NT1330 Week 4, Unit 4 Exercise 4

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NT1330 Client-Server Networking II

Week 4, Unit 4 Working with Active Directory SitesExerciseFor this ExercisePlease evaluate the information provided and after reading in the lessons for this week, answer the scenario deliverables. This exercise is due at the beginning of the next class meeting.Unit 4. Exercise 1. Site-to-Site Connectivity Scenario

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Suggest a plan of action for troubleshooting replication.

Assignment Requirements

Review the following scenario:

A junior IT administrator has been tasked with troubleshooting problems with intersite AD replication and he sends the following email:

---To: IT Admin

I am troubleshooting replication between the Main Office and Branch Office 1. It seems that changes to user object attributes take a very long time to propagate or do not propagate at all. I am not sure when replication is supposed to occur and have no idea where to begin testing? Do you have any recommendations, any suggested steps to help me narrow down the problem? Thank you!

Junior Admin


Respond to his inquiry with a suggested approach and any recommendations for troubleshooting.Submission Requirements

1-2 pages, Microsoft Word


Times New Roman, 12 pt. font

Utilize APA 6 formatting

Ensure that you include a cover page and reference page.

Hello Mr. Admin I just want to tell you some good trouble shooting ideas to take to help you fix your problems. It seems that replication schedulebetween the sites is higher; you can check the same from AD sites and services console. You can also force the replication by running repadmin /syncall /AdeP or use AD sites and services console. By default, intersite replication across each site link occurs every 180 minutes which is (three hours). You can adjust this frequency to match your specific needs. Be aware that increasing this frequency increases the amount of bandwidth used by replication. I would also recommend running dcdiag/q and repadmin/replsumto check the health of DC and replication status in case if errors are reported post the logs. If that doesnt help you then you need To start with, you can go through this article about troubleshooting Active directory replication problems, from it you can find "General Approach to Fixing Problems" and how to use Repadmin.exe for monitoring replication status: Troubleshooting Active Directory Replication Problems. And see Replication between sites is slow" section in this: Troubleshooting replication. First, open the console and Services Site Links and see how long this set up for replication.

Then create an object in AD and expect to replicate. Compare this with the time set in "Site and Services", and is equal to or less this ok (ok with the settings that were set)if you are the highest: Run the command repadmin / showreps and put the result here.Open the Event Viewer logs and see what errors appear. I hope that this has helped you fix your problems thank you and have a nice day Mr. Admin. NT1330 Client-Server Networking II Page 1 of 2 Week 4, 70-640 Lesson 3

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