Office of School Improvement October 2013 2014-2015 Educational Excellence School Advisory Council (EESAC) Workshop.

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EESAC Presentation

Office of School Improvement October 2013

2014-2015 Educational Excellence School Advisory Council (EESAC)Workshop

Welcome District and Regional Staff, Parents, Community/Business representatives and School Site personnel to the 2014-15 Basic EESAC Workshop

A special thank you to the school site principal:Region I Barbara Goleman Senior Mr. Carlos ArtimeRegion II- Nautilus MS - Dr. Berstein-SachtleRegion III- Yong Mens Prep Mr. Leonard RuanRegion IV Miami Coral Park Senior - Dr. Nicholas JacangeloRegion V - Palmetto Middle School Mr. John Lux

The purpose of todays EESAC training is to review the essentials for effectively running an EESAC at your respective school sites.

Our office, The Office of School Improvement (OSI), provides EESAC training and assistance to all school sites.

At the end of this presentation, we will provide you with our office contacts, and the corresponding phone numbers should you have specific questions pertaining to your individual school sites.

We hope that this presentation will help to clarify the critical role that EESACs play at your school sites.

1EESAC and Student Achievement

2Communicate EESAC roles and responsibilitiesProvide tools and resources to EESACsProvide financial and budgetary informationProvide Title I informationAnswer questions and address concerns

Workshop objectives3Shall be the sole body responsible for final decision making at the school relating to implementation of the State system of school improvement and accountability. (SBBP 2125) and (FSS 1001.452)

Implement the state system of school improvement and accountability, to assist in the preparation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan, and to assist in the preparation of the schools annual budget. (SBBP 2125)

Purpose 4With technical assistance from the Department of Education, each school advisory council shall assist in the preparation of the schools annual budget and plan as required by FSS. 1008.385(1).

A portion of funds provided in the annual General Appropriations Act for use by school advisory councils must be used for implementing the school improvement plan. (FSS. 1001.452)

Roles and ResponsibilitiesFlorida Government in the Sunshine (FSS. Title XIX Chapter 286.011/012) and School Board Bylaws & Policies # 9125:ALL meetings are open to the public5-day public notice requiredNo secret ballots allowedProvisions for public input requiredMinutes must be takenMinutes are public records & must be available to the public

EESAC Requirements6Members of the EESAC represent constituent groups within a school such as teachers, parents, support personnel and community members. Schools that include Grades 5 or higher also will have a student representative.

Representation must reflect ethnic, racial, linguistic, disabled and the economic community served by the school (FSS 1001.452)

Who serves on the EESAC?7Attend all regular and special meetingsNotify chair and alternate when unable to attendCommunicate with constituents to collect data and opinions for decision-makingReport to constituents the actions taken by the CouncilParticipate openly in consensus buildingMake decisions that benefit all students

EESAC Member DutiesSeptember 148Ensure that all stakeholders receive notice and information about the members who have been elected to the EESAC as their representativesAdvise all stakeholders how to access rosters, minutes, and bylaws through the OSI website at: (, review, adopt, and maintain bylaws

All EESACs will:9The EESAC Roster

A majority of the members of each school advisory council must be persons who are NOT employed by the school district (50% + 1) (FSS1001.452(1)(a))

Roster Composition Requirement11Suggested minimum composition requirements(SBBP #2125):

5 Teachers, plus 1 alternate5 parents, plus 1 alternate1 student, plus 1 alternate 1 educational support person, plus 1 alternate3 business/community representativesUTD designated stewardPrincipalRoster12Representation for Adult/Postsecondary Programs which share facilities must include the following members from the Adult/Postsecondary program:

1 administrator1 student1 designated steward1 teacher

Roster13Special Council Membership for Self-Standing Adult/Postsecondary Centers:

1 student, plus 1 alternate5 teachers, plus 1 alternate1 educational support employee, plus 1 alternateUTD designated stewardEnough business community representatives to create a majority of Non-District employeesPrincipal

Roster14Waiver RequirementA waiver is required each time a roster composition change is made Once the waiver is in place, it remains in place until another waiver is requested

A waiver is also required to make the Assistant Principal an alternate for the PrincipalRosters will be locked pending School Board approval. Once approved, they will be posted as the 2014-2015 Board Approved Rosters on the OSI webpage.Rosters will be unlocked following the December School Board meeting and updates may be done at that time.All updates during the year are reflected as the schools Current Roster.

