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  • 1.Unbelievable but true !
    The Waldgeist Restaurant
    at Hofheim am Taunus
    Automatic scrolling - Sound

2. Hofheim is a town of the Land of Hesse 17 km West of Francfort
The beer is served inin quantities of , 1 or 2 litres !
3. Youll be able to devour a Schnitzel XXL
(You can order or portions Yeah! Right!)
Or a lumberjack steak
(Approx. 600 grams just over 1lb)
As a specialty, we offer you the "Bembel of Grauens" a mixture of Bacardi rum & cola drink in a 4 litres glass
(The "Bembel des Todes" version is 8 litres)
4. The XXL sauted escalope
with some accompanying chips ...
5. 6. Ooooooohh !...
7. The foil is supplied by the restaurant
for those who are struggling to clear their plate ...
8. And for those who dislike Schnitzels, why not a sausage and chips?
9. A 600 grams - 1lb curried sausage!
10. She has NEVER seen anything like it.
11. the hamburgers are
12 wide
Yes: 1 foot wide !
12. Bon apptit !
13. 14. Mein Gott !
15. If you are still hungry after that...
Warning! The music is about to stop


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