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Obtaining Suitability. Operations Support Manager Social Security s Ticket to Work Program. Mandatory. To access Social Security beneficiary Personally Identifiable Information you must have a favorable suitability clearance. Company Point of Contact (CPOC). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Obtaining SuitabilityOperations Support Manager Social Securitys Ticket to Work Program

  • Mandatory*To access Social Security beneficiary Personally Identifiable Information you must have a favorable suitability clearance

  • Company Point of Contact (CPOC)*

  • eQIP Fax RequestFax: 410.966.0640Organizations NameBlanket Purchase Agreement Number or State Code for VR agency Name and contact information for CPOCEach individualsNameSocial Security Number (SSN)Date of BirthPlace of Birth*

  • Phase I: Gather Information and Complete Forms


  • Suitability Requirements*

  • *Personal File

    Name:Social Security Number: Date of Birth:Place of Birth:Citizenship InformationPersonal Timeline:(five years)Home Address(es)EducationWork HistorySelective Service/Military

    Prepare Personal Information

  • FormsFair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) formThe Declaration for Federal Employment form (OF 306)The Applicant Finger Print Card (FD-258)*

  • Fair Credit Reporting ActAuthorizes Social Security to obtain credit reportsMay be re-disclosed to other Federal Agencies


  • Declaration for Federal EmploymentDeclaration for Federal EmploymentPersonal information requirementsAll responses must be truthful and completeEvery question answered, form signed and dated


  • FingerprintingTwo copies of FD-258 Card for each staff applying for suitabilityCPSPM staff will mail two cards for each applicantContact SSA for additional or replacement cards


  • Phase One ChecklistPrepare Personal InformationComplete FormsFair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)Declaration of Federal Employment (OF 306)Get Fingerprinted Applicant Fingerprint Card (FD-258)


  • Phase II: Electronic Questionnaire for Investigations Processing (eQIP)*

  • eQIP Process*

  • Receive eQIPFax to Social Security generates invite eQIP (Applicant Listing)Sent from dchr.ope.css@ssa.govSeven calendar days to register*

  • Electronic Questionnaire for Investigations Processing or eQIPLog into eQIP (www.opm.gov/e-qip) and complete Form 85 within seven calendar daysPrint and sign two signature pagesProvide original signature pages to office point of contact Print copy of completed form for applicants personal records *

  • Seven Calendar Day Deadline MissedEmail enservice@ssa.gov

    State VR agencies can also contact Natalie Sendldorfer at natalie.sendldorfer@ssa.gov*

  • Review MaterialsNo questions were skippedEvery form signed and datedInformation on Signatory Authority/CPOC is legibleMake a copy of everything to be kept on file*

  • eQIP Paperwork Cover SheetContract Number (i.e., EN BPA number or three digit code for State VR agencies)Each applicants full nameEach applicants SSNEach applicants date of birthEach applicants place of birthCompany NameName, phone number, and email address for Signatory Authority/CPOC


  • Package ContentsFor each applicant listed on the coversheet, include the following:Original signed and dated eQIP signature pagesForm 306 Declaration for Federal EmploymentTwo fingerprint cards Field Division 258 cardsFair Credit Reporting Act Authorization formIf non U.S. Citizen - Work Authorization Permit and a copy of the persons Social Security card*

  • Mail*Social Security AdministrationAttn: CPSPM Suitability Program Officer6401 Security BoulevardRoom 1260 Dunleavy BuildingBaltimore, MD 21235

  • Phase III: Suitability Determination

  • Suitability Determination*15 days to several months

  • Phase III: Suitability Determination Elements*

  • DelaysIncomplete/Illegible informationNo EN BPA number or State Code for VR agenciesDoes not include all required informationFingerprint cards not formatted correctlyGlitches with the eQIP SystemFailure to respond to requests for missing informationBacklogs in processing packages*

  • CPSPM Review Responses*

  • Appeals*

  • ReferenceseQIP Quick Reference Guide for the Applicant: http://www.opm.gov/investigations/e-qip-application/#url=Quick-Reference-GuideeQIP Frequently Asked Questions: http://www.opm.gov/investigations/e-qip-application/e-qip-faqs/Declaration for Federal Employment Form: https://yourtickettowork.com/documents/10404/358179/OF306.pdfFair Credit Reporting Act Form: https://yourtickettowork.com/documents/10404/358179/FCRA-Authorization.pdf*