Current Roster16Updating the EESAC Roster

Updating the Roster18

Granting Access to users

Updating the Roster

Updating the EESAC Roster

03/13EESAC Composition WaiverThis is what the form looks like. It requires the Principals, UTD Stewards (if applicable), and EESAC Chairpersons signatures. Composition Waivers can be applied for during the entire year. It should be forwarded to Ms. Linda Fife, OSI Supervisor. The support committee usually meets in the fall and spring of each year.

It is also available through: In the Form Search enter #7292.

Remember that there are minimum composition requirements, per school board rule for an EESAC.

This can change based on the size of the school and whether you are a Charter School or Special Center.

Charter schools should contact the OSI staff to expedite the process.September 1426

EESAC BylawsRequired by Florida Statute and School Board Policy

Based on the template found in the 2014-2015 EESAC Resource Guide, SBBP 2125

Cover all aspects of EESAC operations

Part of a living document that changes as needed upon approval by the EESACThe Bylaws

Sample By-laws

The bylaws should define:Purpose of EESACCouncil MembersCompositionEligibilityTermsResponsibilitiesUnexcused Absences

Do I call OSI or do I check my By-Laws??All EESAC Bylaws must adhere to the guidelines set forth by the School Board:

When you review bylaws, ensure that the following elements are defined.30Election Process (FSS.1001.452 (d.4))MeetingsRegular MeetingsSpecial Meetings (Emergency)CancellationOpen to the PublicSchedule meetings when parents, students, teachers, businesspersons, and members of the community can attend. (FSS. 1001.452 (d.3)

AgendaWho prepares the agendaAdding to the AgendaNotice to Members (FSS. 1001.452 (d.2))Consensus Decision MakingMinutes (FSS. 1001.452 (d.5))MaintenanceContentInput from Non-Council Members

Quorum (FSS. 1001.452 (d.1))SubCommitteesMust include Discipline and SafetyOpportunity to report to the EESAC on a regular basis How to Make Amendments

Recommendation:Check your Bylaws annually to be sure they are currentUpdating your Bylaws:

Updating your Bylaws:

Updating your Bylaws:

Updating your Bylaws:

Preparing for a MeetingAdvertise meetings 5 days (SBBP-9125) in advance via Meetings through Citizens Information on the MDCPS website:

Display meeting notices in prominent locations at the school site

Prepare the Agenda

Vary EESAC meeting times to accommodate maximum number of peopleBefore the Meeting:40An emergency (special) meeting is any meeting that is not required in the schools Bylaws.

Emergency meetings must be advertised through the regular process on the Citizens Information website.

Emergency meetings must abide by all the guidelines of a regular meeting.Emergency MeetingsAdvertising a meeting:

EESAC Meeting Thursday!


Vision/Mission/ValuesBusiness with M-DCPSHuman ResourcesMeetingsNewsroomNon-Discrimination PolicyStrategic FrameworkTechnology

OptionalBegin the school name with the location number!0041 Airbase Elementary SchoolOnce you click the ADD Meeting button, it will generate a confirmation notice.

Print this page for your records.

The meeting ID and password MUST be used to cancel or change the meeting request.



Vision/Mission/ValuesBusiness with M-DCPSHuman ResourcesMeetingsNewsroomNon-Discrimination PolicyStrategic FrameworkTechnology

To update or cancel a meeting click the folder option in the first column.

The Password is case sensitive.OR

You may cancel the meeting. If you change the DATE OR TIME you must cancel the meeting and post a new one.You may edit the content. EESAC meeting - Agenda will include decisions on the use of EESAC funds.9046 Office of School ImprovementFriday September 26, 2014You may not cancel within 24 hours of a meeting.

You will have to create minutes of this non-meeting in order to clear it from the pending list.531.The Chair shall prepare and distribute the agenda for all regular and special meetings.

2. Notification to MembersAll members must receive at least three days advance notice in writing of any matter that is scheduled to come before the Council for a vote.

