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    September 2010 - Issue 9

    NORMANDYS property market is show-ing signs of a recovery, with sales up 25%in a year, estate agents say.

    Upmarket properties are beginning tosell again, after a difficult couple of years,according to new figures from the Basse-Normandie branch of Fnaim, which com-prises 190 estate agents in the region.

    Fnaim regional president Eric Maurice,who runs the Bleu Marine estate agency inCaen, said there was a definite revival inthe business; however, it was difficult totell how the situation would develop.

    He told The Advertiser: The prices arestable and there is even a slight increaseon certain well-located properties.

    We have witnessed an upturn on prop-erties over 300,000 which we had notseen for a year and a half, and that is whathas particularly moved the market.

    However Mr Maurice added that thegreatest number of sales were still in thelower end of the market. The market hasremained active on everything under200,000, he said.

    This is what, in fact, we had continued

    to work on. But since spring, we have seenan increase in the demand for propertybetween 300,000 and 500,000 whichhad disappeared a little and is today mov-ing the market.

    Mr Maurice said customers looking tobuy were strongly advised to take theirchance now, because prices are relativelylow and credit rates remain attractive fornow.

    Customers have to bear in mind thatloan rates are tending to go up at themoment. They went up 0.2 percentagepoints in July, so today really is the righttime to buy, because the conditions arelikely to become harder next year.

    According to Fnaim, a property that isput on the market at the right price usual-ly finds a buyer within 60-70 days. A yearago, it took at least 100 days for a market-price property to sell.

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    Optimism as housesales bounce back

    By Alice Cannet

    GROWTH: Fnaim has seen growingdemand for upmarket properties

    Market revived by mid-price demand

    Today really isthe time to buy

    Average sale takes 60-70days, down from 100

    Four-page pull-out guide to buying a home P11-14

    Photo: Pascale Planchon -

    Raisin dtreMeet Normandysonly wine producer P9

    Pipers honourFRENCH officials havestepped up a fundraisingcampaign to build a lifesizebronze statue honouringBill Millin, the SecondWorld War bagpipe playerwho has died, aged 88.

    Mr Millin was just 22when he waded ashore at

    Sword Beach on D-Day,playing Highland Laddie toboost morale as shellsexploded around him.

    His memorial inColleville-Montgomery,Calvados, will cost about70,000 to build.

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    Continued from p1Of the three Basse-

    Normandie departments,Calvados is a little moresought-after than its neigh-bours, for its coastline andemployment market. Theaverage sale there is between120,000 and 140,000.

    In the Manche, the averagesale price is 120,000 and inthe Orne most sales are in the100,000-110,000 pricebracket.

    Mr Maurice said: In thecountryside, there are somegood deals to be made; thereare opportunities. And in themarkets around the cities, too,there are more bargains.

    On the coastline, we havecustomers from outsideBasse-Normandie who lookfor second homes.

    Then we have the mainhome markets in agglomera-tions such as Caen, Saint-Land Cherbourg, wheredemand comes from first-time buyers.

    He added: Today, we havebuyers who are ready to paythe market price.

    I have noticed that 70% ofdemand here is below200,000, whereas 70% of theproperties on the market areover 200,000. So there is stilla little difference betweensupply and demand. Property prices: can youtrust the stats? page 22

    MAURICE: Positive signs

    Continued from p1Mr Millin, whose actions

    were immortalised in the 1962Oscar-winning film TheLongest Day, was living in aretirement home in Dawlish,Devon, following a stroke.

    He had hoped to come out toNormandy to attend theunveiling ceremony for thestatue.

    He told The Advertiser earlierthis year: I never expectedanything like this. It is a greathonour. It is a good likeness. Itis very good of the French to dothis for me.

    The Association D-DayPiper Bill Millin has been setup to organise raising themoney needed for the statue;so far donations have comefrom people in France, Britainand the United States.

    Serge Athenour de Gourdon,president of the Mary Queenof Scots Pipe Band of France,

    who is leading the fundraisingpush, told The Advertiser: Todate much has been achievedincluding a site for the statue,a natural stone plinth and pro-duction of a half-scale modelof the proposed statue.

    Although much interest hasbeen generated through thepress, the project is still wellshort of target.

    The group is working with

    the Scottish Parliament andthe city of Edinburgh for avenue in October to organise afundraising event. ScotlandsFirst Minister, Alex Salmond,has said he will attend theunveiling in Normandy.

    You can donate online at can also be made atthe mairie in Colleville-Montgomery: 02 31 97 12 61.

    Piper memorial fund short of target

    From next month, we are changing thedistribution of The Advertiser to copewith rising demand.

    The newspaper will now be available inall copies of The Connexion sold innewsagents and supermarkets across theregion throughout the year. There is noextra charge for this. To find the nearestnewsagent to where you live,

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    FAMILIES living on a housing estate in Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives (Calvados) have been targetedby a mystery benefactor, who has been postingenvelopes of cash through their letterboxes.

    The anonymous donor has been delivering thedonations in plain envelopes marked simply:In the name of the Lord. The envelopes typi-cally contain 40 for each adult in the house-hold and 20 per child

    The gifts have been arriving in several dozenfamilies letter boxes overnight, accompanied byChristian texts including the Lords Prayer.

    The donations were brought to the attention

    of the local police when one of the recipientstook the envelope to a police station, concernedthat the cash was counterfeit or a scam.

    Officers have tracked down the womanbehind made the donations, who wishes toremain anonymous and has apparently madesimilar cash gifts to low-income families before.Police say she has done nothing illegal, andmerely wanted to help people in need.

    It is understood she picked Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives because it was one of t