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Can the Use of Online CVs Help to Enhance Employability? Lucy Probyn Business Development Manager at Northumbria University explains more for RSC ChemCareers 2012



2. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESCan the Use of Online CVs Help to Enhance Employability? Lucy Probyn Business Development Manager 3. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESOnline Video CV PortalThe portal enables students to register their details and select pre-defined criteriathat best represent their skills, abilities and experiencesEmployers can register their details and select pre-defined criteria that best represents their requirements and placement / employment opportunitiesAll criteria are fully searchable to enable short-listing of potential employees orplacement students by employersProfessionally filmed video CVs of students are viewable by employers to supporttheir selection for interview 4. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCES Both students andThis externally hostedcompanies can create online portal istheir own profilesaccessible via the Northumbria Universityweb pages 5. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESOnce logged in, your profile pagewill show links to avariety of yourskills as well asyour video 6. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESYou will be able to log all your educationaland previous employment details as well asinterpersonal and industrial 7. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCES You will be able toclearly demonstrate how you can bestevidence your skillsby providing descriptiveexamples 8. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCES Once you have created a profile youcan then record and upload your video responses to employer focusedquestions 9. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESVideo CV interview questionsWhat are you currently studying and what has your academicexperience taught you about yourself?What attracts you to this type of career / sector?Which extracurricular activities have you been involved inand how have they benefited you?Tell us about a team project you were involved with, whatyou did, what barriers you faced and what you would dodifferentlyGive an example where you have lead a team. What did youlearn from that experience? If a team member did not pulltheir weight, what would / did you do? 10. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCES Here are some examplesof our student videos 11. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESJames Academic Experiences 12. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESDaniel Academic Experiences 13. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESJames - Personal Qualities 14. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESDaniel Extra Curricular Activities 15. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESJames Extra Curricular Activities 16. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESStudent Feedback... presenting in front of a camera for the first time is slightly unsettling. Nevertheless Ifeel it is a very good experience which can aim to build confidence and presentationskills... a good idea and can provide a different, appealing approach to jobapplications.... ...I am not good in interview situations so being able to have a couple of takes wasgood...the portal seemed a good idea, providing that the employers interact with it,and was easy to engage with......Effective tool in displaying interpersonal skills to potential employers helpingcandidates to display their skills in a systematic way...Nice initiative to helpcandidates explore the job market and quite a great breakthrough in theconventional application process... 17. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESWhat works ( Professionalism - this is the employers first sight of you, dress andact accordingly. Positive attitude - show enthusiasm for the position you areseeking. A can do attitude - discuss details on how you can get the jobdone. Be prepared - have an idea of what you are doing, and have itrehearsed. Be a match - make yourself stand out as the perfect fit for the job. Stress relevant details - show off skills and attitudes thatcompliment the resume and 18. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESWhat doesnt work...( Doing something you wouldnt do in an interview. Move around - lots of hand gestures, head movement, lookingaway from the camera. Make a long show - keep the video CV or video resume to 3minutes max. Give more personal information than needed - try to highlight andcompliment items already in your resume but not much more. Read from a script or the resume itself - it makes you lookunprepared and unprofessional. Cute or funny - unless you are an actor or comic leave out thegimmicks. 19. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESPresenting Tips( Camera is your friend - When talking to camera, imagine that the person watching is a friend sitting opposite you, and youre having a chat. Conversational style, as if talking - as opposed to presenting, is far more effective for camera work. Each person who watches your video clip is engaging with you one to one.Expressions and faces - Every smile, every twitch of a muscle, every eye movement can be seen on camera. This will show the honesty and passion behind your message in a way that a large audience never sees. Being in the right state to present a relaxed, focussed message is crucial if you want the audience to engage.First Impression - There is always a first impression that the camera catches before you speak. Are you ready, are you thinking about your message, are you nervous or are you relaxed and confident. Practice your smile because the first impression will set the tone of your message for the viewer. 20. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCES ( your message but dont learn your words - An audience can see that you are working to a script straight away, and therefore know that your message is pre-prepared. That, in turn translates into the possibility that message might have written for you and youve lost them. Know what you want to say, but dont write it down as a script. Be yourself using your own natural language, and talk in a conversational style.Pause for thought - There is a temptation, when you know that a camera is looking at you, to feel the pressure to talk, and keep talking. This isnt natural in day to day conversation. Treat a presentation to camera as if its a conversation with a friend, and take a pause between sentences.Practice, practice, practice - Practice your presentation one to one with a friend or colleague. Ask them to tell you which parts look natural, and where your face gives away another emotion. Another trick is to practice to yourself while standing close to a mirror notice your expressions and eye movements. 21. HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCESContact UsAddress: Health and Life Sciences Northumbria University Northumberland Building Northumberland Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8STTelephone: 00 44 (0)191 227 3471Fax: 00 44 (0)191 227 4515Website: