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  1. 1. Megas Architectural Services Pvt. Ltd. Commercial Real Estate Advisory Services
  2. 2. C l i e n t S a t i s f a c t i o n Quality Assurance Safety Management Cost Control Time Management Risk Management Pre and Post Sale Service
  3. 3. Concept Design Obtain the Clients requirements, budget and project timetable. Review, study and analyze the brief & design concept provided by Client. Prepare preliminary report with spatial planning, allocation of all infrastructure support. Incorporate design inputs from the client in the drawing options. Schematic Design Develop and finalize alternative proposals on spatial planning based on feedback and input from the Client. Deliverables to include perspectives, proposed material sample board. Co-ordinate on preparation of Design Intent Memorandum Construction Stage Provide detailed construction drawings for execution of work at site. Carry out Quality assurance checks on site as requested by the Project Manager. Post Construction Stage Arrange to furnish, certify & approve As -built drawings Create Snag lists with Project Managers and follow up action plan. Issue Completion certificates upon completion of all works for respective packages. Tendering Stage Short list and create capability reports of Vendors for consideration including preferred Vendor proposed by Client Provide all documentation and reports as requested by Client based on predetermined formats and time schedules. Adhere to specifications and documentation process formats of Client, Statutory and process formats specified through Client of any audit or licensing bodies.
  4. 4. Promoters Support Staff (Admin/HR/Accounts) Architectural Services Architects 3D Visualisers Draftsmen Interior Fitouts Architects / Interior Designers 3D Visualisers Draftsmen Project Management Project Coordinators Project Engineers Site Team QS / QC Team
  5. 5. Manufacturing We are not contractors who sub contract. We are manufactures and most of the value chain products are in-house. Material Stock There is a healthy stock of all critical items with vendors and in factory to cater upto 3 lac sq.ft. within 2-3 months. Quality of product and Service Warranty and guarantee of the product is 5 -10 years. Speed of Delivery Our average execution time per project is 50-55 days with full quality and professional service. Seamless progress report We are a professionally led company by management and architectural graduates. There is no compromise on service and reporting levels at any stage of the contractual project. Transparent & Competitive Cost Since we are a manufacturing services firm, the cost saved in the value chain of sub contracting is passed on to the clients. Post Contract Services Our promise to our client is our commitment of service post completion of the project. We are easily approachable to resolve even the most smallest queries of our valuable clients.
  6. 6. Contact Kunal Agrawal 9820085703 | Amit Ahuja 9769345598 Get sample test fit outs done by our expert Studio Designers