nuclear chemistry chapter 21. nuclear chemistry study of nuclear reactions and their uses in...

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  • Nuclear ChemistryChapter 21

  • Nuclear Chemistry Study of nuclear reactions and their uses in chemistrynuclear reactions change in matter originating in the nucleus of an atomradioactive nuclei spontaneously changing and emitting radiation

  • Nuclear ChemistrySubatomic particles are involvedproton and neutron nucleonsCan be determined by atomic number and mass numberSame atomic number, different mass number isotopeRadioactive nuclei radionuclideAtoms with radionuclides radioisotopes

  • Nuclear ChemistryRadionuclidesUnstableEmit particles and electromagnetic radiationRadioactive decay

  • Radioactive Decay1 alpha radiation Helium - 4 particles, aka alpha particles42He23892U 23490Th + 42He

  • Alpha radiation - SampleWhat product is formed when radium-226 undergoes alpha decay?22688Ra 22286Rn + 42HeWhat element undergoes alpha decay to form lead-208?21284Po 20882Pb + 42He

  • Radioactive decay2 beta radiation High speed e-0-1e or 0-1 13153I 13154Xe + 0-1e

  • Radioactive decay3 gamma radiation High energy photons00Energy lost when nucleons reorganize

  • Radioactive decay4 positron emissionSame mass as e-, opposite charge01e116C 115B + 01ePositron can convert proton to neutron

  • Radioactive decay5 electron captureCapture of electron by nucleus from electron cloud0-1e consumed, not formed

  • Electron Capture - SampleWrite nuclear equations for the following processes:a) Mercury-201 undergoes electron captureb) Thorium-231 decays to form protactinium-231a) 20180Hg + 0-1e 20179Aub) 23190Th 23191Pa + 0-1e

  • Electron Capture-Sample 2Write a balanced nuclear equation for the reaction in which oxygen-15 undergoes positron emission158O 157N + 01e

  • Nuclear TransmutationsNuclei changed by being struck by neutron or nucleusCommonly represented by listing in order the target nucleus, the bombarding particles, the ejected particles, the product nucleus147N (,p)178O 147N + 42He 11p + 178O

  • Nuclear Transmutations-SampleWrite the balanced nuclear equation for the process summarized as 2713Al (n, ) 2411Na2713Al + 10n 42He + 2411NaUsing shorthand notation, write the nuclear reaction 168O + 11H 137N + 42He168O (p, ) 42He


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