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<ul><li><p>The Coolest Coworking Space in Newark, New </p><p>Jersey </p><p>There is a fascinating transformation underway in the world of office space for lease Newark and its </p><p>affecting the very way weve come to define the word office. </p><p>This new concept, which some people are calling coworking spaces, perceives individual offices almost </p><p>as cubicles inside their much larger, multi-floored hives of creativity. Thus the sense of community </p><p>once only typical inside the office is now expanding, spilling into the hallways and common areas of </p><p>multi-level buildings that formerly housed only isolated spaces lacking any creative thread to connect </p><p>them. And its true that, even on an expanded scale, such forms of human interaction actually do quite </p><p>well in a business settingbecause people find through community the creative strength to return to </p><p>their own thoughts renewed. </p><p>Whether youre pooling your ideas around the traditional water cooler or rather the alternative </p><p>congregation spot thats even coolerthe buildings community pool tabletheres no doubt your </p><p>business productivity and collective imagination will be heightened when surrounded by a creative </p><p>group of like-minded entrepreneurs and technological wizards. </p><p>Then, of course, when the privacy and discretion necessary to protect your trade secrets are in </p><p>order, your office awaits, a sanctuary that, in contrast to the activity of the greater building, seems even </p><p>more serene. It has become, not the place your employees want to escape from, but the place they </p><p>want to escape to: a place where true creativity beckons. </p><p>How will this recent trendindeed, if you will, revolutionaffect your definition of office? Will your </p><p>business remain housed alone in isolation, or is there something better in store for you? Now is the </p><p>time to decide, because the terms are changing for those who choose itfor those who wish to join </p><p>the camaraderie thats a macrocosm of the cooperation and community they used to think could only </p><p>take place within their office walls. Just think of ita place where your office is your refuge, where the </p><p>common areas are alive with conversation, creative feedback, and professional give-and-take! </p><p>You may think this all sounds greatthat youd love to be on boardbut that your business doesnt </p><p>have the kind of budget this sort of office requires. However, what if we told you of a coolest coworking </p><p>office space for lease in Newark, New Jersey, with so many plusses itd be hard to list them all, and that </p><p>this coworking office space was infinitely more affordable than youd ever dreamed possible? What if </p><p>we told you it was in a beautiful historic building at a prime downtown Newark locale, and that tenants </p><p>like you were already being hand-selected to be part of this exciting, creative and business-minded </p><p>coworking communitylocated at 765 Broad Streetin the Newark Technology &amp; Business Center? </p><p></p></li></ul>