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Agenda Market TrendsNUTOGURT:

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Market Trends

Blend of fermented low fat yogurt and a milky extract of tigernut tubers

Based on a research carried out in Nigeria.

Preparation of kunnu from unexploited rich food source: Cyperus esculentus

Product Design

chufa sedge,tiger nut sedge, orearth almondSedge family cropwidespread much of the worldTubers: tigernuts Flavor- milky, nutty.

Cyperus esculentus


High energy contentRich in minerals/vitamins

In Spain and Nigeria it is used to make a non-alcoholic milky beverage called kunnu or hochuta.

Nutritional Value

The grass produces a crop similar to peanuts that you can harvest from the roots tubers that store the plants nutrients which can be dried (right picture). Tigernuts have long been recognised for their health benefits as they are high in fibre, proteins, and natural sugars. They have a high content of soluble glucose and oleic acid. Along with a high energy content (starch, fats, sugars and proteins), they are rich in minerals such as phosphorous and potassium and in vitamins E and C. It is believed that they help to prevent heart attacks, thrombosis and cancer especially of the colon. Typically, 100g (0.27 lbs) tigernuts are 386 cal with 7% proteins, 26% fats (oils), 31% starch, 21% glucose. They contain 26% fibre of which 14% is non-soluble and 12% soluble and are naturally sweet.


Method of Kunno Preparation

Low fat/fat free alternative to ice cream. Similar method of preparation as ice cream.Unique: Streptococcus thermophilousandLactobacillus bulgaricusOnly 1% bacterial strains.

Frozen Yogurt

Low fat yogurtMilky extract Active cultures of probiotics.

Outcome: high nutritional Frozen Yogurt.



Balances the CNS and aids body in adaptation to stress.

Vitamin E- softness and elasticity of skin, promotes fertility.

Probiotics culture improves the digestion, minimizes allergic reactions.

Prevents constipation and minimizes the risk of colon cancer.

Calcium intake reduces the risk of heart diseases. Also, lowers the risk of hypertension.

Health Benefits

It contains a huge quantity of vitamin B1 which balances the CNS and aids body in adaptation to stress.The presence of Vitamin E enhances the softness and elasticity of skin, vanishes wrinkles and acne by delaying the process of cell aging. Vitamin E is necessary for both men and women. The presence of probiotics culture improves the digestion, minimizes allergic reactions. Reduction in symptoms of imflammatory bowel disease have also been reportedCalcium is an important mineral of body, significantly present in nutogurt. It has been reported that the regular calcium intake reduces the risk of heart diseases. Also, lowers the risk of hypertension.


All ages Diabetic patientsHealth conscious Cardiovascular sufferersDairy allergens/ lactose intolerantSportspersons

Target Customers


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