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A nickle tour of decorative concrete - what it is, how it looks, and how to learn more.


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2. Decorative Concrete What is It? According to Wikipedia (and we agree): Decorative concrete is the use of concrete as anaesthetic enhancement to a structure, while still servingits function as an integral part of the building itself suchas floors, walls, driveways and patios. 3. How is It Done? The transformation of concrete into decorative concreteis achieved through the use of a variety of materialsthat may be applied during the pouring process or afterthe concrete is cured. These materials and/or systems include but are notlimited to stamped concrete, acid staining, decorativeoverlays, polished concrete, concretecountertops, vertical overlays and more. 4. With Decorative Concrete NorthernConcrete Can Show You: The natural look of stone, slate, granite and brick Custom colors and stains that blend, compliment orcontrast with landscapes Low-maintenance, and durable beauty that neverneeds to be weeded or mowed. 5. Why Decorative? Decorative Concrete is just another great product thatincreases the beauty of your home. Decorative Concrete turns any ordinary concretesurface, slope, or object into something withextraordinary beauty. Decorative Concrete has become the new material ofchoice for designers and homeowners. Its popping up in retail stores, restaurants of allkinds, offices and homes everywhere 6. What patterns are available? Since our decorative concrete system is customized itallows us to work with our customer on a truly uniquedesign with unlimited patterns and colors. We encourage a visit to the Northern Concrete DesignCenter 7. What Does it Look Like? 8. What Does it Look Like? 9. How Can I See More? Visit the Outdoor Showroom at Northern Concrete See pools, patios and more at our 10,000 square footshowroom located in Denmark, Wisconsin. Just 10 milessouth of Green Bay, you can walk on life-sized samples ofmore than two dozen different patterns and styles ofdecorative concrete. Some of what you can see there:* Stamped Concrete * Colored and Stained Concrete*Decorative Borders* Concrete Pool Decks and Patios*Concrete Countertops and Outdoor Kitchens * Interior andSunroom Flooring* Fireplaces and Outdoor Fire Pits*Concrete Walkways* Retaining Walls and Garden Planters 10. Discover the beauty . . .Visit the Design Center at Northern Concrete inDenmark, Wisconsin to see walls showcasing morethan a dozen different vertical - stamped concretepatterns that resemble stone and brick. These walltreatments can be applied to exterior or interior wallsand onto new or existing surfaces of wood or concrete.The result is the beauty of stone without the cost andmaintenance of masonry. 11. Northern ConcreteDesign Center Our Design Center entrance has a stained - concretefloor polished smooth in front of a fireplace constructedwith a blend of masonry and vertical - stampedconcrete. Also featured in the Design Center are slate and barnboard floor finishes ideal forsunrooms, basements, sidewalks and patios. 12. Where Can DecorativeConcrete be Used? Products are designed to be used for exterior andinterior applications: Driveways Walkways Patios Fire pits Stained floors basement/garage Steps 13. Why Concrete? Concrete is the worlds most used man-made material.The only natural material used in greater volume iswater! Concrete offers highest level of security and protection forboth people and property Concrete offers the longest life and durability, resulting in thelowest cost of ownership Concrete has the lowest environmental life-cycle footprint For all of the above reasons, more people are switching toconcrete in the interest of protecting their loved ones, theenvironment and receiving best value for theirinvestments, in their homes and for their businesses. 14. Solid and beautiful is evenbetter . . .We know how to make concrete gorgeous, and theon-staff designer at Northern Concrete has theimagination and eye for detail to create unique outdoorliving areas, just for you. When we pour new, or apply aconcrete overlay on existing concrete, the result isstunning. 15. Finding your unique looks starts bycontact us Email: Northern Concrete Construction, Inc.PO Box 3966601 CTY Rd RDenmark, WI 54208920-863-3043FAX 920-863-5546


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