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  • Nostalgia in MarketingOverview

  • DefinitionNostalgia refers to a longing for the past, a yearning for yesterday, or a fondness for possessions and activities associated with days of yore(Holbrook, 1993 )

    A preference (general liking, positive attitude) toward objects (people, places, things) that were more common (popular, fashionable) when one was younger (in early adulthood, in adolescence, in childhood)(Holbrook, 1991)

  • Why Nostalgia in Advertising?Particularly true in time of economic uncertainty.

    When we think of the past, we always remember the good moments.

    In every societies there are always groups of the population who support nostalgia.

    Marketers tend to use the same images and ideas because it is less costly and risky than invent new ones (cash cows).

  • Nostalgia Products and Services

  • Nostalgia ProductsCars BMW (MINI) and VW (Bug/Beetle)

  • Nostalgia ProductsMusic (One night in Bangkok - Murray Head 1985 - Vinylshakerz 2004 )Games (Super Mario Brothers, Grand Theft)

  • Nostalgia ProductsMovies/Comics (Transformers, Batman ,Spider Man, Captain America)

  • Nostalgia Products

    Sports (Jerseys)

  • Nostalgia ProductsNike Vintages Adidas Originals

  • Nostalgia ProductsConverse Batman Collection

  • Nostalgia ServicesHorse CarriageLocal food support

  • Nostalgia from a scientific perspectiveThinking of past turns out to be always positive.

  • Muehling and Sprott

    Kodak Nostalgia Test

  • Increased emotional engagementThe ad itself to be viewed more favourably Increased brand retention and perceptionAlso increased Negative thoughtsNostalgic emotions are borrowed in advertisements, not transferredResearch on NostalgiaResearch suggests that Nostalgia causes

  • AdvantagesRemembering the past evokes positive feelings.

    Makes people feel younger.

    Taking advantage of existing brand equity.



    Doesnt have to be product-specific. Image should evoke positive and warm feelings, even though it doesn`t have anything in common with the product

  • DisadvantagesThere is some risk of recalling negative associations

    Advertisements encouraging the retrieval of autobiographical memories may make product-related thoughts less accessible.

    Certain nostalgic advertisements may alienate different target groups

  • ReferencesHolbrook, M 1993, Nostalgia and Consumption Preferences: Some Emerging Patterns of Consumer Tastes, Journal of Consumer Research, vol.20, no.2. Holbrook, M Schindler, R 1991, Echoes of the Dear Departed Past: Some Work in Progress on Nostalgia , Advances in Consumer Research, vol.18Havlena, W. & Holak, S. (1991) The Good Old days": Observations On Nostalgia and Its Role In Consumer Behavior. Advances in consumer research. 18(1) 323-329 Muehling, D. & Sprott D. (2004) The Power of Reflection: An Empirical Examination of Nostalgia Advertising. Journal of Advertising. 33( 3) 25-35Nettleton, K Lovell, C 2008, Why are nostalgia brands returning , Campagin (UK), 5/30/2008, Issue 21, p. 10.

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