. B. HARMS COMPANY62 West 45th Street</p><p>Copyright MCMXVIll. by T. B. Harms Co.</p><p>All rights reserved International Copyright secured</p></li><li><p>M45'J MUSIC</p><p>MUSICAL NUMBERSPrincess Tlieatre Orchestra, uiuicr file direction of</p><p>MAX HIRSCHFELD</p><p>AC 1- I</p><p>OVERTURE3</p><p>1 OPENING CHORUS ( M'/Z/y </p></li><li><p>CAST OF CHARACTERS</p><p>(In the order of their axipearance)</p><p>PARKER Constance BinncyMOLLIE FARRINGDON Vivienne SegalMRS. FARRINGDON Margaret DaleWILLOUGHBY FINCH Carl RandallHALE UNDERWOOD - Harry C BrowneSPIKE HUDGINS (Willoughby Finch's voirt) Edward AbelesFANNY WELCH Florence ShirleyMAY BARBER Carroll McComasCYRIL TWOMBLY Reginald iMasonWILLIAM WATTY Harry FisherMISS LETTICE ROMAYNE Lois WhitneyMISS LOTTA POMMERY Bobby BrewsterMISS DELLA CATESSEN May ElsieMISS HALLIE BUTT Elsie LewisMISS SAL MUNN Dorothy AllanMISS MARIE SCHINO Billie BookerMISS MOLLIE GATAWNEY Mildred FisherMISS MARION ETTA HERRING Edna HettlerMISS C. ELLA RHY Gypsy MooneyMISS BARBARA O'RHUM Mildred RolandMISS CLARETTE CUP Jeanne SparryMISS MAY ANNE AYES Mabel StanfordMISS CASSIE ROLL Janet VelitMISS VIRGINIA HAM Bettie GereauxMR. ARTIE C. HOKE Wm. WalshMR B RUSSEL SPROUT Charles HartmanMR. C OLLIE FLOWER Charles ColumbusMR. H. ASH-BROWN</p><p>..J. Randall Phelan</p><p>MR. STEWART PRUNE Jack VincentMR. CON KEARNY Irving Jackson</p><p>SYNOPSIS OF SCE\t^&gt;</p><p>ACT. I.Living Room of the Farringdon Place at Hempstead, I. 1.</p><p>ACT. II.Roof Garden of Willoughby Finch s Studio in Waverly Mew*</p></li><li><p>Oh Lady! Lady!Overture</p><p>JEROME KERN.arr. by Chas. Miller</p><p>Piano.I</p><p>Maestoso. "Bridesmaids chorus from Finale Act I'.'^ .9 ^ ^ 3</p><p>S^ (gz:</p><p>y-i,^cr c</p><p>tut. m&amp; f f r</p><p>^m</p><p>iT^ ^\ i .i i</p><p># ^^s^m i ^pf^^ ^)M,^ ,^^1"?^ ^1 # %r</p><p>^fea t&gt; , ^ ^ - jt^ cJ^pr=?</p><p>^ ^</p><p>^ =3=</p><p>^</p><p>"O" :^-^</p><p>P sCfc^ ^ ^^# i?= m ^^ rrt=^^i ta^ ^fj^ i^</p><p>..both hands two octaves higher..., i^^-fy</p><p>J: P m.-_^ dr</p><p>A A ftf</p><p>:</p><p>tA A</p><p>m ms^ ^</p><p>J</p><p>f ns^poco apopo rite7i.</p><p>We'ddiiig Chimes</p><p>^ XkJA A ^ A</p><p>^A</p><p>,A</p><p>A A A A S-H ^^^-#*5cJ). *</p><p>T. B. H . Co. 55 - 13 Copyright MCMXVIII by T. B. Harms, Co.All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.</p></li><li><p>Moderate. "You found me and I found you'.'