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As part of my role as RAG Associates' Coordinator, I created a step-by-step guide for students to set up their own RAG Associate, to raise money for a charity of their choice.


  • 1. RAG Associates Handbook The step-by-step guide to setting up and running your own RAG Associate Group2010-11

2. The RAG Committee... Vice President Activities and Development: Becky WarburtonAssociates Coordinator: Fran HughesCommunications: Rom ShahabeddinPR Coordinator: Becky BeaumontFinance Coordinator: Becky HigginRAG Events Coordinator: Ally EllisRAG Week Events Coordinators: David Walton and Katie Cullen 2 3. Choose a cause that you want to fundraise forContact the charityPage 4Page 4Find other people who are interested and set up a committeePage 5Complete and return a Declaration Form and Statement of InterestPage 6Complete and return a Constitution FormPage 7Use the Guide to Event PlanningStart Fundraising!!Make sure you follow Health & Safety policyMake use of what RAG can offerGet rewarded for all your hard workPage 7Page 8-9Page 10Page 11Page 123 4. Choose a Cause... People choose to fundraise for charities for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you have had first-hand experience of a disease or illness and want to show your appreciation to a charity in that area. Maybe you're a huge animal lover and would like to do your bit for creatures great and small! You may know an someone who has set up a charity for a lesser known cause and want to help them out. Whatever your reasons you will be doing a great job for a worthy cause and you will be helping to make a difference. Not only does fundraising provide muchneeded money to charities, it also helps raise awareness. If you would like to fundraise but you haven't chosen a cause, you can find a directory of over 10,000 at, with links to their websites.Contact the Charity... Once you have chosen a charity, get their contact details from their website or Contact them to let them know that you would to fundraise for them. Most charities will have details on their website about fundraising with them. They might also be able to supply you with branded material so you can prove that you are legitimately raising money for that particular charity. As a RAG Associate, you will need to provide a letter confirming that you are fundraising for your chosen charity, with contact details for the charity.You can be an individual RAG Associate or create an Associate Group. To create a group, you will need to find more interested people and make a committee of 3 people.4 5. The Committee... The committee is the key to a successful Associate Group The committee as a whole are responsible for: Promotion of the RAG Associate throughout the year to actively encourage membership. Ensuring health and safety is complied with and risk assessments completed for RAG events. Ensuring the Northumbria Students Union RAG logo appears on all promotions and at all events. Ensuring all income received by the RAG Associate group is paid directly into the RAG Associates SU account. Preparing a written handover for their successors. Ensuring they attend at least one training session per academic year. Sending apologies in advance if the RAG Associate is not represented at one RAG Associate group meeting. Ensuring that the activities of the RAG Associate group reflect the aims and objectives of the RAG Associate group.President: Overall responsibility for the RAG Associate Responsibility for chairing meetings of the RAG Associate or its committeeSecretary: Responsibility for the general administration of the RAG Associate Minute taking Communication with all members of the RAG Associate Keeping membership recordsTreasurer: Keeping records of all financial transactions Responsibility for keeping the RAG Associate financially viable Submitting an annual equipment inventory form and adding additional equipment purchased throughout the year5 6. Declaration Form... Once you have an idea for a group, you need to complete a Declaration Form. This tells us who you are and which charity you want to raise money for. List the aims of your group and what support you think you will need from us.Statement of Interest... You will also need to complete a Statement of Interest. Collect signatures from anyone else who is interested in supporting your group, and you will need to create a committee. The Statement of Interest will also give us the details of the charity you are fundraising for, and the details of your contact at the charity. We will also need a letter from the charity, confirming the fundraising is taking place.Web Info... Complete a Web Info Form with the details about your group that you want to appear on the RAG website. This can include who you are, which charity youre fundraising for, and some details about the cause. You can also say how much youre trying to raise and what youre planning to do. Your section of the website can be kept up to date, with details of fundraising events that you have done so, how