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Nourish the children project. The American Business Awards recognised Nu Skins NTC with a prestigious Stevie Award for the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Programme in 2007. If you want more information or make a donation please contact


<ul><li> 1. Nu Skins Mission Our mission is to be a force for goodthroughout the world by empoweringpeople to improve lives with rewardingbusiness opportunities, innovative productsand an enriching, uplifting culture.The Nourish the Children (NTC) initiativeunites Nu Skin with our extensive worldwidedistributor force in nourishing the world'shungry children.</li></ul> <p> 2. Saving Children with a Unique Concept In 2002, Nu Skin launched the NTC initiative as a way to help addressthe epidemic problem of world hunger. NTC is a humanitarian initiative of the for-profit company Nu SkinEnterprises and a co-venture with selected public charities. NTC itselfis not a charity. Innovative concept:NTC sells a highly nutritious food VitaMeal and then donates allpurchases to third-party non-profit organisations specialised indistributing food to those suffering from malnutrition and famine. 3. Recognised Around the WorldRecognition of Nu Skin s unique Nourish the Childreninitiative by the 2007 American Business Award for the:Best Corporate Social ResponsibilityProgrammeThe American Business Awards or theStevies, honour companies of all types andsizes and the people behind them. TheStevies also recognise outstandingperformances in the workplace worldwide. 4. Why do We do it?Every 6 Secondsa child dies from malnutrition.That is 5,000,000 childrenevery year.Nu Skin Enterprises offersdistributors and customers achance to make a realdifference in the lives ofsuffering children. 5. Demonstrate the DifferenceWith VitaMeal,you can break the PovertyCycle and save millionsof children frommalnutrition. 6. VitaminDeficienciesInfections &amp;Diarrhoea &gt;Inability toAbsorb NutrientsThe Poverty CyclePoverty &amp;IlliteracyTrapInability toLearn or WorkLack of Nutritious FoodIncreasingMalnutrition 7. VitaMeal - More Than Just A Meal VitaMeal was specially formulated formalnourished children by Pharmanex scientists and an expert in childmalnutrition in third-world countries. It provides the ideal balance ofcalories, protein, fats,carbohydrates, vitamins and mineralsthat undernourished children need inorder to grow and develop to theirfull potential. VitaMeal is distributed via reputablecharities who have the necessaryinfrastructure to realisedelivery efficiently. 8. VitaMeal Breaking the Poverty CycleVitaMeal25 Vitamins &amp;NutrientsHealthy Mind &amp;BodyEducation viaSchool FeedingEscape from thePoverty TrapEmploymentOpportunities 9. School Feeding ProgrammesSchool feeding leverages VitaMeal donations: children drawn to school for hot meals nourishes minds and bodies greatly increases the number of girlsable to attend school.The power of educating girls: educated girls have fewer teen births educated mothers educate their children educated mothers break the cycle ofilliteracy and poverty educated mothers can savea society. 10. Working Partner Feed the Children NTCs primary global partner An international, non-profit, non-denominationalChristian relieforganisation The third largest international charity inthe United States (US) Dedicated to distributing millions ofkilograms of food every year tofamilies in more than 60 countries. 11. How Does NTC Work?Contributors make avirtual purchase ofVitaMeal via NTC.The VitaMeal is producedat factories in Malawi andChina, using localproduce and local labour.The VitaMeal is distributedby Feed the Children andother reputable aidorganisations.StarvingChildren Live! 12. The NTC DifferenceNTC differs from aid organisations in the following ways: NTC is not a charity.It is a profitable humanitarian initiative run by afor-profit company, Nu Skin Enterprises. Contributors donate a food product, not money.The whole donation is delivered to the needy. We work with reputable aid organisations. Contributors are financially rewarded for their humanitariandonations. VitaMeal is produced in Malawi and China, fostering growth in thelocal economies. We provide detailed information, pictures, reports and videosfrom the projects in the different locations. 