</p><p>^ 1 &amp;1.3 1- T r</p></li><li><p>Rather Slow.(molto staccato)</p><p>^^ S 41EE m</p><p>if f- :7</p><p>W i^4^^t^j.</p><p>jA-^^.^^ ^Jl^^</p><p>frafetg t</p><p>r^rfr</p><p>^ i m ^m&amp;: fiST zr</p><p>T.B.H. Co. 55-13 Oh Lady! l.ady. Selection.</p><p>-^ ZT</p></li><li><p>6Allegretto. "Some little girl'.'</p><p>m m 3[E T^ m(daintily and 7iot tonfaatk:</p><p>^ f</p><p>^ ^ t^=ms^:t</p><p>^ jaE i)^f</p><p>^^=^</p><p>m ^ n^Td 1&gt;T^ ^ ^^;;:ata</p><p>^ r ^ /&gt;P==ff: ^cresc. e poco accel.</p><p>m ^Is ^x^</p><p>'Before 1 Met You'.'</p><p>3^1*^^^ m^? Tfi/fj'j^.-^[j ^s ^t:::^ ^ t=^ t=i-</p><p>SP r^ ^ii ^^ *^^ ffB^ iSS SeS i=i:s ! ' F r fs r</p><p>T. B.H. Co. 65-12 Oh Lady! Lady. Selection.</p></li><li><p>t?m fc&gt;&gt;: i^J&gt;=</p><p>i ?^^</p><p>T"</p><p>i= sw^i^^</p><p>WW EM^ S gtFE? g Srrrr^y EW W^^</p><p>f Oi ' ,:'i;!^J _jjr^ ^EEi i</p><p>%\ -i^ *5e&amp;. *</p><p>i'J JliTTkiii</p><p>^fffffiffiflf ^g*efT =s= f^ ^Hl ^^9- i</p><p>rail.</p><p>i S C=zT. B. H.Co. 55-12 Oh Lady! Lady. Selection.</p></li><li><p>(not too fast.)</p><p>jN^ tE^i. f^i^il^ma tempo.</p><p>^-</p><p>p-f</p><p>') ttf. i -</p><p>W*5C</p><p>J:g^m 3^^P^</p><p>P ^pB t ^ is*? ^f^-^^ rfe^ :J- Efe=</p><p>^^ ^^^ 7 r</p><p>:*:</p><p>^S^i3_i_</p><p>^</p><p>"2 Aileeretto,</p><p>^ mff2=rt1</p><p>^</p><p>s Vf- f : ^^ te^^^ t=;rf*^ Iff</p><p>"Not Yet:'(dreamily.)</p><p>3^?^3 S ^71"</p><p>^^ i&amp;=l7 f .5 T 7 . ^ ^Pf ^^</p><p>f^ ^ tr 4 7 fF^S i^E^^ ^==^ ^ ^T. B. H.Co.55-ia Oh Lady! Lady. Selection.</p></li><li><p>9m^^^^S J J</p><p>^^ ^ f^ ^ ^</p><p>^^^ ^ i ^a ^r~</p><p>^^'^^^ f^ f=f-</p><p>^</p><p>f=f</p><p>ultl; i^i^m ^^^ s 3</p><p>T^??/*</p><p>?m ^ t^tf T7-^7 y^ 7^^ ^</p><p>7 ^^^ ^</p><p>^?r^</p><p>-^ J '* i^' r^l?^ModeratO-fa//-? barcirola) "Moon Song.'</p><p>^ i^^^'inr</p><p>at*</p><p>T^ f 5^7^fe&amp;=^=^ t</p><p>^a^-^ S ^^=4^'' *v</p><p>"^^</p><p>tT* 7 ffUflr^7 Jis: 7f '=f ft&gt; ^r</p><p>^ i</p><p>T. B. H.Co. 5r)-12 Oh Lady! Lady Selection</p></li><li><p>10</p><p># ^^s^^pfw^^</p><p>iModerate.</p><p>r^yj^</p><p>a tempo, espnaxivn</p><p>l^^5^rail. m."f</p><p>ii^ zr^</p><p>molto. ^</p><p>broadtr.</p><p>^m ifW XE w^w55^: *? tl?=frfr vw-^ -9-'accel. rail.yP^^-^f</p><p>^^^ i^^^ XEI? O -^</p><p>XT" TT"</p><p>T. B. H. Co. 55-12 Oh Lady! Lady. Selection.</p></li><li><p>11</p><p>^^</p><p>J If 'W^</p><p>^Mr 1 r</p><p>/a//, e dim. I rr r</p><p>g^^</p><p>^</p><p>s"XT-</p><p>TV</p><p>Agitato.