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<ol><li> 1. AN INITIATIVE OF NU SKIN ENTERPRISES </li><li> 2. AN INITIATIVE OF NU SKIN ENTERPRISES NU SKIN DEMONSTRATES its difference through a unique culture that unites distributors, customers, and employees in being a FORCE FOR GOOD throughout the world. In 2002, the company introduced an INNOVATIVE SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, the Nourish the Children initiative, which applies the rigor of successful business practices to addressing the problem of hunger in a sustainable manner. The result is millions of LIFESAVING MEALS reaching malnourished children around the world every month.One of the remarkable things that weve been able to do asa company is to allow people to give expression to their ownyearnings to stand for something more than making moneyto have what they do every day impact the lives of childrenwho are a ected by some of the worlds hardest problems.STEVE LUNDEXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF NOURISH THE CHILDRENRECOGNIZED AROUND THE WORLD The American Business Awards recognized Nu Skins Nourish the Children initiative with a prestigious Stevie Award for the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Program in 2007. In addition, the Corporate Social Responsibility Innovation Award sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai was presented to Nu Skin China for Nourish the Children in 2007. </li></ol>