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Nuclear Physics group. Coordinator: Pasquale Di Nezza. LNF Scientific Commitee, November 22 nd , 2007. AIACE. Total FTE Res.+Tech 40.2 Technicians 6.3. SIDDHARTA. Lab: JLab, Hadronic PhysicsFTE: res.+tech. 6.7. Lab: CERN, QGP PhysicsFTE: res.+tech. 6.9. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Nuclear Physics groupCoordinator: Pasquale Di NezzaLNF Scientific Commitee, November 22nd, 2007

  • Lab: LNGS Nuclear PhysicsFTE: res.+tech. 3.0Lab: LNF, Nuclear PhysicsFTE: res.+tech. 8.0GRAALVIPLab: JLab, Hadronic PhysicsFTE: res.+tech. 6.7Lab: CERN, QGP PhysicsFTE: res.+tech. 6.9Lab: LNF, Nuclear PhysicsFTE: res.+tech. 6.2Lab: DESY, Hadronic PhysicsFTE: res.+tech. 5.0Lab: GSI, Had/Nucl PhysicsFTE: res.+tech. 2.9Lab: ESRF, Hadronic Physics FTE: res.+tech. 1.2

  • Researchers 5 experiments (over 8) have the national spokesperson @LNF: AIACE, HERMES, PANDA, SIDDHARTA and VIP

    Several important national and international responsibilities:ALICE (Management Board), AIACE (Scientific Committee), FINUDA (Spokesperson), HERMES (Deputy Spokesperson), PANDA (Deputy Spokesperson), SIDDHARTA (Spokesperson), VIP (Spokesperson), I3HP (Chair),

    40.2 res+tech within LNF Nuclear Group:

  • AIACEALICEFINUDAGRAALHERMESPANDASIDDHARTAVIPTime schedule data taking19951997199920012003200520072009>2014>2013

  • The VIP Experiment(VIolation of the Pauli Exclusion Principle)

    LNF- INFN, Frascati and INFN, Trieste, Italy SMI, Vienna,Austria; IFINHH, Bucharest, RomaniaUniv. Neuchtel, SwitzerlandGoalperform an experimental test of the validity of the Pauli Exclusion Principle for electrons to 10-30 validity of Pauli principle in a >3 +1 dimensional space-time, strings, superstrings, Experimental methodsearch for anomalous X-ray transitions in copper (2p->1s with 1s already occupied by 2 electrons; have the energy displaced with respect to the normal one)@ LNGS Laboratory (since February 2006)) to reduce the X-ray background induced by cosmic raysValidity limits before VIP: b2/2 < 1.7 . 10-26PLB 1990Resp: Spokesperson

  • Energy spectra for the VIP measurements with the VIP setup in laboratoryThe subtracted spectrum: current minus no-currentBest limit on PEP violation(factor 40 of improvement of the previous published result)Published Phys. Lett. B641 (2006) 18-22

  • GrAALPolarized photons (6.03 GeV) @ESRF for photonuclear reaction studies. p0 on quasi free neutron

  • AIACE EXPERIMENT Laboratory TJNAF (Newport News, Va -USA) / Hall B - CLAS CollaborationBeam e-, : Emax = 6 GeV Study of the hadron structure and of the strong interaction in terms of fundamental constituentsPhysics goalLNF resp: Chair Service Work Committee Italian Coll. LNF & INFN e Universita di Genova FTE : 11.7 + 1.4 (tech)Total publications as AIACE leading authors: 25/82 ~30% (9% members/tot) + 22 Technical PapersStart data taking: February 1998

  • Just completed: Pentaquark s(gnK-Q+)< 3nb s(gpQ+ )
  • Strangeness photoproduction: n K+ - study the baryon resonances not otherwise revealed (non p dacay), obtain info about couplings of nucleon resonances to KY final statesComprehensive study of e.m. strangeness production in Hall B on proton and neutron with polarized and unpolarized beam and targetscos KCMarbitrary unitsn K+ -World data on neutron

    d/d: very few data in a very limited angular range

    TOT: no dataE : from threshold to 3.59 GeVKlab : from 10 to 140 degrees

  • Resp: Deputy Spokesperson: the new antiproton facilityFacility for Antiprotonand Ion Research

  • PANDA Straw Tubes TrackerPANDA central tracking detector has to fill a cylindrical volume with an internal radius of 150 mm, external one of 420 mm, and a length of 1500 mm.Detector requirement are:

