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  • octanis Association

    Ana Sam Pamela Raffael QuentinPhysics Engineering Chemistry Engineering Engineering

    Octonaut President Octonaut Treasurer Octonaut

  • We meet weekly.Members suggest ideas.

    Best idea gets ripped apart.

  • If the idea survives, we do it.

  • How do we do it?

  • Draw! Tinker! Simulate! Print! Learn.

  • Minimise the time to try things.Maximise the rate of learning.

    - Tom Chi

  • Discovery Exploration

    1. Idea Vote

    2. Idea Test

    3. Idea Prevails

    4. Realise

    n. Spinoff

    Get real world users

  • Dome C Station, Antarctica, S. Hudson

  • We want to explore the unexplored.

  • We want to discover what we dont know.

  • With other students.

  • octanis.org/join octanis.org/sponsor