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  • Collected Works Adapted fo r Nor thern Borders

    Er in Wins low Beaupre

  • These next pages are an attempt to begin sharing my interpretations of Mosher's words through adaptations

    of my past work.

  • Even today Kingdom County is an out-of-the-way and little-known fragment of a much earlier rural America. Forty years ago, when I was a boy growing up there on my grandparents farm, it was still something of a true frontier.

    Site Plan. 2008.

    The Line


    te M



    Blue Mountians








    L o s t N a t i o n

  • Plastic Bag Illustration. 2008.

  • As the wick flared up, the strangest room I had ever laid eyes on came into view. Except for a small bed hardly larger than a child's trundle bed, and the table with the lamp, it was a perfect museum of a room, full of the most atonishing items. "Egypt. Tut," my grandmother said solemnly.

  • Without a moment's hesitation I joined the gang of boys running behind the truck as it coughed and bounced its way across the racetrack toward the infield in front of the grandstand. Through the slats I caught a glimpse of something gray and enormous. As the battered vehicle jolted and rocked along with its enormous weight, I was breathless with anticipation.

  • Plastic Bag Light Study. 2008.

  • Photograph. 2008.

  • Maybe it heard my grandfather speak because abruptly it swiveled it head around in our direction. It was as if the owl's head was on a separate machanism from its body, like a toy of some sort. But this bird was no toy.

  • He waited for the crowd to fall silent. Then he pointed up at the island above the dam and said, "Raise your pond as high as the Tower of Babel if you mind to, Austen - on one side, and one side only, of that island. Which side is up to you."

  • Plastic Bag Light Study. 2008.


  • Photograph. 2008.

  • I fell asleep dreaming of seals and silvery salmon, and a lone Green Mountian whale, swimming through the sunny June sky over Lost Nation Hallow, with the river and fields and my grandparents' house and barn lying unchanged and unchangeable beneath its swiftly passing shadow.

  • She handed me an ax and instructed me to cut her limber spruce pole about ten feet long. I did, and she began to probe down the mouth of the well with it. "Just as I thought," she said. "It isn't all that deep. Eight feet at most. Now, sir. Are you afraid of tight, dark places?"

  • Wax and Rockite. 2007.

  • Portfolio

    The following pages are a collection of M. Arch projects from Columbia University

    and personal projects to date.

  • Housing ProjectFall 2006

    A study of how to enhance public housing buildings in order to foster a larger connection with in the community.

    Interventions of deformation begin to increase porosity between the public and private on every scale.

  • Tension Studies.

  • Site Map.

  • or...deform the box!

    to manipulate the difference between perceptual

    and physical boundaries

    allowing a new understanding of public and private

    Conceptual Diagram.

  • 1/8

    - 1


    c. d


    l flo

    or p


    Floor Plan Detail.

  • Floor Plan.

  • Section.

  • Section Detail.

  • Model.

  • One Week VingetteFall 2008

    Taking inspiration from architects that have come before us, this project was a quick sketch of how to incorporate form,

    styles, and motivations from three seperate masters into one new unique and coherent building.

  • Material Studies2005 - 2008

    Experimentation within the design process was an integral part of my architecutre education. These are two seperate studies

    showing how an everyday object can be transformed into something entirely new. These transformation then inform the

    design process to go in directions unimagined.

  • Plastic Bag Series

  • Inflation and Compression.

  • Front.

  • Back.

  • Opacity.

  • Transparency.

  • Illustrations made from Plastic Bags for my monograph Here.

  • Ice and Wax Series

  • Massing model made from Ice, Wax, and Wire.

  • Apart.

  • Together.

  • Coming Together.

  • Porosity.

  • Deformation.

  • M + D WeddingSummer 2009

    I designed an accending field of light by the river James. The light pinacled under a single oak tree where M + D

    celebrated their wedding into the darkness.

  • R + J SangeetSpring 2010

    The night before their wedding R + J celebrated with family and friends in a NYC loft emmerced and surrounded by a winding abstract river made entirely of plastic bags.

  • Sushi DinnerSummer 2010

    In a small personal vingette I designed a river that would become a tablescape. This project was a continuation of

    the conceptual ideas behind the Sangeet.

  • Graphic DesignSummer 2011

    These projects use graphics to further enhance the audiences understanding of a specific identity.

  • F I L M S


  • Arnie's DVD Collection.

  • E r i n B e a u p r e

    e r i n . b e a u p r e @ g m a i l . c o m 4 1 0 . 5 0 7 . 2 8 8 9

    B r o o k l y n , N Y