</p><p>f^^ ^ ^rse accel.</p><p>#3 Iji iiiH</p><p>"i/" cresc.</p><p>-Jf-\.% f^fr^ mm ^^</p><p>=- .&gt;^'</p><p>^</p><p>^^^^^^ ^^Allegro moderato. "It's a hard, hard world!'</p><p>^ ^ S1^ ii-hir-</p><p>T ^^ ^ ^^^ 3Efe?^</p><p>=fbT 3: 5ifiSj</p><p> ?=* ^ J J J J ^ ^^rr^r</p><p>*&gt; r</p><p>^^ J. I. J</p><p>^^B ^ iE^ 9 fi SIjL 14 Hi *n J^T^J J1^^: V ^^ :n:</p><p>r f r</p><p>I. J_</p><p>.1 ^ ^ n n r3 ^</p><p>I</p><p>%fnmt f^Tf 3*^</p><p>^i^i^ i ^ s *i!s</p><p>#T. B. H.Co.55-12 Oh Lady! Lady. Selection.</p></li><li><p>12</p><p>Slower. "Wheatless Day."</p><p>'hilliJ W mlltff ti g i^&lt; j*= fsi^'if daintily. tcrr</p><p>s^^ i</p><p>^ M^^ r</p><p>Ei^</p><p>^ M rt ttfe^^ ^^rig ii 11 i j ^w ie ere,so.</p><p>T# - </p><p>h</p><p> tl4r f</p><p>^; 1 is: *</p><p>^Allegro con spirito.</p><p>^^p^E^a^^/</p><p>3i: i^0- ^5S=g</p><p>rtn</p></li><li><p>13</p><p>J- 0- at *- Bt</p><p>7 II V i e: S5i</p></li><li><p>14</p><p>iModerate.</p><p>^^ i i fln^Jn^^</p><p>f^ broadly.</p><p>i i*f:*-fe tej|F^ t=t ^#^ 1^i ^t ^^</p><p>I,</p><p>t^i*</p><p>ti^i' i.f r rTl^</p></li><li><p>15</p><p>Opening" Chorus Act I,</p><p>Vivo.</p><p>Piano.- V</p><p>^wmfHr-^^</p><p>^B1</p><p>Andantino quasi Gavotte.</p><p>m^ i EZK !^ ^g^ # "rt| 6g-</p><p> 9-</p><p>mi</p><p>^'/ t^ *</p><p>^^ ^</p><p>iu iu i ce^Pw A^a^ :fi:-(ti 1 ^ Pfff : ^^ I mm.m</p><p>^V ,"</p><p>m-^</p><p>^ ^</p><p>i E^ * ^^ f f'tt f f'i'f? g^ 4 i * T</p><p>^ ^</p><p>li 7</p><p>1</p><p>i n \LztiA 1 RypPiiJ^ Jl5^ * rL^i i "^K=K *: *</p><p>S fct===E i ;f060 accel./^ -St-poco I^</p><p>(Curtain.)</p><p>^^^ i mr^!f- ^f- ^f ^f-mi 3:</p><p>T.B.H.Co. 59-10</p><p>Oh Lady! Lady!</p></li><li><p>16</p><p>[f#^ g ^jTl t4=A^ g^^f^^ u i ^g^=F=f</p><p>^:^ 1^ I ^*^i A* 't d ^s 1^1 ,, F3! r*F^ f^^ r Jiv t ^ ft2 ;ftjs:f^^F f^ =^F=*+ f^</p><p>t=3 i ^^^i g .^</p><p>^</p><p>/&gt; ,^^^ ^=t_ar ^</p><p>55=</p><p>l-S #:i r2J^ ^ '^4J A'iMg ^;OI iC?",^</p><p>TUtil^{Dialogue) Entrance of Bridesmaids</p><p>"% W P W 91 P irfTTTII </p><p>^</p><p>^^^i</p><p> tempo.</p><p>S ^^ ^</p><p>S ?^</p><p>f rUrt'i^j^ p :* ' d d d 'dmr?</p><p>t t-^ jt.</p><p>4:e i *3^ ^ =F. i^lk-l-l!:</p><p>M ^M=^ ^hi lyjI^</p><p>_-^</p><p>4 !h i !&gt;* ^u^</p><p>T.B.H. Co. 59-10 Opening Chorus Act I.W-</p></li><li><p>17</p><p>l,^:!?^ tj-g:|,^ . \,^ -^'^m te</p><p>tj-i-i</p><p>^1^^ ---- ^^y I Z y^^W=i3 -W^</p><p>kh it-^^=="ff</p><p>^=</p><p>=2</p><p>t^</p><p>-r</p><p>'4L 4t</p><p>E</p><p>:^.ffl?J^ =p*E^ 7 f teczgizgzKzgzgI^^.IW^</p><p>^^i'^</p><p>y^'^</p><p>\? f i&gt; jr r ^t^ I I</p><p>:J^ EEW</p><p>^ ^~ /Cv(Entrance of Molly.)