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  • "Letras Femeninas" 1974: The BeginningAuthor(s): Pat Hollis SmithSource: Letras Femeninas, , Nmero Extraordinario Conmemorativo 1974-1994 (1994), p. 9Published by: Asociacion Internacional de Literatura y Cultura Femenina HispanicaStable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/23022468 .Accessed: 12/06/2014 13:16

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  • Letras Femeninas 1974: The Beginning Pat Hollis Smith

    January 16, 1994

    Dear Adelaida:

    . . . With regard to your request for information as to the formation of the

    association, I have enclosed copies revealing dates and people who were a part of the first issues of the journal.

    As well as I can remember, Victoria attended an SCMLA meeting in Houston in the fall of 1974 where she either met or became re-acquainted with three women professors from the University of Colorado: Eva Rudat, Hope

    Hamilton, and Yvonne Barrett. During the course of the conference, Victoria discussed her lifelong dream of publishing a journal devoted explicitly to the

    promotion of the study of works created by feminine Spanish, Hispanic, Mexican and Luso-Brazillian writers with these women who all had this same ambition. Thereupon, the association was formed with Victoria as its founder and the others as the remaining founding members.

    The first two volumes of the journal were published in Colorado; however, it was decided in 1977 to move its publication to the Lamar University Press. Since Kathleen Glenn became a part of the editorial board in the fall of 1975

    (Vol. I, No. 2), and always was one of Victoria's favorite and most respected

    colleagues, I believe she may be able to fill in any information gaps which I was either never privy to or have long since forgotten . . .

    Abrazos siempre,


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    Article Contentsp. [9]

    Issue Table of ContentsLetras Femeninas, , Nmero Extraordinario Conmemorativo 1974-1994 (1994), pp. 1-238Front MatterCrnica de una ilusin [pp. 7-8]"Letras Femeninas" 1974: The Beginning [pp. 9-9]"Letras Femeninas": The First Decade [pp. 10-10]Presentacin [pp. 11-11]La dama ausente en la retrica corts [pp. 13-22]Autobiografa y escritura conventual femenina en la colonia [pp. 23-30]Lo precolombino: notas sobre el dilogo disfrazado en sor Juana Ins de la Cruz [pp. 31-38]On the Double: Tres amores and the Postponement of Love in Avellaneda's Theater [pp. 39-47]Ambigedad epistemolgica en un drama de Julia Maura [pp. 49-56]Entre Eros y Logos en la poesa de Ana Mara Fagundo [pp. 57-69]Intertextualidades y diacronas en la poesa de Orietta Lozano [pp. 71-77]The Presence of Absence: Reading the Spaces in Rosario Aguilar's "El guerrillero" [pp. 79-85]La narrativa fantstica de Anglica Gorodischer: la mirada "femenina" y los lmites del deseo [pp. 87-96]Postmodernismo y teora del caos en "Cola de lagartija" de Luisa Valenzuela [pp. 97-105]Un orden en el caos: Visin crtico-narrativa de Julieta Campos [pp. 107-114]Lenguaje, ideologa y vanguardia en la poesa de Julia de Burgos [pp. 115-121]Ana Lydia Vega y la re-escritura de la historia [pp. 123-129]La nostalgia del milagro: Guadalupe Loaeza y la crnica como crtica cultural [pp. 131-137]Entre biografa y mitografa femenina: "Antonieta" de Bradu [pp. 139-146]The Construction of a Feminine Voice: Rich, Castellanos, Belli, Swir [pp. 147-155]Images of a Better World: Latina Muralists in New York [pp. 157-166]The Construction of "further, alternative signs": Notes from a Workshop in Translating Women Writers [pp. 167-175]Poemas Seleccionados [pp. 177-179]El sueo de otro sueo [pp. 181-187]Gua de la revista "Letras Femeninas": 1975-1993 [pp. 189-237]Back Matter


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