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<ul><li> 1. Offense Against Truth</li></ul> <p> 2. he Boy Who Cried Wolf1.What was thestory about?2.In what wayhave youbecome likeor unlike theboy?3.What valuedoes the storysuggest?4.Is that valueimportant in 3. Joke! Joke! Joke! 1. What is the purpose ofa joke? 2. How do we deal withjokes that hurtpeoples feelings? 4. Truthfulness in Thoughts, Words,and Deeds Truthfulness consists in the constantendeavor to make our wordsharmonize with our thoughts andfeelings. We have to be truthful to ourthoughts, conduct/ deeds and words. 5. In Telling the TruthWhen to Speak and Reveal the Truth1. Truth is a value in itself; we have the general duty to tell the truth.2.We owe the truth to those who have the right to know, but not everyone. . .3.The common good can demand at times for testifying. 6. Lying: Nature and EffectsLYING - is the most direct offense againsttruth.- consists in affirming as true what weknow to be false, or denying as truewhat we know to be true.- intentional misinterpretation of the truthby word, gesture or even silence. 7. Lying: Nature and EffectsLying can harm:1. the integrity and the reputation of the person lied about2. those hearing the lie who are thereby led into error3. the peace and harmony of the community4. the genuine good of the person who lied 8. Lying: Nature and EffectsSelf- deception (Threefold- Conscious Relating to Others)1. The way we really are2.The way we think we are3.The way we would like to be 9. Lying: Nature and Effects The gravity of a lie is measured against the nature of the truth it deforms, the circumstances, the intentions of the one wholies, and the harm suffered by the victims. To lie is to speak or act against the truth in order to lead someone into error. 10. Lying: Nature and EffectsLies According to Kinds, Motivations, and Situations1. White lies of boasting (pasiklab)2. Escapist lying (palusot) or saving face3. Careless lying (sabi- sabi) or simple flattery (pambobola) 11. Lying: Nature and EffectsOther Serious Lies1. Lies told from malice2. Lies of propaganda or for Profit3. Lies of hypocrisy or of half- truths4. Contrived flattery of others5. Silence (Pa- simple) 12. Lying: Nature and EffectsLies the are Directly Against our Neighbors1. Contumely2. Detraction3. Calumny or slander4. Tale bearing 13. SECRETSSecret- something known only to a certain person or persons and purposely kept from the knowledge of others (Daniel L. Lowery)1. Natural secret2. Promised secret3. Entrusted secret4. Confessional secret5. Seal of confession 14. SECRETSA secret may be revealed1. To avoid or prevent serious harm from the one who keeps the truth and to other innocent individuals2. To protect the community from possible danger 15. Let us profess the truth in love and grow to the full maturity of Christ, theHead.</p>