</p><p>h } f% m</p><p>4':t-Xg if^ 3 * xsiXT"^f^</p><p>Violin Solo.</p><p>th i 'I'lff^tft-' ill^ ^^ ^?ag ^^^tf^;</p><p>S^</p><p>y^/if. Lento.</p><p>^m w} liiiy^ 1</p><p>351</p><p>Allegro. (Girls crowding around Molly.)</p><p>#g^i^-V</p><p>^ f=g I i f $ $ $ g g g i^f^^</p><p>1^^4-4-4</p><p>T. B.H.Co. 59 - 10 Opening Chorus Act I.</p></li><li><p>18</p><p>tt*</p><p>(MOLLY.)"I must have my wits about me on my wedding day.'</p><p>This is the day that seemed</p><p>p p pp~p j'^ p M p p p r I r^</p><p>So far a - way That I thought it would nev - er ap - pear</p><p># i ^fe * 1 *</p><p>? i</p><p>&gt;Hii c : : c#=^ =g ^Ei;</p><p>^11 ^' ^' ^^ ^^-J' J' ^ Ip p rrw</p><p>I can't con - ceal that I some - how still feel that it</p><p> m m m 0^ k</p><p>T.B.H. Co. 59-10 Opening Chorus Act I.</p></li><li><p>19</p><p>^MM! p cnr^ pcan - not be real_ now its here So queer</p><p>*^^ fT^[_d e^</p><p>^ &gt;. j^ i.nrin^</p><p>feS:^ ^^-H P ^ I f ^ ^3x:</p><p>Ev-'rj'-thiii^ seem- in^;, it makes me fear I may</p><p>m 3^H^ ^3 iHTf f ifSzr zr</p><p>*fII</p><p>;, j&gt; ji H' i'r</p><p>I</p><p>f-r I P p p J^ j^ J</p><p>sim-ply be dream - ing it Oh dear! Would - n't that be dread-ful</p><p>ru J -'ii-'i</p><p>%-iT^r-jr-Jrir^p p p p p</p><p>i'r</p><p>I P P P P P p'J' *</p><p>I can't be-lieve_that I'm just on the eve - of such bliss as no girl_ ev - er</p><p>M j 11 i9 i9t m^-m l=f f=f^^^T. B. H. Co. 59 -10 Opening Chorus Act I.</p></li><li><p>20</p><p>^h^- &gt;I</p><p>J' J' J' JO^j^ J ipp jrrn^</p><p>knew. Soon I shall wake and find out my mis - take_ for I</p><p># m ^ i % % t^^ % % % if i f^fe^ w* * #^11 p D D dI p r I r</p><p>know its too good_ to be true Try my</p><p>i ^*5 HgiL^'Um ^3^</p><p>S /,. n t/TT^ 3:*^</p><p>-s&gt;-*</p><p>^*" ^''</p><p>-^^</p><p>p p1 pji ji Ji Mx:i</p><p>^-o-</p><p>*</p><p>best to iin-ag - ine it, though I may I just can't re - al - ize</p><p>5S i^ a^^^f^ l it %\ii</p><p>h\ p J r ^1</p><p>a P^;Ei ^</p><p>P P P P P^' P</p><p>I'm to be mar - ried to - day.</p><p>^ </p><p>i</p><p>tt</p><p>P ^E^</p><p>s s p^T. B.H.Co. 59 - 10 Opening Chorus Act I.</p></li><li><p>AllegroCHORUS.