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  1. 1. Peter Wells @peterkwells theODI.org
  2. 2. Who are the Open Data Institute?
  3. 3. We connect, equip and inspire people around the world to innovate with data.
  4. 4. The ODI node network operates in 20 countries across six continents.
  5. 5. Data sits on a spectrum
  6. 6. First draft
  7. 7. Data is infrastructure
  8. 8. Roads help us navigate to a location. Data helps us make a decision.
  9. 9. Open data and FOI laws.
  10. 10. Open data and FOI laws: complementary and necessary.
  11. 11. Open data and FOI provide a natural balance between the proactive and reactive release of information.
  12. 12. FOI enables citizens to request information in relation to particular areas of current public interest, and improve their sense of civic engagement and participation.
  13. 13. FOI allows civil society and business to request information to investigate opportunities for innovation or to support their current work.
  14. 14. FOI promotes the UKs position as an open and transparent place to do business.
  15. 15. FOI provides a mechanism for access to information held by government where the community interested in that information is too small to justify its continuing release and maintenance as open data.
  16. 16. FOI can help public sector bodies identify information and data that may have potential value if published openly.
  17. 17. A sustainable data economy needs both open data and FOI.
  18. 18. Open data can help inform the FOI Commissions work.
  19. 19. Open data is an important mechanism for transparency and data innovation, but open data will never make FOI laws redundant.
  20. 20. Peter Wells @peterkwells theODI.org