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<ul><li><p>A S K I L L E D H A N D I N C H E M I S T R Y . . . A T W O R K F O R Y O U </p><p>Nopco </p><p>makes </p><p>water work </p><p>For over 50 years we have been changing the basic characteristics of water . . . to make it more appropriate to industry's needs. For this purpose we make a comprehensive variety of surfactants chemicals such as detergents, emulsifiers, dispersants, wetting agents and de-foamers. Add these to water . . . and paintmakers formulate new and better paints; papermakers roll out whiter, cleaner papers and at a faster rate ; textile manufacturers have better control over dyeing and finishing processes. Wherever industry uses water, there's a Nopco chemical ready to improve its performance. </p><p>Lubr icants Detergents Dispersants Plast icizers Wet t ing Agents Softeners Defoamers Emulsif iers Stabi l izers </p><p>NOPCO CHEMICAL COMPANY </p><p>NOPCO 6 0 Park Place, N e w a r k , N.J. Plants: Harr ison, N.J. Carlstadt, N.J. Richmond, Calif. Cedartown, 6a . London, Canada Mexico, D. F. Corbei l , France Sydney, Austra l ia Manufacturing Licensees Throughout the World </p><p>Nopco makes water work</p></li></ul>