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<ul><li> 1. NuVerus Skin Care SystemAncient civilizations were known for their wisdom and their ability to unlock natures secrets.They understood the intrinsic power of natural healers like Black Seed and Curcumin. At NuVerus,we have rediscovered the wisdom of the ancients and combined it with modern science in orderto unlock the secret to beautiful skin. The NuVerus Skin Care System is a total approach tobeautiful and luxurious skin.Why SuperFoodsNuVerus unique SuperFoods provide a new level of antioxidant protection for the skin cells. Theseunique SuperFood antioxidants not only protect your skin, they help repair damaged skin cells torejuvenate and restore a healthy glow.Black seed was been used by Cleopatra and Queen Nefertete in ancient times for restoring andmaintaining beauty. The essential oil of black seed provides cleansing and purifying qualities,while the EFA content makes it a wonderful moisturiser for the skin. Black seed supports cellrenewal, connective tissues are strengthened, blood supply to the skin is stimulated and the skinis revitalised. Skin research confirms that Black Seed Oil helps skin resist the ageing process aswell as stimulate repair at the cellular level.Curcumin, the key nutrient in Turmeric, delivers unparalleled antioxidant protection and repair forthe skin cells. Blue Ginger PFA is another powerful anti-oxidant SuperFood to provide addedprotection and repair for the skin.A Total Approach to Beautiful Skin:Wake: Cleanser to clean and refresh skin to start the day Start your Day Moisturizer SPF after cleansing to hydrate and protect during your day or Bright to restore abright luminous glow and hydrate to start your dayDuring your Day: Lift for an immediate lift to eyes and skin to look 10 years youngerNight Time: Cleanser to clean and refresh skin at the end of the day Eyes at night to rejuvenate, repair, and hydrate around the eyes. Ageless to repair and hydrate the entire face while you sleep.</li></ul> <p> 2. NuVerus Moisturizer SPF-30The ultimate anti-aging daytime lotion to defy age. Daytime protection cream visiblyreduces the appearance of wrinkles. This luxury daytime moisturizer with SPF 15protects skin against UV damage (SPF) 30) while supplying your daily skin hydrationneeds.NuVerus BrightRecapture the glow of luminous looking skin! Experience visibly brighter and moreyouthful looking skin. Infuses skin with a scientifically advanced blend of ingredients tovisibly tighten and firm skin, improve skin tone and clarity and add density to fragile skin.This advanced protective daytime moisturizer ensures bright, comfortable skin with abeautiful luminous finish all day.NuVerus LiftGives your eyes a lift and look younger inerminutes! Triple-action peptide complexexthat tightens skin by providing theoptimal environment for the epidermismisto reinforce the cohesion of the dermal- mal-epidermal junction. Infuses skin with ascientifically advanced blend to visiblylytighten improve skin add density.NuVerus Cleanse / DetoxThe perfect way to clean your skin at thetend of your day. Advanced Cleansing gFormularemoves dirt and environmental toxinsnsfrom the skin. Refresh and smooth skinkinevery timeyou cleanse.NuVerus EyesAn advanced luxury eye cream to help yourlp reyes look 10 years younger. NuVerus Eyes helpshelpsaddress dark circles and/or the first signs of lines.fUtilizes NuVerus formula of Black Seed, Cured, Curcumin, and Blue rcumin,Ginger PFA, along with the vitamins and minerals, deliver an minerals,ongoing boost of energy to help counteract signs of fatigue nteract tin the vulnerable eye area.NuVerus Ageless SerumThe ultimate anti-aging night cream. Night Recovery moisturizers andi h ii dSuperFood antioxidants visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and goes into the cellsto treat aging where it starts. Improves fine lines, wrinkles, and skin smoothness whileboosting hydration. Dramatically restores your delicate skin cells while you sleep.</p>