    Almost full angular coverage;High momentum resolution, p/p~1%;High spatial resolution, r~150m, z~1-3mm;Minimal detector material budget, X0~1%;High rate capability, 107ev/s;Resistance against aging effects, 1-2 C/cm/year;

  • Activity @LNFFrascati, 05/06/07 LNF/SPASPanda ST_TrackerMechanical supportElectronic integrationGas line paths and flowPrototype construction+cosmic rays testDetector Layout

  • HERa MEasurement of Spin (DESY)180 members coming from 30 Institutes (12 Countries)(INFN: Bari, LNF, Ferrara, Sanita)HERA shutdown: 2/7/2007

  • HERMES view at the nucleon structurefrom unpolarisedDISfirst constrain on Dstransversity isnon-zero!first T-odd DF inDISpolarised DIS HERMES: signals of GPDs Ju+Jd a0=0.3300.025(exp)

  • Space-time evolution of hadronizationHERMES provides information on partonic propagation, energy loss and scattering, and constraints in pre-hadronic effects

    HERMES kinematics is relevant to ion-ion mid-rapidity

    Possibility to formulate consistent pictures of nuclear effects in cold and hot nuclear matter

  • ALICE @ LHCJet Quenching

  • EmCal Structure

    -0.7< < 0.7 e 0 < < 2/3 opposite to PHOS Support structure under installation 11 SuperModules 1 SM = 24x12 modules 1 module = 4 channels 1.2x104 total channels (granularity)

  • EmCal production @LNF

  • Fiber cutting and sputtering at FrascatiWLS readout : continuous operation of 1 cutting-polishing-gluing and 1 sputtering station for WLS fibre bundles needed for 3 SM (124000 fibres, 3500 bundles)Optical and mechanical coupling of bundle with APD for 3456 channels (3 SM)

  • Energy reconstruction, linearity, uniformity 80 GeV e- @fixed positionEreconstructed [GeV]EMCal test beam sept/oct 2007 @cern SPS/PS!caveats preliminary calibration, beam momentum spread not unfolded

  • Management BoardProject Leader: T. Cormier10)Deputy: N. Bianchi6), C. Roy3)T. Awes9), P. Di Nezza6), P. Jacobs7), S. Kox2), R. Soltz8) Alice-CERN RepresentativeY. Schutz1) Technical CoordinatorJ. Rasson7) Detector and strip ModuleP. Di Nezza6) V.Petrov10)ElectronicsT.Awes9)TriggerP.Jacobs7)Off-lineG. Conesa6) J.Klay8)Scintill.A.Pavlinov 10)Y. Kharlov 20)Fiber SystemF.Ronchetti6) I.Kotov17)Module Test &Characteriz.A.Fantoni6)xyz11)

    Support StructureJ.Berkowitz7)SM CrateA. Palmeri5) J.Riso10)1) CERN, 2) IN2P3-Grenoble, 3) IN2P3 Subatech, 4) IN2P3-Strasburg, 5) INFN-Catania, 6) INFN-Frascati, 7) LBNL, 8) LLNL, 9) ORNL, 10) WSU, 11)IHEP, 12)Creighton, 13)UCLA,14)Univ. of .Huston, 15) KentState Univ.,16) Purdue Univ., 17)Ohio State Univ.,18)Univ. of Tennessee, 19)Univ. of TexasFEECalibrate/TestK.Read18)J.Schambach19)Conv. Systemabc18)A.Palmeri5)Elect Commis.xyz9)J.Schambach19)High LevelL.Ray19) SM Mec. Integrationxyz2) J.Riso10)On-lineDAQD.Silvermyr9)Slow ControlM.Cherney12) D.Bonnet4)SM Insertion toolingH.Carduner3)

    APD TestA.Badala5)Ghazikhanian13SM electrIntegrat/Testxyz2)abc9)SM cosmic calibrationxyz2)D.Silvermyr9)LED systemxyz11)Trentalange13)Low LevelO.Bourrion2) TriggerCommisionS.Margetis15) SimulationB.Mayes14)F.Wang16)Infostructure and toolsPulvirenti5)A.Pavlinov10) JetsM.Estienne4) J.Putscke7)ElectronsC.Pruneau10) p0/photonsVan.Leeuwan7Delagrange3)D.Hasch6)Data QA/QCC.Markert19)


  • The Nuclear Physics group @LNF is experiencing moments of particular high activity, playing major roles at international level Pasquale Di Nezza LNF SC, Nov 07



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