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  • 1. Bungalow adaptation to form accessible kitchen and shower room with ramp to rear access and (crucially) access to bedroom amended to allow for egress via standard ambulance stretcher. 07092 194568

2. Full width extension at first floor to rear of house incorporating through the floor lift and ceiling track hoist / bathing facilities for disabled child. Scheme also allows for opening-up additional bedroom and space for future en-suite bathroom to main 07092 194568 3. Plans and detail of typical garage conversion forming accessible ground floor bedroom and WC / shower facilities. 07092 194568 4. Plans of flank extension forming accessible suite for young disabled 07092 194568 5. Google Sketchup of various balcony treatments as replacements for 12no. existing timber items (extreme left), decreasing L-to-R in area, engineering work and 07092 194568 6. One of a series of perspectives for consideration by client and Town Planners. The garage and small conservatory being demolished and a two storey extension formed to the flank boundary. 07092 194568 7. Roof details, from a series prepared for a roofing products company as downloadable advice 07092 194568 8. Asbestos location plan and proposed escape routes for hospital 07092 194568 9. (Part of) Fire Risk Assessment record drawing showing means of escape, detection and firefighting equipment, and other relevant information. 07092 194568 10. Concept illustration to convert car wash into 2no. wholesale / retail 07092 194568 11. Concept illustration to convert car wash into 2no. wholesale / retail 07092 194568