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An introduction to NTT Innovation Institute, Inc. Learn about how NTT i innovations are shaped and developed, and explore our areas of research and development.


<ul><li><p>INTRODUCTION TO NTT INNOVATION INSTITUTE, INC. </p><p> Copyright 2014 - NTT Innovation Institute Inc. </p></li><li><p>NTT i3 AT-A-GLANCE </p><p> Silicon Valley-based open innovation center of NTT Group, the global leader in ICT services </p><p> Founded in 2013 to focus on market driven applied research and development. </p><p> Passionate team of domain experts focused on enterprise IT, security, cloud services, mobile, social and data analytics </p><p> Copyright 2014 - NTT Innovation Institute Inc. </p></li><li><p>VISION WHY WE EXIST? </p><p>MISSION HOW DO WE ACHIEVE </p><p>OUR VISION? </p><p>STRATEGY WHAT WILL WE DO TO ACHIEVE </p><p>THE MISSION? </p><p>Our vision is to contribute to our enterprise customers success through disruptive innovation, and to build a great organization that inspires and attracts talent from around the world </p><p>We will develop market driven solutions for NTT Group companies to deliver in target markets across the globe, building on our R&amp;D assets and our partner ecosystem </p><p>1 2 3 4 5 Build market focused solutions and services for our Operating Companies </p><p>Drive innovation that anticipates and meets future market needs of our customers (12-24 months) </p><p>Raise the profile of NTT and NTTi3 in North America through our Thought Leadership and influence in the silicon valley ecosystem </p><p>Implement Agile Product Lifecycle Management to rapidly commercialize our solutions and R&amp;D </p><p>Develop a culture that values openness, agility and innovation that allows employees to do their best work each and every day </p><p> Copyright 2014 - NTT Innovation Institute Inc. </p></li><li><p>NTT GROUP OPERATING COMPANIES 32nd on Global Fortune 500 </p><p> $132 billion (US) in revenue </p><p> Worlds largest ICT provider </p><p> Services and solutions spanning the enterprise continuum </p><p> Lifecycle services for global hybrid, private and public cloud solutions </p><p> Global, trusted &amp; comprehensive security services provider </p><p> $3.5 billion (US) annual investment in R&amp;D </p><p>INN</p><p>OVA</p><p>TIO</p><p>N </p><p> AG</p><p>ILIT</p><p>Y </p><p>EXEC</p><p>UTI</p><p>ON</p><p>GLOBAL NETWORK AND DATA CENTERS </p><p>WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS AND SERVICES </p><p>SYSTEMS INTEGRATION &amp; MANAGED SERVICES </p><p>SOLUTIONS AND APPLICATIONS </p><p>BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION </p><p>INNOVATION &amp; R&amp;D </p><p>Con</p><p>nect</p><p>ivity</p><p> O</p><p>ff-pr</p><p>emis</p><p>e O</p><p>n-pr</p><p>emis</p><p>e A</p><p>pp s</p><p>ervi</p><p>ces </p><p>Bus</p><p>ines</p><p>s tra</p><p>nsfo</p><p>rmat</p><p>in </p><p>Health Care Public Sector Utilities Financial Services </p><p>Inno</p><p>vatio</p><p>n </p><p> Copyright 2014 - NTT Innovation Institute Inc. </p></li><li><p>WHATS OUR APPROACH TO INNOVATION? </p><p>BUILD ON OUR GLOBAL R&amp;D INVESTMENTS BE FAST TO MARKET Through agile development and open collaboration with NTT operating companies, customers, and emerging technology partners THINK HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN Products that people want to buy and use vs. technology for technologys sake CREATE A CULTURE OF SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION </p><p> Copyright 2014 - NTT Innovation Institute Inc. </p></li><li><p>WHAT IS NTTS GLOBAL R&amp;D EFFORT? NTT invests $3.5 billion annually in R&amp;D and