13. Malawi The Warm Heart of Africa Of Malawis13,900,000 people, 2,000,000are orphans. Life expectancy is 44 years 30% of children die before the age of five.Due to: Malnutrition AIDS 90% of the population lives in rural areas. 14. More Than Just Feeding. Not just giving food, but helping Malawians tocreate a better future for themselves and theirfamilies via agricultural developmentprogrammes. Since 2004, NTC and the Malawi Project worktogether to provide long-term help viadevelopment projects partly funded by Nu Skin. Europe is focusing its efforts and resources onone destination: Malawi. 15. Malawi VitaMeal Manufacturing Plant Nu Skin provided half of the funds to build the VitaMeal ManufacturingPlant in Lilongwe, Malawi. The other half of the funds were given as a loan to Napoleon Dzombe,administrator of the plant. Pharmanex scientists adapted the formulation of VitaMeal to cater to thetraditional Malawian diet and locally available produce. They also trained thepeople who work at the plant. The plant is owned by Malawians and offers continued value to the peopleof Malawi. The plant opened in 2004. 16. Malawian Working PartnersMalawi Project It is a US-based charity, which works to provide food aid,health care, educational programmes and agriculturaldevelopment programmes for thepeople of Malawi.Napoleon Dzombe He is a native Malawian who left his home as ayoung man with only US$3 in his pocket and anadmonition from his father to help his people. He became a successful businessman and beganproviding food from his home to people in need. He is now working with the Malawi Project and takingcare of the VitaMeal plant and supervising thedistribution of VitaMeal bags to thousand ofmalnourished children. 17. Fabulous Results The VitaMeal plant produces over2,400,000 meals per month, providing vitalnourishment for Malawian orphans. Local production creates jobs for about 400people. Local farmers have a market for theirproduce. Providing VitaMeal to schools attractschildren to school who would otherwise haveto work to help provide for their families. Local production means transportationcosts are minimal, freeing up more funds forother aid efforts. 18. VitaMeal Distribution Distribution is done through orphanages, child centres,hospitals, schools Direct village distribution In most cases, orphans stay with their family in villages Once a month, VitaMeal distribution is done with the help of localvillages chiefs Every needy child receives a voucher that they exchange for oneVitaMeal, giving them a warm meal each day for one month. 19. How You Can Participate Buy VitaMeal Bags: 1-bag donation = 30 meals 2-bag donation = 60 meals 5-bag donation = 150 meals Donate through ADR programme : Long-term help only way to help children Receive product points for free Nu Skin products Qualify to be a NTC Ambassador 20. Nu Skin Increase Your Donations Matching progamme: When you purchase the five-bag VitaMeal donation, Nu SkinEnterprises matches it with a sixth bag. For every eight bags of VitaMeal purchased anywhere in theworld, Nu Skin Enterprises donates one extra bag to saveanother needy child. 21. Change Malawian Farmers Future Contribution to Nu Skin Force For Good FoundationMtalimanja Village Donation of US$0.25 per VitaMeal bag Agricultural training programme Farms learn to be self-sufficient and independent 22. Nu Skin Distributors Making a Difference in 2011 In 2011, NTC contributors gave more than 35 million meals toundernourished children. Thanks to the Nu Skin Enterprises company matching programme,NTC was able to distribute an extra 4 million meals. 23. EMEA Making a Difference Europe is focusing its effortsand resources on onedestination: Malawi, Africa In 2011, EMEA contributorsdonated 4,5 million warmmeals to the children in need inMalawi, South Africa andRussia. Norway donated the most,giving more than 793,000meals, just followed byHungary and Romania.*EMEA: Europe, Middle-East and Africa region. 24. Countries Benefiting From VitaMealSince NTC launch, more than 200 million meals donatedto those who need them most. 25. "NTC may be 5% of what we do,but it is 95% of who we are"-- Blake RoneyChairman, Nu Skin Enterprises </p>