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    SPYRE HUNTERSEven n the living nightmare of the Underhive he Spyrersare spoken of with ashudder.Parents caresmallchildren nto obediencewith a mention of theirname and grown men fall silent at tafesof their attacks.To Underhivedwellersthey are demons of the darkness,blood-soaked iendswho prey upon thewarring gangswithout compunction or pit5l.

    favour different combat styles.Each rig is meticulouslycrafted offworld, a wondrous device of half-forgottentechnologiesworth its own weight in credits.The rig is self-sustaining and self-repairing, withintegral weapoffy and, most importantly of all, built-inpower boosterswhich activateas the wearer graduallymasters the suit's functions. Tttese power boostersmake each Spyrer evolve in a subtly different way,creating a diverseand powerful group of individuals ineachhunt.A Spyrer team can only cross back above the wallwhen it has achieved ts statedobjective, which mightbe to slay a half-dozen Underhive warriors or tosurvive in the wastes for a certain period of time orsome similar vow. Their fighting suits record all thatoccurs in the depths and verifies their kills so noduplicity is possible; the Spyrers must succeed n theirquest or die trying. In the Underhive itself they arehated and feared,but in the Spire they will be lionisedon their return and the survivors of the team will taketheir place among the powerful ruling elite ofNecromunda.

    SPECIAL RULESVOW. A Spyrer team must commit itself to achievinga specific aim during its time in the Underhive. TheSpyrers' vow must be made when the team is stafiedand may be chosen rom the following:Al To kill a total of one gang fighter for eachstarting member of the team. Eg, if the team had sixmembers hey would have o kill (as n result 11 to 16on the Serious njury Table) six enemy gang fighters beforethey retumed above he wall.

    OrBl To earn a total of 200 Experience points for eachstafting member of the team. Eg, if the team had fivemembers hey would have o earn a combined total of 1,000Experience points before they retumed above he wall.

    OrC] To survive a total of two games for each stafirngmember of the team. Eg, if the team had four members heywould have to survive eight games before they retumedabove he wall.

    These creaturesare not devils or ghosts,as the Underhiversknow all too well. They are the sons and daughtersof theNoble Houses that rule Hive Primus and the whole ofNecromunda from the fastnessof the Spire. These siblingsof noble blood are cast down into purgatory to provethemselves ough and resourcefulenough o take their placeamid the ruling families. In a hive containing so manybillions of souls only the most dynamic and mercilessindividuals can expect to rule, or indeed to survive.Spyrers are sent below the wall in teams. Once in theUnderhive they can expect no help, no money, no resources:they have only the equipment hey bring with them and heirown native wits to help them suruive. Of course a Spyrer'shunting rig is no ordinary set of armour. Spyrers useritualised combinations of weaoons and armour which

  • 7/27/2019 O Spyre Hunters


    Once a Spyrer team returns above the wall it splits up andthe hunters start their new lives in the Noble Houses.However, many aspirants develop such a taste for theexcitement andbloodletting of the hunt that they will returnto the Underhive as part of another team. To represent hisyou a"reallowed to 'buy back' veteran hunters when yourecruit a new hunt after you have completedyour vow withan old one. Veteran hunters cost their basic value(discounting any credits spent on training) plus 1 credit forevery Experience point they have already earned.Potentially, the same hunter could retum to the Underhivemany times over.OUTLANDERS. Spyrers are an Outlander gang and assuch all of the Outlaw rules apply to them with theexceptionsnoted below. As Outlanders,Spyrersdo not havea guild price and may neverpay off their outlaw status.STARTING TERRITORY. Spyrersstart with one pieceofterritory generated on the Outlaw Territory Table. Thisforms their base camp and they may move their camp toanotherpiece of territory if they capture t, but they cannothold more than a single piece of territory at a time. If theSpyrers lose their current base camp generateanother onthe Outlaw Territory Table.INCOME. Spyrers never collect any income, never tradeand can never buy extra gang members after their initialrecmitment. They are committed into the Underhive untilthey complete their vow.STARVATION. Spyrersgain synthesisedsustenanceromprotein packs wired into their suits so they are immune tothe effects of starvation.BOUNTY. Though no Guilder would pay, or indeed offer,a bounty on Spyrers the sophisticated devices that can bestripped from their bodies are worth an amount equal totheir total cost, ust like any other OutlawCAPTURE. Gang hghters capturedby Spyrersare iable tobe turned nto interesting suit ornamentsas he Spyrershaveno interest in ransoms or exchanges.The only way a gangcan get back captured members is by playing a Rescuescenario against the Spyrers.The Spyrers ust love usingcaptured prey as bait to get more. Spyrers captured bygangerscan expect only a quick and horible death.Theircompanions will make no attempt to rescue hem and theycan expect no ransom from the Spire. A Spyrer who iscaptured is automatically killed and stripped for bounty.Spyrer weapons and equipment cannot be used by non-Spyrers.POWER BOOSTS. The power boosts for Spyrer suitsbegin to kick in once the hunter starts making kills andearning Experience points in combat. They work byincreasing he energy eed nto weapon systemsand makingthem more powerful, improving cybernetic enhancementsto make the wearer stronger or faster, thickening armourcells to increase heir protection and so on. Power boosts,like skills and characteristic ncreases.can onlv be eamedwith Experiencepoints.LEADER. A Spyrer team has no set leader: leadershipdevolvesto whoever has the highest kill score at the time,