3. Adding to the AgendaCouncil members may add items to any regular meeting agenda by contacting the Chair in advance.Non-Council members may propose an agenda item by contacting a Council member.The agenda may be amended at the meeting by majority vote.

(Check your schools bylaws for variations)

The Agenda


MinutesMinutes must be takenA non-member of the EESAC may be present for the purpose of recording minutesMinutes are public records & must be posted for public viewIt is recommended that minutes be posted within 7 days of the meeting

The minutes of an EESAC meeting should contain enough information that a person who did not attend the meeting could read the minutes and understand what decisions were made and why they were made.

Conducting a MeetingBegin on time Establish quorum

If quorum is not established, you may meet but you may not conduct business

Establishing QuorumConfirm the number of VOTING members (not including alternates) on your roster. This is the number used to establish a quorum.

For the roster shown, there are 17 voting members

If a voting member is not present, the alternate for that position is the voting member for that meeting.

An alternate does not represent the missing person, but rather, represents the constituent group he or she is part of

Assistant principals may only serve as the alternate if a waiver has been filed and approved.

The designated UTD steward may appoint someone to attend and vote at an EESAC meeting in their absence.Establishing QuorumIn general, a quorum is at least 50% + 1 of the voting members (or their alternates in case of the members absence)

Check quorum requirements stipulated in your bylaws - some schools stipulate that teachers/parents/principal must be present

No decisions may be made without a quorum

A vote or consensus may only take place if quorum is establishedEstablishing QuorumThe primary method of decision making shall be by consensus. Consensus will aim for the maximum agreement among people while drawing on as many of everyone's ideas as possible. (SBBP 2125)

Record in the minutes of your meeting that consensus was reached. Example:

A decision was made through consensus that $500 will be used from the EESAC funds to provide training to the staff on Differentiated Instruction.

Decision MakingFollowing procedures outlined in the bylaws, EESACs seek to make most decisions by consensus

You do not vote to reach consensus

Consensus allows people with differing points of view to reach an agreement with input from everyone. Decision Making - Consensus

Make sure that your Bylaws are clear on consensus/voting process.63If consensus cannot be reached, a vote may be taken If a vote occurs, then everyone present must vote, unless it is determined that there is a conflict of interest

Record in the minutes of your meeting the names of each person present and how they voted

For example: Mary Smith YES Linda Fife NO Juan Alvarez YES Sherian Jones YES Dolores Smith NO William Sanchez conflict of interest

Mary Smith YES Linda Fife NO

Decision Making - VotingFollow your agenda

Include review and approval of prior minutes (only if quorum is established)

At every meeting include information on the implementation of SIP strategies and data review

Provide time at every meeting for non-members to bring up issues to be discussedDuring the Meeting

Be sure all members and visitors have signed in

Keep the sign-in sheets for future referencePost the minutes within 7 days

Schedule the next meeting (if appropriate)After the MeetingPosting the Minutes

Posting the Minutes

Posting the Minutes

The list of members comes directly from your roster If the list needs to be edited, it is edited through the screen

Drag and drop the names of the members to move them to the appropriate section

Members are excused if they notified another member they would be absent (refer to bylaws)

Use the sign-in sheet to verify attendance and visitorsPosting the Minutes

Generated from Current Roster accessed from the OSI webpage.

Drag the names of any unexcused members hereType names of anyone else who was present hereIf there are errors here, they need to be corrected using the Edit screen from osi.dadeschools.netYou must have a quorum to conduct businessIf a member has two unexcused absences, they are considered to have resigned and they need to be replaced according to your bylaws74Use the agenda to help enter the topics covered.Include details about all decisions (votes or consensus)

The minutes of an EESAC meeting should contain enough information that a person who did not attend the meeting could read the minutes and understand what decisions were made and why they were made.

MinutesWhen minutes are posted but not yet verified, they are considered Draft and may be edited for correctness before they are verified and archived

Minutes must be approved by the EESAC before they are verified by the principal and archived

Once they have been archived, they cannot be edited

Verifying Approved Minutes

Verifying Approved Minutes

For Minutes!Principal Nelson Chair Smith4 digits of s...


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