much youve raised, what else is planned, and what your target is. You can use it to thank people who have donated or helped in anyway. You can have photos of your activities. And anything else you think might help!6 7. Constitution Form... Your group will be governed by a constitution. This lists the aims and objectives of the group, as well as the duties you, as a committee, must comply with. It must be signed by the committee and returned to Becky Warburton to counter-sign.Finance... As a RAG Associate, you can have a bank account to keep your funds safe. You can deposit funds raised after activities, and you can also withdraw money necessary to hold any events youre organising.Planning Events... Time and planning is key to a successful event. A big event takes a lot of time, resources and stress! Check out the Students Union Guide to Event Planning, which has all the info you need if you want to hold an event in the Union. The process is the same regardless of whether you are planning a meeting for 10 people or a function for 500. Allow enough planning time and check that the space you require is available. Look for dates a minimum of 3 weeks ahead Think about what sort of space you want to book Make a provisional booking Think about your requirements: do you need a bar or catering? Will you need any technical services, such as microphones or PA systems? What sort of room layout do you require? Will you need security personnel? Make sure you request everything in plenty of time Confirm numbers and requirements with the venueRoom and Bar Bookings The Students Union can offer rooms and bars of different sizes, set up for all sorts of activities free of charge as a society. You can also book a cordoned off area of Reds free of charge. We can also book University rooms for you. 7 8. Hold and X-Factor or Battle of the Bands night, or maybe an Anti-Talent competitionGet people to sponsor you to shave your head, beard, or you can get waxing and be more imaginative!Wrap presents or bag shopping for a small donationHold a University Challenge, where teams from different university departments, societies or sports clubs can compete in events to be crowned the champions.Duck Race: Get loads of yellow rubber ducks and set them off to race down a river. People choose a duck that they think will win. Just remember they all need to be collected at the end!Do a sponsored run, swim, bike ride or treadmill marathon, or the 3 Peaks Challenge (climb the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales in 24 hours).Hold a 50:50 raffle where there is only one prize: half of the money raised, and the other half goes to charity.Get sponsored to give something upsmoking, chocolate, alcohol, whatever. It has to be something youd miss though!Get some people together to act out murder mystery performance. Sell tickets for audience members, who can play detective and try to figure out who the murderer is.8 9. Ask beauty therapists/ hairdressers to give their time to Pamper Days people can donate a few quid to charity rather than paying for the treatmentHold an Auction of Promisesask people to donate vouchers (for meals, etc.) or their time (two hours ironing, etc.)Hold a Cheese & Wine eveningsell tickets and ask for donations from local businesses Hold a pub quizGuess the amount of sweets in the jar, the name of the teddy, or the weight of the... (any item you want really!)Hold a bingo night, race night or casino night. Ask local businesses to donate prizes, or a portion of the money raised can be given as prizesOrganise a sports competition between different teams. You could even mix it upfootball team v rugby team in both sports, or something completely different.Hold a coffee morning or bake sale (get your friends to help with the baking), and ask people to make a small donation.Do a sponsored abseil or zip wire from the Tyne Bridge, go to another organised event, or arrange your own.Give out Smarties to friends and family. Ask them to fill the tube with coins once theyve finished the chocolate, and return the tube full tube to you.Or try a sponsored skydive or bungee jump. If you raise enough money the jump can be covered sponsorship (approx. 50 for bungee jump and 250 for skydive).9 10. Health & Safety Policy... Northumbria Students Union strives to ensure that all our members, staff and volunteers remain safe from injury and harm. We have a duty to provide for the health, safety and welfare of ourselves and others. As a RAG Associate, you have a responsibility to create a safe environment for yourself and your groups members.You must comply with the following health and safety guidelines. If you are planning an activity or event you must fill in a Risk Assessment and send it to the Students Union at least 2 weeks before the activity. This gives us enough time to check it and discuss any amendments with you. If you do not the activity is not supported by the Students Union. All those who take part in your specific activity/event should see a copy of the Risk Assessment beforehand. Any accidents