</p><p>21</p><p>I' J' J' J'- J' j^ J \ ^ n ^^^^gmThis is the day that seemed so far a - way That she</p><p>^m; p p p-p p P=P=H-^N</p><p>^ in a ic =r=^^ iy,</p><p>tfit ^ ^ J)*&gt; * *</p><p>thought it Would nev er ap - pear</p><p>m^ II I-^ ^^^\m "-sT 1 4^</p><p>v/II J' J' J' J'-i' j^ j I J' J' J' H iAnd she re - veals that she some - how still feels that it</p><p>^ 0- NW P;^ ^ 5=P=^=5^\P g a 1 t t 95E:5g</p><p>T.B. H. Co. 59-10 Opening Chorus Act I.</p></li><li><p>22</p><p>^</p><p>*F r</p><p>n~n^ =f :*g=can . not be real_ now it's here So queer</p><p>^ -t ^</p><p>fe^ 3 3 '^^ iM: gp^g = a^=* rr^i^ =?2= i^ Jj:^</p><p>^ Fit^' J' j:^j'^</p><p>^ ^ev - 'rj'- thing suem - ing it makes her fear</p><p>s -</p><p>*</p><p>fm^ J- -o-She maj'</p><p>1=0</p><p>FF^ -^N3 m fes 3fIT =ffS5&gt;- if</p><p>S^ m</p><p>^ ^^^^Vto</p><p>rr-r^i p r ^ ?^ ^siin-pl^- be dream - ing- it Oh dear! "would -n't that be dread-ful</p><p>f-hf^mtr^f f iji p N^</p><p>T. B. H. Co. 59 - 10 Opening Chorus Act I.</p></li><li><p>23</p><p>y.^ry-T-T-t^ kE^ ^i^i</p><p>She can't be - lieve that she's just on the eve of such</p><p>SiN</p><p>=^'f M-P P r I p p p P-^</p><p>m a a ip3ip^</p><p>to-H^fth^ H=j^ i' J'-J'J) ^:z2ibliss as no ti'irl ev . er kne^v' Soon she may wake and find</p><p>Sn&gt; p p P'P p</p><p>9-</p><p>P P P P? ^</p><p>?=^\</p><p>&lt; J &gt; ;&gt; i*! h.^ f F F F* ^ ^ </p></li><li><p>24</p><p>Jih \Xtf^^ w^ :^ h h h N -li * g =*^^</p><p>though she may</p><p>o</p><p>She just can't re - al - ize</p><p>TT-JB. jK. Jt ^ JL </p><p>y/*</p><p>ll ^ ^ \ m^ t TT"she's to be mar - ried to - day.</p><p>^5 m^^it^ W^5 ^^ -</p><p>-</p><p>^</p><p>h iiV ,\^^Pf ^^S</p><p>T.B,H.Co,59 - 10 Opening Chorus Act I.</p></li><li><p>36</p><p>*l l ^' fl J&gt; J' liK.], }' l i' i'tJ'i' lJ i'jiP ff Swish 'e could con - trive it Now and then to get a word in priv-atelall these folks who bore us Seem to think that we re -quire a chor- us.</p><p>^^ 1^^^ ^=i It J i,i *\^</p><p>a</p><p>* t?^Plp ^ ji ^ P7*7 f</p><p>Chorus.</p><p>.J' Ml J'' p 1 ^ ^m pOh dear! won't it just be splen - did In the</p><p>S mw^ n7 -- 7 --SH P^ ^ ^i ^</p><p>r1^</p><p>rr=z2</p><p>time that's com - ing soon, When, this</p><p>.</p><p>^ t ^ ^:'"^^^^^^^f=T=5 7 - 7 -"^^ i e^^ ^F ^fefe3 E i P ^^2 f</p><p>wear- y wait- ing end - ed, We start our hon - ey -</p><p>is m i ^1^^mT^ r^</p><p>^i==</p><p>-i:</p><p>SiP ^ ^T. B.H.Co.45_3 Not Yet.</p></li><li><p>87</p><p>^^^</p><p>P ppPM Pmoon None near us</p><p>^,Ti^-JLt ito see or hear us</p><p>.</p><p>^:?