  • Questions During the ProcessVRs - natalie.sendldorfer@ssa.govenservice@ssa.govENs -enservice@ssa.govDirectly contact to your EN specialist at Social Security*

  • Questions*

    Welcome to the Suitability Process Webinar brought to you by the Operations Support Manager (OSM) of the Ticket to Work Program. This presentation is designed to provide guidance to you as you prepare for the suitability process, help you choose a plan to complete the materials needed and prepare you for what happens after materials are submitted. *If you are a new EN and you have received your Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) award, your next step will be to determine who on your staff will be exchanging Personal Identifiable Information (PII) with the Social Security Administration (Social Security) and/or the OSM. Any member of your organizations staff that must access information on beneficiaries that is available through automated systems, CDs, encrypted emails or hard copy reports, etc.. must be deemed suitable to have access to this information. This includes any contractor and subcontractor staff that will be working under the ENs BPA.

    You (the EN or State Vocational Rehabilitation agency) must determine who needs to complete the suitability process based on your individual organizations operations and set up, and the responsibilities assigned to the key staff working under your EN BPA or for your State VR agency. Each agency is different, therefore, careful consideration should be given to ensure your compliance.

    At any point that any of your designated personnel that were required to go through this process leaves, you must notify Social Security immediately and if you have new personnel that will be required to access information on Social Security disability beneficiaries, you must ensure that you initiate the suitability process immediately for that new hire. (i.e. beneficiary contact, payments contact, and EN other contact).

    For those personnel who are not required to complete the suitability process, the EN or State VR agency is still responsible for ensuring that all staff follow the rules and regulations for protecting PII. (For example, staff who access PII through self-disclosure from beneficiaries may not need suitability, but they still must always protect the confidentiality of that PII.) *The next important point we want to make before we go further is that:

    All communications regarding suitability will flow between the Social Security Administration Center for Personnel Security and Project Management (CPSPM) and the Company Point of Contact or (CPOC).

    For ENs: The Company Point of Contact is usually the Signatory Authority. This is the individual whose signature appears in block 30a of the EN agreement award form (Standard Form 1449) as the ENs authorized contractor official.

    For State VR agencies: The Company Point of Contact is the Director or Commissioner for VR agency.

    All official communications about the suitability process will be sent to the Signatory Authority/CPOC.

    Effective Practice Tips:Alert your agencys Signatory Authority, Directory or Commissioner to be on the look out for the email from Social Security that will initiate the suitability process. The communications regarding the Suitability Process that are sent to the Signatory Authority are almost all time sensitive.

    To prevent the email from going to the Signature Authoritys spam or junk folder, it is advisable for the Signatory Authority to adddchr.ope.css@ssa.gov to the safe sender list in his/or email mailbox

    Effective Practice Tip:

    If you, designate a different person for the suitability process to gather documents or communicate with other employees to ensure that communications flow properly and that person is not the Signatory Authority, it is recommended that you ensure that a clear process between that Signature Authority and that designated personnel have a clear line of communication to ensure that official emails about the suitability process will be read and shared in a timely manner for the internal process to work.

    Again it is very important to remember that your Signatory Authority/CPOC will be the person to receive a critically important emails for Social Securitys Suitability Team to begin a time sensitive electronic filing process that is a most essential part of the suitability process.

    *Now we are ready to move onto the different phases or steps of the suitability process.

    The first step in the suitability process is to fax your list of staff or applicants that are requesting suitability to the Center for Personnel Security and Project Management (CPSPM) Suitability Team. This step is also known as the eQIP applicant listing.

    The eQIP applicant listing form was sent out with a GovDelivery message on 9/17/2014. Although it was geared toward State VR agencies, but both ENs and State VR agencies can use it. We have posted that form on the Ticket to Work website for everyone to use.

    If you dont want to use the form, you simply want to ensure that you include all required information.

    Make sure to include the name of EN, your ENs Blanket Purchase Agreement Number (found in the Blanket Purchase Agreement), and the name and contact information for the Signatory Authority/CPOC. Be sure