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<ul><li>1.Unbelievable but true !<br />The Waldgeist Restaurant <br />at Hofheim am Taunus<br />Automatic scrolling - Sound<br /></li></ul> <p>2. Hofheim is a town of the Land of Hesse 17 km West of Francfort<br />The beer is served inin quantities of , 1 or 2 litres !<br />3. Youll be able to devour a Schnitzel XXL<br />(You can order or portions Yeah! Right!)<br />Or a lumberjack steak<br />(Approx. 600 grams just over 1lb)<br />As a specialty, we offer you the "Bembel of Grauens" a mixture of Bacardi rum &amp; cola drink in a 4 litres glass<br />(The "Bembel des Todes" version is 8 litres)<br />4. The XXL sauted escalope <br />with some accompanying chips ...<br />5. 6. Ooooooohh !...<br />7. The foil is supplied by the restaurant <br />for those who are struggling to clear their plate ...<br />8. And for those who dislike Schnitzels, why not a sausage and chips?<br />9. A 600 grams - 1lb curried sausage!<br />10. She has NEVER seen anything like it.<br />11. the hamburgers are<br />12 wide<br />Yes: 1 foot wide !<br />12. Bon apptit !<br />13. 14. Mein Gott !<br />15. If you are still hungry after that...<br />END<br />www.waldgeist-hofheim.de<br />Warning! The music is about to stop<br /></p>