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Northwestern Mutual Financial Network The Glenn Black Group Fort Myers, FL. Ashley Jankowski Kevin Keeling Kyle Angell Madison Bell. Team 16. What is a mutual insurance company?. Aninsurancecompany which has no shareholders but instead is owned entirely by policyholders. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


North Western Mutual Fund The Glenn Black Group

Northwestern Mutual Financial NetworkThe Glenn Black Group Fort Myers, FLAshley JankowskiKevin KeelingKyle AngellMadison BellTeam 16

What is a mutual insurance company?Aninsurancecompany which has no shareholders but instead is owned entirely by policyholders

Mission Statement

In all situations, we will make recommendations which we would follow for ourselves and our families if faced with similar circumstances, understanding that every person and business is different and unique. With this in mind, our primary purpose is to build relationships in our community by helping others achieve their goals and objectives, utilizing sound long range and short term planning ideas. In each relationship, we will serve our clients needs with honesty and integrity, offering solutions to financial concerns in a responsible and disciplined manner. - Glenn E. Black District Agency History Foundation


Market Development

Industry Innovators

Services Provided Health insuranceAccident insuranceLife insuranceDisability insuranceLong-term care insuranceWhole life policies Trust and investment management servicesEstate planningPlus moreCorporate Social Responsibility Northwestern Mutual is committed to community service positively affecting lives and providing communities with the means to build a bright future.

The Glenn Black Agency works with :The Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce Lee Building Industry AssociationRotary Club of Labelle Lee County PACEJunior Achievement of Fort Myers and Bonita Springs Imaginarium Board of Downtown Fort Myers

Core ValuesEnduring RelationshipsCoachabilityCommitment to GrowthLeadershipIndependence Leadership TeamGlenn Black Managing Director, Fort Myers, FLPeter F. Striano Managing Partner, Boca Raton, FLJohn Delaney Field Director, Fort Myers, FL Jim Winstel Field Director, Fort Myers, FLJames Holland College Unit Director, Fort Myers, FLSales Process

Prospecting TelephoningApproachFact findingPreparationClosingFollow-through

Steps to Sales ProcessProspecting- to find, select, and qualify potential prospects and obtain favorable introductions to them

Telephoning- to secure an appointment

Approach- to secure a fact finding interview on a favorable basis

Fact finding- to reach the inner person

Preparation- to create a plan of action to enable your prospect to achieve his/her objectives

Closing- to gain the prospect's commitment to take action based on your recommendations

Follow through- to deliver and maintain superior service and support future sales

Northwestern Mutual Financial NetworkHiring Process MutualFitFirst InterviewConduct an initial fact-finding interviewDiscuss the company and the careerExplain the Mutual Fit ProcessAssign the Career Profile + (CP+)

Second InterviewConduct an in-depth fact-finding interviewReview CP+ ResultsAssign self analysis/YOU worksheetAssign the Harrison

Third InterviewReview the sales processDemonstrate a ledger presentationDiscuss compensation & BenefitsAssign market surveys

Fourth InterviewIntroduce candidate to the managing directorReview market surveysAnswer the Candidates questionsDiscuss Expectations for successIdeal CandidateEntrepreneurial Organizes, operates and assumes the risk for a business venture

Coachable Willing to listen, learn and take advice from individuals who offer valuable experience and insight

Communicates Effectively Communicates personal perspectives, ideas and beliefs while listening and learning from others

Ambitious Pursues every opportunity for success with skill, enthusiasm and commitment. Constantly seeking ways to be more effective and successful

Self-MotivatedPossesses effective time-management skills and relies on himself or herself to accomplish important goals. Able to focus on priorities

Desires Financial SuccessNot afraid to work hard and take risks to achieve financial success. Willing to accept responsibility for personal successes and failures CP+ ResultsPredicts the success of a future entrepreneurial sales candidate (scale of 1-19) Evaluates personality, goals, past work experiences, attitudes, career expectations, and most importantly financial feasibility. NWFN looks for a score of 13 or above

Harrison ResultsThe Harrison is a personality test that Northwestern uses to assess the potential candidates job fit percentage Self- Management is a very important quality


Positions Offered:Financial RepresentativesRecruiting (Just Added!)

Top Ten Internship.The Vault Guide to Internships has consistently ranked Northwestern Mutual one of the Top Ten Internship programs, based on factors such as compensation opportunities, actual work experience, and career opportunities.

Earning PotentialCommission basedDevelopment Stipend:Incentive up to $1,000 to learn about business, develop sales skills, and engage in training activities each program periodProductivity Stipend:Based on number of lives written and submitted.$500 for 5 livesAdditional $500 for 5 more lives

SWOTStrengths Strong Market Position

Adequate Funds

Solid History

Virtually unaffected by the recession

WeaknessesInvesting time into new employees who are not going to make it in the company. 1 year of training = $30,000 SWOT ContinuedOpportunitiesBring in more people who can sell servicesOpen up more locations and have more facilities Advertise more (the quiet company)

Northwestern Commercial During RecessionThreats Outside companies making false promises to potential clients and manipulate to gain customersEx: NY Life, Ohio National, John Hancock

Rio DeArmond

Graduated with a Bachelors in Finance Worked in a salon before applying for an internship position at NorthwesternWas offered a job after her internship Is currently the Director of Recruiting and Development


Rio DeArmond Director of Recruiting and Development for the Glenn Black Agency

"Business and Industry." .

Datamonitor USA. Company Profile: Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance. SWOT Analysis. New York, NY, 29 Dec 2009.