employs more than 6,000 research and development professionals around the world </p><p>Communications service Service Innovation </p><p>Laboratory Group Information network Information Network </p><p>Laboratory Group </p><p>Cutting-edge technologies Science and Core Technology </p><p>Laboratory Group NTT Innovation Institute Inc. Open Innovation Center Applied R&amp;D Cloud, Security, M2M and Internet of </p><p>Humans </p><p> Copyright 2014 - NTT Innovation Institute Inc. </p></li><li><p>SPEED TO MARKET </p><p>Experiment </p><p>Work with partners to co-create </p><p>Use failure to learn </p><p>Build, test, deploy, revise using agile methods </p><p>Employ continuous process improvement </p><p> Copyright 2014 - NTT Innovation Institute Inc. </p></li><li><p>HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN </p><p>Put the customer at </p><p>the center of all R&amp;D efforts </p><p>Ensure a rich user experience </p><p>Make products compelling and easy to use </p><p>Build products that foster an emotional connection with customers </p><p> Copyright 2014 - NTT Innovation Institute Inc. </p></li><li><p>HOW DO WE CREATE AN INNOVATION CULTURE? </p><p>Encourage experimentation </p><p>Accept failure as a route to great ideas </p><p>Give people time to think </p><p>Foster creativity and playfulness </p><p>Embrace cross-domain </p><p>interaction </p><p>Be willing to change </p><p> Copyright 2014 - NTT Innovation Institute Inc. </p></li><li><p>SPECIFIC AREAS OF EXPLORATION AND DEVELOPMENT </p><p>Next-generation security and risk </p><p>management platform to support </p><p>active defense in an always </p><p>connected world </p><p>Solutions and services focused </p><p>on streamlining the core activities </p><p>within the IT Value Chain in a hybrid </p><p>cloud environment </p><p>Software-defined networking, </p><p>Network function virtualization and </p><p>related solutions to improve the </p><p>efficiency and responsiveness of </p><p>Enterprise IT </p><p>Applying real-time machine learning and analytics to </p><p>solve IT and business </p><p>challenges for customers </p><p>Exploring new experiences and </p><p>interactions between humans </p><p>and the Internet of Things </p><p>SECURITY CLOUD COMPUTING </p><p>SOFTWARE DEFINED </p><p>EVERYTHING </p><p>MACHINE LEARNING </p><p>INTERNET OF HUMANS </p><p> Copyright 2014 - NTT Innovation Institute Inc. </p></li><li><p>NTTi3 HOW DO YOU ENGAGE US? </p><p>Market driven Applied R&amp;D and Open Innovation </p><p>Insights and advocacy from NTT GTIR, Cloud, Security, Mobile, Analytics, Business Agility, etc. </p><p>Joint collaboration at our Customer Experience Center </p><p>Joint product development with our Customers and Partners </p><p> Copyright 2014 - NTT Innovation Institute Inc. </p></li><li><p>WHAT IS THE CXC EXPERIENCE? </p><p>Informative Briefings </p><p>Immersive experiences </p><p>Ideation and Collaboration </p><p>Innovative Solutions </p><p> Copyright 2014 - NTT Innovation Institute Inc. </p></li><li><p>OUR LEADERSHIP </p><p>Eiji Kuwana COO </p><p>Masahisa Kawashima Product Manager Infrastructure </p><p>Mayan Mathen CTO </p><p>Kenji Takahashi Product Manager Security </p><p>Tamra Dedmon HR </p><p>Steven Rangel Product Marketing </p><p>Geeta Deodhar Product Manager M2M </p><p>Alok Garg Product Manager Cloud </p><p>Cindy Lui Portfolio Director </p><p>Srini Koushik President &amp; CEO </p><p>Shay Barak Strategy </p><p> Copyright 2014 - NTT Innovation Institute Inc. </p></li><li><p>CONTACT: 1950 University Ave., Suite 600 East Palo Alto, California 94303 +1 (650) 579-0800 </p><p> Copyright 2014 - NTT Innovation Institute Inc. </p></li></ul>