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<ol><li> 1. ChallengeNorthern Trust has benefited from decades of positiveword-of-mouth marketing, but needed to develop itsreputation in the digital space, where unflatteringcontent began to surface on social sites. </li><li> 2. InSIghTThe power of sharing would be criticalin building an interactive space thatdelivered on Northern Trusts referralsuccess in the offline world. </li><li> 3. SoluTIon SociaLogic developed fivePERSONALKEY WORDS: MANAGEMENT / INSTITUTIONAL / PHILANTHROPYSEARCH frameworks in exploring SORT CLIPS BY: TOPIC / KEYWORD / INTERVIEWTOPIC : INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT TopicsFINANCIAL PLANNING(10)PRIVATE BANKINGBUSINESS BANKING(14)(6) different ways to present the Northern Trust story toINVESTMENT MANAGEMENT (10)TRUST AND ESTATE SERVICES (10)PHILANTHROPIC SERVICES(11) consumers via an easy-to-PRIVATE PASSPORT(6)John Condon INSTITUTIONAL WEALTH(7)CEO FORTUNE 500 COMPANYKeywordsEXPAND SHARE Interviewsshare online video library.ADDITIONAL RESOURCES PRESENTATIONWHITE PAPER CASE STUDY ASK A QUESTION </li><li> 4. Northern TrustConcept #3Interactive Online Presentation A Custom IntroductionPersonal InstitutionalCareers ASSET SERVICING BUILD YOUR CONVERSATION A Conversation On Outsourcing For Artio Global InvestorsYour custom video will play, and you can save it in a notebook for later review or download it. What bene ts are derived from outsourcing?What Northern Trust services helped recon gure Artios middle of ce?What changes, if any, did Artios institutional clients notice?How does outsourcing help make way for potential growth? What does the Northern Trust relationship mean to Artio Global? What functions did Northern Trust take over for Artio Global? How did Northern assess Artios specialized needs?Northern TrustConcept #3Interactive Online Presentation Why wasAoutsourcing the right strategy for Artio Global? Custom Introduction How quickly was Northern Trust able to meet Artios challenge? What other Northern Trust clients have had similar requirements?For how long has Northern Trust worked with Artio Global? What is the advantage of Northern Trusts global operating platform? reSulTSHow robust is Northern Trusts Passport web portal?Personal InstitutionalCareersDid outsourcing to Northern Trust meet the reporting needs of Artio clients? What systems were used to improve the Artio Global trading process?ASSET SERVICING did Northern Trusts data center improve Artios recovery preparedness?HowA Conversation On OutsourcingFor Artio Global InvestorsASSEMBLE AND PL AY PL AY ALL Once a conversation is selected, the user checks the topics and questions of interest to build their unique conversation. Northern Trusts word-of- mouth marketing was given a digital command center where visitors could view andWhat functions did Northern Trust take over for Artio Global? share the Northen Trust storyHow did Northern assess Artios specialized needs?What Northern Trust services helped reconfigure Artios middle office? 00:35How quickly was Northern Trust able to meet Artios challenge?What other Northern Trust clients have had similar requirements? in a fun, interactive way. 00:3501:1200:28 01:02 00:52 Content is assembled in a bar at the bottom as the selected topics come to life.</li></ol>


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