-</p><p>=*X1</p><p>^3K:</p><p>^P^</p><p>S #</p><p>^</p><p>i ii^1 P 0-</p><p>m</p><p>te^ i^^ s^# * The whole wide world we will for - get Oh, -what</p><p>h-rm ^ m*i</p><p>*</p><p>Ii 7 J</p><p>zm7 -r 7 7 ir 7 -iF^ V:i P ^ r^</p><p>^ 1 ^(Hum</p><p>.)</p><p>a ^ Ei5?^joy to stay - in your arms all day</p><p>iBut not yet um</p><p>ar=3il=f* 7 7 tt* T ' *T '</p><p>''^</p><p>S i=P</p><p>-# =: -rr</p><p>nr 2</p><p>V ^ If h W IIf^</p><p>T. B.H. Co. 45_3 Not Yet.</p></li><li><p>28Do It Now.</p><p>Trio.(Bill- Hale- Spike.)</p><p>(BILL.)</p><p>VOICE.</p><p>Piano.</p><p>lOI 1^ ri J) J' j^OhOh.</p><p>when I fell inwhen I fell in</p><p>^ ^^i ^ ^W^love,love,</p><p>From earth - ly things I turned:Mj' spir - it sort of yearned:</p><p>I kind of felt myI wished that I could</p><p>^ m^ ?^^Tr vj^^ ^^ six</p><p>s i' j^ I ;. j^ &gt; J'' I J' i^m(HALE.)</p><p>^ i'&amp;e^soul ex - pand I doiit know if youdo, in fact some great, self sac - ri</p><p>un - der - stand. While__fie - ing- act. "While</p><p>^^^ h }i J' J^^^M p ^' p ^^I have felt all day.</p><p>all that I can wish</p><p>^</p><p>I want - ed to give things a - way Andis that some wretch - ed hard up fishWould</p><p>m w(I</p><p>t E^ ^?= iT.B.H.Co. 54-4Oh Lady! Lady!</p></li><li><p>29</p><p>^^^^ P J) ]\ ])-tf 9-</p><p>stand a lot of drin'ks To im - pe - cu- nious ginks.</p><p>(spike)</p><p>Love</p><p>rail.</p><p>J^ Ji J^ i, I h Jv^y &gt; I [^ j^ ^;^ =smakes me feel so full of pep, My kit I'd like tomakes me feel so strong and grand. At noth-ing I would</p><p>seize,</p><p>stop.</p><p>AndI'd</p><p>n tempo.</p><p>^^^S'^'W^ f^-^ ;, j^ ^ I j^ i^^gai - iy Vouttd the cor - ner step And bur - gle Tif - fa - ny's.\\%</p></li><li><p>30</p><p>h 2) Ji J^ i&gt; ji h J)Love's a thing you real - ly should - n't miss.</p><p>'^ ^ = J ]</p><p>m</p><p>J^ . h \ ^^ . h I) ^^ ^ ^ ?</p><p>It makes life won - der - ful and sw^eet, So go and</p><p>^</p><p>g==l</p><p>7- Pj 1 m fr=^</p><p>^ 5 ^Spoken.</p><p>^ h 1^ .ti h?fall in love with the</p><p>5^</p><p>first girl you meet (get ac - tion)</p><p>. AAA^mtf^ wwwAAA</p><p>im ^^^J' j^ i J' I J j^ i fe</p><p>Grab your hat and beat it for the street.</p><p>m A Aw ^;tf encore</p><p>s</p><p>*</p><p>^</p><p>A A</p><p>T.B.H.Co. 54-4 Do It Now.</p></li><li><p>31</p><p>^^1 Ji J'</p><p>I p i) Ji J&gt; ^ ^You 11 g-et hold of some nice girl some - how.</p><p>^B ^i A A ^^a ^ S3:</p><p>ti</p><p>^ E i ^^W 5^ EMake a note</p><p>^"1J J J</p><p>of what we say Try to fall in</p><p>?7</p><p>PPr</p><p>^r</p><p>encore.