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<ul><li><p>Contact usCorporate: corp@nsight-inc.comSales: sales@nsight-inc.com</p><p>Resumes: career@nsight-inc.comJobs: jobs@nsight-inc.comTech Support: support@nsight-inc.com</p><p>ORACLE FUSION MIDDLEWARERapidly Develop and Implement New Custom ApplicationsEnterprises need a platform that enables them to efficiently run and create agile, intelligent busi-ness applications while maximizing IT efficiency.</p><p>Oracle Fusion Middleware provides a complete, open, and integrated approach across mobile, so-cial, and cloud technologies. It enables business users to experience a Best of Breed platform that integrates solutions and improves performance. Fusion Middleware helps in maximizing business processes and applications that drive business today, and offers more opportunity for innovation in the future.</p><p>+++ The Nsight AdvantageNsight can help your organization deploy Oracle Applications by providing highly specialized skills and knowledge to augment your existing team in a specific area of a project or by tak-ing complete ownership of the development and implementation of the solution.</p><p>Our core team of consultants has more than 10 years of IT experience in providing functional, technical and project management expertise in Oracle Applications. We can help you through all the phases of Oracle Applications deployment right from business process re-engineering to implementation and post-implementation support.</p><p>FEATURES</p><p>Efficient and innovative IT</p><p>Reduced cost and risk</p><p>Unprecedented levels of performance, reliability, and scalability</p><p>Pervasive, continuous access to trusted data</p><p>Faster time-to-market</p><p>Increase agility</p><p>Better visibility</p><p>Excellent customer experience</p><p>Best-in-class BI capabilities</p><p>Improved security</p><p>Guaranteed compliance</p><p>Leveraged extreme scalability</p><p>Mobile</p><p>USER EXPERIENCE / ENGAGEMENT</p><p>CMBPM</p><p>ORACLE FUSION MIDDLEWARE</p><p>Social</p><p>IDENTITY MANGEMENT</p><p>SERVICE AND DATA INTEGRATION</p><p>EnterpriseMangement</p><p>DevelopmentTools</p><p>Cloud Application Foundation</p><p>BI</p><p>Web</p></li></ul>