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<ol><li> 1. NUTRI BULLET </li><li> 2. Basic information Best nutri bullet blender is one of the top most blenders in the market specializing in crushing fruits and vegetable into different sizes and shapes for making beverages that relish the appetite of the users </li><li> 3. Design features 1) Many glass jars of different weights are incorporated into the devices to cater to the varying requirements of the people 2) The 70 OZ cup is sufficient to prepare large quantity of juices according to the requirements and the specifications of the guests. </li><li> 4. Design features - continuation 3) Uses smart technology that empowers the blade to cut fruits into fine pieces or transform them into pulp. 4) The machine with a review written at vs-nutribullet-pro-900-vs-nutribullet-rx-review/ not only mashes the food ingredients but also filters the nutrients and fiber which when ingested help to improve the immune system of the body. </li></ol>