    or the best ideas. n game terms this means hat any Bottlerolls are taken using the best Leadership characteristic nthe team (assuming hat member s presentand not down orout at the time). In some scenarios an Experience pointbonus goes to the leader of the winning gang: in a Spyrerteam this will go to the Spyrer with the best eadershipwhofought in the game.PINNING. Spyrers are in constant communication witheachother and are highly self-motivated.This means hat aSpyrer who is pinned is always allowed to roll to try andescape rom pinning at the stafi of their turn even if thereare no other Spyrers within 2" of them.SCENARIOS. Spyrers roll on the normal ScenarioTable,not the Outlaw ScenarioTable. f the Spyrersget to pick thescenario hey can only chooseone of the following:StandnrdScenarios:

    Gang flght, Ambush, Hit and Run, The RaidOutlaw Scenarios:The Hit

    JAKARACost o recruit:190credi tsJakara weapons are the mono sword and adamantiumshield. The Jakara s the lightest of all the Spyre hunters,emphasising agility and speedover heavy armour. The suititself is armoured with flexible plates like snake scaleswhich are overlaid with the tubes and cables that feedpower to the Spyrer's limbs. The Jakara buckler is insetwith energy absorbing devices hat look like faceted ewels,each one of which can drain the force from a shot or blowand hurl it back at the attacker.

    M W S B S

    Weapons. The Jakarasuit is armed with a monomolecularsword and a mirror shield. The shield allows the user toparry in hand-to-hand combat. If the mirror shield savesagainst a shooting attack which is energy-based (laser,plasma or melta) the Jakaracan fire it back immediately.Roll to hit using the Jakara'sBS: if the blast hits resolve itwith the original weapon's profile.Armour. The Jakara suit gives the wearer the followingcharacteristicincreases: Movement +1, Weapon Skill +1.These increases have been included in the Jakara hunterprofile above.The Jakarasuit also gives an armour saving throw of 5 or 6on a D6. The minor shield gives the Jakara an additionalsaving throw of 4, 5 or 6 on a D6 against attacksoriginatingin the forward 90o arc of the user. The shield saving throwis not subject to saving throw modifiers so it will alwayssave on a roll of 4, 5 or 6.Equipment. A Jakara Spyrer is equipped with a bio-booster, skull chip, filter plugs or respirator and photocontacts or a photovisor.


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    YELDCost o recrui t:170credi tsThe Yeld is the most bizarre of the Spyre hunters: a wingedfiend with pinions of chameleonic metal and claws of laserenergy. When not in use the Yeld's wings sweep back toform a pinioned cloak of steel and reveal the heavy forearmunits bearing laser tubes that are its primary weapons. Itswings are agged with edgessharp as razors so it can sliceits victim as t swoopsoverhead.When stealth s needed heYeld's wings curl around t and mimic the huessurroundingits body, concealing the Spyrer from view until it takesflight again.

    M W S B S

    Weapons. The Yeld suit is equipped with laser gauntlets.Armour. The Yeld suit gives the wearer the followingcharacteristic ncreases:Movement +1, Ballistic Skill +1.These increases have been included in the Yeld hunterprofile above.The Yeld suit also givesan armour saving hrow of 5 or 6 ona D6. It also mounts the Yeld's wings, which are detailed nthe New Equipment section.Equipment. A Yeld Spyrer is equipped with a bio-booster,filter plugs or respiratorand photo contactsor a photovisor.

    MALCADONCost to recruit: 165creditsMalcadon are cunning and subtle in their hunting, trappingtheir victims in webs of iron-hard silk before tearing themapart with steely claws. Two bulbous spinarets or creatingthe web threads are mountedon the suit's arms andconnectto the Malcadon's hunched back amidst a snake's nest oftubes. The rest of the elongated limbs and b