oee - ekhosoft oee using real time data to improve overall equipment effectiveness. wekho oee...

OEE - Ekhosoft OEE Using real time data to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness. wEKHO OEE enables
OEE - Ekhosoft OEE Using real time data to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness. wEKHO OEE enables
Download OEE - Ekhosoft OEE Using real time data to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness. wEKHO OEE enables

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  • About Ekhosoft

    Ekhosoft is the leading provider of Performance Management Solutions for major enterprise customers across North America and Europe. The Ekhosoft solution is called Ekho, and has been successfully installed in a broad range of industries, including Pulp & Paper, Mining & Metals, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Chemicals,Consumer Products and Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, Hydro and Biofuels).

    With over 200 man-years of industry experience working exclusively with Performance Management Solutions, and with offices in Canada, Europe and across the United States, Ekhosoft is uniquely positioned to service your needs.

    OEE Using real time data to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

    w EKHO OEE enables you to identify, quantify and monitor the impact and cost of sub optimal production, quality, and operational and financial performance.

    w Ekho OEE provides real-time performance measurement capabilities to improve equipment runtime, production throughput, final product quality, equipment and production scheduling, raw material supplier accountability, and overall profitability.

    wWith Ekho OEE, you can reduce major areas of losses from equipment failures and downtime, product changeovers, process and batch holds, process deviations, reduced yield, rework and adjustments.

  • 7005 Taschereau, Suite 260, Brossard, Québec, Canada, J4Z 1A7 / 1-(866)-636-EKHO (3546)


    Customers Use Ekho OEE for improvement in the following areas: Improving Production and Asset Performance

    • Monitor production and performance in real time

    • Highlight reasons for lost production

    • Provide asset performance comparisons

    • Determination of sector efficiency

    Automation of Metrics calculations

    • Automatic data collection and calculations

    • Quality & Production Specification Management

    • Automatic Downtime Capture

    • Understand where improvements can be made.

    Managing Resources

    • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of resources

    • Improved reporting, analysis, communication & knowledge transfer

    • Dynamic Query, Reporting and Visualization

    • Statistics by group, sub group or equipment

    • Export to excel or PDF

    Easy Deployment and scalability

    • Configurable Calculations

    • Automatic Calculation of Availability and Performance KPI’s

    • Actual vs Planned Equipment Availability Analysis

    • Compare Actual Performance to Budget and

    Standard Metrics

    All Ekho Solutions Feature: w Ekho is configurable out-of-the-box, and does not require any customization. Each customer can design and configure a specific solution for their needs.

    w Ekho’s scalability allows each customer to focus resourc- es on current priorities, getting immediate returns, and then extending the solution across multiple assets and perfor- mance management targets. Ekho provides each customer with the optimum cost effective solution both now and into the future.

    w All Ekho solution components are totally integrated. They provide a single solution that seamlessly ties together all your requirements from the control systems to your planning systems.

    Benefits to the OEE User Include: • Analysis of operating cost variables

    • Analysis of equipment stoppages and breakdowns

    • Control of fluctuations in product quality, manufacturing time and cost

    • Determination of sector efficiency

    • Reduced rejects, returns and downgrades

    • Identification of congested areas, slowdowns, and other inefficiencies

    • Highlight reasons for lost production

    • Increased equipment availability

    • Improved production time

    • Increased profitability

    Project Delivery Options

    w Together with our partners, Ekhosoft is fully staffed to provide consulting and implementation services, includ- ing requirements analysis and confirmation, regulatory, risk assessment, integration services (SCADA, HMI, Historian or Business Systems), software configuration, project manage- ment and implementation services.

    w Ekhosoft will also work with you on a proof of concept basis (prior to full scale implementation), whereby we will install and configure Ekho to demonstrate how the software will meet your requirements and deliver business value.


    The Ekhosoft solution for Performance Management is 100% Microsoft centric.

    Software • Microsoft Windows Server • Microsoft SQL Server • Internet Information Service (IIS) • Internet Explorer (IE)

    Hardware • Quad Core Processor • 8 GB Ram • 50 GB Disk (size depends on volume.)

    Operating Environment Ekho will operate in standard virtual environments such as Microsoft or VMware.

    Mobile Ekho is enabled for mobile use on Windows, Apple and Android devices.

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