</p><p>6^</p><p>m ^m -lA J^ ^ ^ ^now. now.</p><p>iiIf</p><p>fe</p><p>^^</p><p>/</p><p>^^E ^T.B.H.Co. 54-4 Do It Now.</p></li><li><p>83</p><p>Our Little Nest.Lyric by</p><p>P. G. WODEHOUSE.(spike and Fanny.) Music by</p><p>JEROME KERN.</p><p>Piano.I</p><p>Allegro moderate.</p><p>teg^f^</p><p>Vgi'i^ 'i i'</p><p>^^</p><p>^^^</p><p>t ^</p><p>i</p><p>f ^ 7 ^</p><p>i*i' J' i' I il J' J&gt; ^^s ^^</p><p>f5;?t.te.) Since first I was a bur-glar I have saved in ev -'ry(Fanny,) iVe made a nice col - lee - tion, too, to add my love, to</p><p>h ^'' ' fl P J' J pIf d</p><p>V^"i&gt;p ^ ^ ^^=^ ^=^ ^=^</p><p>I i' h l&gt; ^^5 ^Pwayyours</p><p>A - gainst the time when some sweet girl would_Since I be - gan pro - fes - sion - al - ly</p><p>Ikfe</p><p>Pg</p><p>^ rl ^ r^ ^c^^^T^</p><p>Ij^V^.^' J) J&gt; ^' Ji J i ^^ ^name the hap - py dayvis - it - ing the stores</p><p>When I re - tired fromI've been a pru - dent</p><p>Ik^</p><p>^ ^Jp \\i \F</p><p>'y^h&gt; r^ n 5 E</p><p>T. B.H. Co. 58-4 Copyright MCMXVIII by T. B. Harm, Co.All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.</p></li><li><p>33</p><p>l^'v^ ^p p p p hp "^' ^^roam,</p><p>fc</p><p>ac - tive work andlit - tie girl and</p><p>ceased at nights toI have saved like</p><p>$feir^qf#</p><p>^'v- J' ^^'</p><p>i ii' Ip p p</p><p>1'^'I J' i' ^ j^</p><p>meant to own enev - er start - ed</p><p>nough nice things tosquan - der - ing as</p><p>start</p><p>maa lit - tie</p><p>ny girl - ies</p><p>te5^ ^ tzat ^r^^ w</p><p>^^i. il I J^ J' ^^^home. And I ach-ieveddo. Each time I stole</p><p>as you will find _a brush and comb</p><p>TheI</p><p>^^ 35^ m^T-^ )- T</p><p>n nT- f</p><p>fclj^ZIZZ f __' #tJvvv#^^ Chorus.^^^ ^^J'' ^'^;' i i l ii^JMJ' II""</p><p>ob- ject that -said there's some</p><p>I had in mind. .thing for the home!</p><p>Our home willOur home will</p><p>^ ^ i *^=^r ^^^; ^</p><p>^ ^ J ^ sT. B.H.Co. 58_4 Our Little Nest.</p><p>-J 'T' T' 7</p></li><li><p>34</p><p>^^ij&gt; J'' Jjjr</p><p>I J n^'i&gt;^ ^look so brightlook so bright</p><p>and cheer-</p><p>y</p><p>and cheer- y .That you will bless your bur -With all the chintz I sneaked.</p><p>I13;</p><p>^ ^ ^ ^;0~ 1F=^ 0</p><p>#</p><p>7^7 if^~W7 1^ 7</p><p>4V *&gt;^ =m^ :fc=5</p><p>M P P I P P ^^glarfrom</p><p>boySterns</p><p>I got some nif - ty silAnd all the Knick knacks from</p><p>ver.