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  • 8/13/2019 Nourish the Children Interviews


    Nourish the Children

    Interview SummariesAlyssa Chard

    Seliso Adamus

    Seliso Adamus has six siblings and is the first in his family to attend school. He is currently in

    his second year of secondary school and chose to continue his education so that he could be

    someone. Every morning he rises at 4:00 AM so that he can study and pray before he goes to

    school. He would like to study medicine and hopes to become a doctor and work in Malawi. He

    is grateful for the ETC scholarship and hopes many others will be able to receive help from ETC

    in the future.

    Philimony Samson

    Philimony, a nineteen-year-old is in his third year of secondary school on an ETC scholarship.He has one sister who is also in school so that she can become a nurse. Philimony dreams of

    becoming a surgeon and living a life with respect and honor. He encourages other students to

    attend school because he believes it is important for everyone to go to school so that they can

    live a fulfilling life and improve Malawi.

    Nelson Nkhoma

    Nelson Nkhoma is happiest when he is going to school and getting good grades. His favorite

    subject is history and he dreams of visiting South Africa one day as he has learned a lot about the

    Iron Age there. At his secondary school he rooms with fifteen other students and has made a lotof friends. He is thankful for the ETC scholarship because with it he knows, I will pass and I

    will not fail!

    Mphatso Kapanda

    Mphatso Kapanda is eighteen-years-old and has two sisters and one brother. Both of her parents

    have passed away so when she is not at school she often spends time at home with her siblings.

    In her free time she enjoys playing net ball with her friends and watching Nigerian movies.

    When she goes home during break she loves to help mop the house and prepare food but the foodis scarce and life at home is difficult. She prefers to be at school and encourages the younger

    students to stay in school.

    Mark Kamakonga

  • 8/13/2019 Nourish the Children Interviews


  • 8/13/2019 Nourish the Children Interviews


    have enough shoes or clothing. He hopes to become a primary or secondary teacher and help

    educate others in Malawi.

    Bertha Kanpombe

    When asked what the most difficult thing in her life is, Bertha Kanpombe responds that life is

    good now that she is able to go to school and have a bright future. Bertha is fifteen-years-old

    and is in her first year of secondary school. She is thankful to ETC for providing her with a

    scholarship and hopes to use her education to save the lives of others as a nurse in Lilongwe.

    When she is at home she enjoys singing in the church choir and playing net ball. Now at school

    Bertha wakes up early every morning so that she can attend school from 7:30 AM until 3:30 PM

    during the week.

    Ezekiel MGuwata

    Because two of his sisters and both of his parents are deceased, Ezekiel supports his three

    remaining sisters. Ezekiel studies hard because he wants to be a Member of Parliament. He says

    many of Malawis politicians are from far away and are not interested in the local villages. He

    believes that if he represents his village he will be able to improve their lives. Ezekiels life is

    obviously hard and he has suffered great losses but in spite of that his focus is on others who are


    Esnant B. Gayen

    Esnant is a gentle nineteen-year-old girl who is finishing her last year of secondary school. At the

    boarding school she attends she says it is difficult to keep track of her possessions sometimes

    because she shares a room with eight other girls. Esnant says the hardest thing for her is when

    she visits home on holiday. There is a lack of food and it makes me sad that my family does not

    get enough to eat. Esnant dreams of becoming a nurse so she can help improve the lives of

    others in Malawi. She is in the process of applying for a four year continuing scholarship from

    Nu Skin so that she can attend nursing school.