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NoteSheet 11.1. The Byzantine Empire. Roman Empire. Byzantine Empire. 1. Why are Constantine and Justinian so important in the history of the Byzantine Empire?. Constantine Moved east from Rome to Byzantium The city would become known as Constantinople (named after Constantine ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


NoteSheet 11.1

NoteSheet 11.1The Byzantine EmpireRoman Empire

Byzantine Empire

1. Why are Constantine and Justinian so important in the history of the Byzantine Empire?

ConstantineMoved east from Rome to ByzantiumThe city would become known as Constantinople (named after Constantine)JustinianTook the throne of the eastern empire in 527Regained old RomeWhat does this mean and why is it important?Justinian Code

The Justinian CodeThe Code Nearly 5,000 Roman LawsThe DigestSummarized Romes greatest legal thinkers50 volumesThe InstitutesTold law students how to use the lawsThe Novellae (New Laws)Legislation passed after 534

2. What were the unique features of the city of Constantinople?

Justinian launched a program to beautify the capitalHagia SophiaHippodromeGreat chariot races and held up to 60,000 people

Hagia Sophia


3. What caused the Church to divide and what are the major differences between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church?

Roman CatholicServices are conducted in LatinThe pope has authority over all other bishopsThe pope claims authority over all Kings and EmperorsPriest may not marryDivorce is not permitted (allowed)ROME

SimilaritiesThey base their faith on the gospel of Jesus and the BibleThey use sacraments such as baptismTheir religious leaders are priests and bishopsThey seek to convert peopleEastern OrthodoxServices are conducted in Greek or local languagesThe patriarch and other bishops head the Church as a groupThe emperor claims authority over the patriarch and other bishops of the empirePriests may be marriedDivorce is allowed under certain conditionsBYZANTINE