</p><p>Ii i ^^ ^^it=*</p><p>:'eJ ' f1^V /T. n n. nn</p><p>mf</p><p>i*r r</p><p>I</p><p>r p p p #dear - ieCree - ry</p><p>When I cracked that cribAnd the silk I pinched</p><p>mat</p><p>Troy __Hearn's.</p><p>i^ i=^ ^ ^* * *t V 9-^</p><p>u U 'P t^i^ \^ 1 :53</p><p>h /. JIJ m^i i i' J' ^ # #</p><p>I lift-ed stuff e - noughAnd we'll have stacks from Saks</p><p>in Yonk - ers _and Ma - cy's</p><p>To fill aOf all the</p><p>^ ^ ^ ^W^ 7^7 tXrnin^3 i=l=lF ^ ' ^ ^ '^ =^</p><p>T.B.H.Co. 58_4 Our Little Nest.</p></li><li><p>fair - ly goodthings that you'll</p><p>Psizedlike</p><p>35</p><p>chestbest _</p><p>*: ^ ^ J:"P p P P I P P</p><p> And at a house at Min_ And when at nights were roast</p><p>1^2=iz^ R^"=r</p><p>#</p><p>^</p><p>1 '-i^ 1</p><p>fe ^?# iPPPT ipp r 1^</p><p>o " la I got a - way with theiring pea - nuts Up-on the stove I swiped</p><p>Vic - tro - lafrom Green - hut's.</p><p>^=4t4^ i=4 Eg ^ i ^i t </p><p>f- VIm ^ ^ S f</p><p>\, i' J'.]^ i' i J I J ' i) i^J^u ^ iSo we'll have mu - sic in the eve - ning When we areAl- though it's hum - ble J'ou won't grum - ble You'll love our</p><p>*^ ^ ^i H ^i ^ int^ TT 'J</p><p>^^ ^</p><p>ii^ J J I J t h J) ji j^ = 11 i ^^1fin our litcoz - y lit</p><p>tie nest,</p><p>tie nest .\</p><p>Our home will nest</p><p>.</p><p>Ourhome will nest.</p><p>T. B. H. Co. 58_4 Our Little Nest.</p></li><li><p>36</p><p>Lyric byP. G. WODEHOUSE.</p><p>Do Look At Him.(Molly and Girls.)</p><p>Music byJEROME KERN.</p><p>Valse Grazioso.</p><p>Piano.</p><p>^ t 7r p i p pJ'J^J^ J,| |:J ^^</p><p>Tra - la - la- la- la- la- la- la la!</p><p>*fP S^^*=*</p><p>-^^ ^il _-- 1</p><p>tt=3:</p><p>* ^ s ^come our way You're like the sun- shine on a</p><p>I J""</p><p>,.'</p><p>. \^^ iS ^</p><p>r</p><p>:^r~i^^ ^n^ ^^=^^F^=? ^^T.B.H.Co. 56-6 Oh Lady! Lady!</p></li><li><p>41</p><p>I h J. J. I J.gwin - ter day</p><p>hi Ji ^ Jj ^^=sEv -'ry-thingmay have gojie all wropg</p><p>^^^ Tr r</p><p>fe: 6L-iLii</p><p>^. -d' i*/ / J ) V V ?^=^f=</p><p>*p^^ ^ ^^^ r p I f</p><p>s s* ^</p><p>But when at last you come a - long You make the world seem</p><p>P iE^ ^ 1 J Ipmf f^^ ^ ^F^3E^5^</p><p>*h</p><p>won - der - ful and ga^'.(girls.)</p><p>Life seems to</p><p>Tra-la - la - la - la- la- la - la - la!</p><p>is ^^ P ^ *^^*^ W*igsappi^=if^ ^ ' ^ ^^*f^</p><p>J^J jjj^</p><p>J</p><p>start a -gain all strange and new. Clour'</p><p>T.B.H


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