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A brief of Risk Management Plan for Nuclear Power Plant. Produced by a group of undergraduates from UMP with referred via various available sources for the requirement as major group assignment .


<ul><li><p>PRM 1408 Group 03 MajorAssignment Group Reports V10</p><p>by Yeoh Xin Hao PB11043</p><p>FILE</p><p>TIME SUBMITTED 22-MAY-2014 09:52PMSUBMISSION ID 428073869</p><p>WORD COUNT 6372CHARACTER COUNT 35813</p><p>PRM_1408_GROUP_03_MAJOR_ASSIGNMENT_GROUP_REPORTS_V10.DOCX (521.27K)</p></li><li><p>12%SIMILARITY INDEX</p><p>8%INTERNET SOURCES</p><p>2%PUBLICATIONS</p><p>9%STUDENT PAPERS</p><p>1 2%2 1%3 1%4 1%5 1%6 1%</p><p>7 1%8 1%</p><p>PRM 1408 Group 03 Major Assignment Group Reports V10ORIGINALITY REPORT</p><p>PRIMARY SOURCES</p><p>Submitted to Universiti Malaysia PahangStudent Paper</p><p>www.opengroup.orgInternet Source</p><p>www.aps.orgInternet Source</p><p>www-bcf.usc.eduInternet Source</p><p>www.nrc.govInternet Source</p><p>Ding, L.Y., H.L. Yu, Heng Li, C. Zhou, X.G. Wu,and M.H. Yu. "Safety risk identification systemfor metro construction on the basis ofconstruction drawings", Automation inConstruction, 2012.Publication</p><p>www.slideshare.netInternet Source</p><p>Submitted to University of Maryland,University CollegeStudent Paper</p></li><li>9 1%10 1%11 </li><li>20 </li></ul>


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