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  • OCEAN CREATURES By Emilia Buhagiar Rebekah Haber Rebekah Haber
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  • Emilia Buhagiar Rebekah Haber contents Brittle Star Dolphins Sea Horse Killer Whale Octopus Leatherback Turtle
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  • Emilia Buhagiar Rebekah Haber Brittle Star This is a highly coloured species of starfish that is called the brittle star. It has arms that are flexible but very fragile. They can be broken but are regrown easily. The brittle star is found on the rocky coasts of Europe in the Mediterranean and in the Altantic where it lives at the flattest part possible on the rough surface there.
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  • Emilia Buhagiar Rebekah Haber Dolphins Dolphins are mammals. Dolphins weigh 200-370 kg and they can grow up to 4 m. Dolphins have smooth skin and no hair. They have powerful tails and a strong snout. They have a hole that is on top of their body and this is called a nasal passage.
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  • Emilia Buhagiar Rebekah Haber Sea Horse The sea horse is one of the most eccentric and delightful of sea creatures. Its shape is well known with its head towards its body and its tube shaped mouth.
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  • Emilia Buhagiar Rebekah Haber Killer Whale The killer whale weighs 2.5 9 tonnes. They can grow up to 7 m. They are carnivorous. They are the biggest family in dolphinidae. When there are many killer whales or whales they can be called a school, a pond, or a herd of whales. The whale does not undertake long migrations but stays in one area.
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  • Emilia Buhagiar Rebekah Haber Octopus The octopus is a cephalepod with eight quick and flexible tentacles each covered with two rows of poisonous cells. There are 150 known species of octopus, some reaching huge dimensions, such as the Piovra of Hong Kong that with open tentacles can reach diameters of 10 m. The common octopus lives among the rocks in fairly shallow waters of the Mediterranean and in the the area from the Canary Islands to the North Sea.
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  • Emilia Buhagiar Rebekah Haber Leatherback turtle The Leatherback turtles are the biggest turtle in the world. They weigh up to 600 kg. The length of an adult is over 2 m. They eat jelly fish and live in Malysia.