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IIT BombayIIT DelhiIIT GuwahatiIIT KanpurIIT KharagpurIIT Madras IIT RoorkeeGanga River Basin Environment Management PlanSaturday, November 5, 2011BRiP 2011, IIT Kanpur


SWaRAIT BHUBESUJNUDUPUISI KolkataWWF-IndiaNEERICFRI Policy FrameworkNovember 5, 2011BRiP 2011, IIT KanpurConsortia of 7 IITsPremiseRiver Ganga is lively, holy and unique amongst all river of India, if not of the world.River Ganga is viewed as worlds natural heritage for following reasons.Exhibits an important interchange of human valuesBears a unique/exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is livingOutstanding example of a traditional human settlement, land-use, or sea-use which is representative of a cultureDirectly or tangibly associated with events or living traditions, with ideas or with beliefsContains superlative natural phenomena or areas of exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic importanceRepresents significant on-going ecological and biological processes in the evolution and development of ecosystemsContains the most important and significant natural habitats for in-site conservation of biological diversityRiver Ganga must flow uninterruptedly from her source to destination, and sustain all natural and indigenous living forms and systems.

November 5, 2011BRiP 2011, IIT KanpurConsortia of 7 IITs

Continuous flow ( )Un-polluted Flow ( )

The Overarching ObjectiveLongitudinal, lateral and vertical connectivityAdequate space for various river functionsEcological entityThe GRB EMP is the restoration of wholesomeness of rivers in the basin while ensuring appropriate management of water, sediments and energy (both demand and supply) to accommodate the pressures of increased population, urbanization, industrialization and agriculture. Restoring wholesomeness of rivers means ensuring the sanctity of the fundamental aspects of the river system as imbibed in the Panch Sutras:November 5, 2011BRiP 2011, IIT KanpurConsortia of 7 IITsEE3Four Broad Based ObjectivesEnvironmental Flows to be maintained in all minor and major tributaries and main stem of the river Ganga. All anthropogenic activities must ensure maintenance of river bed and river water quality to suit ecological and socio-cultural functions.Utilize excess water (available runoff from rainfall and snowmelt over and above environmental flows) judiciously, equitably and effectively for sustainable development.All human activities/interventions, whether existing, being implemented, and/or proposed in the Ganga Basin to be planned and modified appropriately in a transparent manner i.e. undertake any activity/intervention only after achieving broad consensus from conception through implementation and operation amongst all stakeholders.November 5, 2011BRiP 2011, IIT KanpurConsortia of 7 IITsPrinciples and CriteriaPrinciples Broad guidelines and framework of values driving GRB EMPCriteria norms to assess the processes and outcomes of the GRB EMP exerciseSome overlap between these two; difficult to separateNovember 5, 2011BRiP 2011, IIT KanpurConsortia of 7 IITsProcess of making GRB EMP is as important as the GRB EMPApply modern science and new technologies but with traditional wisdom (Gyan Dhara + Jana Gyan) Precautionary Principles must apply wherever knowledge gaps and uncertainties existParticipation, not mere consultation, is a key element of the processMulti-disciplinary inputs needed, but need to be cautious about only Experts and Some Influential Stakeholders driving the processProcess should ideally start from smaller watersheds and build up in a nested manner to the higher sub-basin level, and then to the basin level Flexibility to cater to future needs, changing contextsClearly articulate choices and the trade-off involved Environmental Flows, Irrigation, Hydro power, Domestic, Commercial and Industrial needs or in other words Environmental, Social, Cultural, Economic, and Financial criteria must be given appropriate weightages

Principles and CriteriaNovember 5, 2011BRiP 2011, IIT KanpurConsortia of 7 IITsNeed for institutional structure appropriate to this kind of processNeed to treat parts/portions of basin with heavy interventions (highly altered/modified) differently from basins with low intervention intensity (near pristine)Ensuring highest efficiencies at every stage including transport and end use of waterAvoiding and eliminating pollution through all direct and visible anthropogenic activities (zero tolerance or zero discharge concept); How much is taken out is not the only concern, how much and in what condition is returned is also important

Principles and CriteriaNovember 5, 2011BRiP 2011, IIT KanpurConsortia of 7 IITsConsider surface and ground water togetherExisting uses to be protected but care taken that existing inequities are not perpetuatedCreating broad public acceptance of the plan (state assemblies and parliament debate and approve)Principle of Prior Informed Consent to be applied, especially for larger interventions, and where tribal and other vulnerable communities are involvedCreation of structures to monitor and regulate the implementation (nested governance; central and state government to serve as mentor and local communities assigned roles, responsibilities and rights on water considering compromises/needs of downstream/upstream communities

Principles and CriteriaNovember 5, 2011BRiP 2011, IIT KanpurConsortia of 7 IITsModel of a River Basin

November 5, 2011BRiP 2011, IIT KanpurConsortia of 7 IITsSubtle Quality of Ganga Water: Accept until proven otherwise rather than not accepting until established scientifically The qualities of the Ganga water are:

Coolness, sweetness, transparency, high tonic property, wholesomeness, potability, ability to remove evils, ability to resuscitate from swoon caused by dehydration, digestive property and ability to retain wisdom

November 5, 2011BRiP 2011, IIT KanpurConsortia of 7 IITsThank You !November 5, 2011BRiP 2011, IIT KanpurConsortia of 7 IITs