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Nogales, AZ Graduation 2011


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    Silva an awesome student, rolemodel

    Anachieverwho ex-cels inmathematics, No-galesHigh School seniorAnthony Silva is the vale-dictorian forNogalesHigh School.He learnedEnglishwhen his familymoved fromMexico toNogaleswhen hewas 10years old, he said.When I first came

    here,myhighest gradewas about 40 percent,he said. I didnt evenknowenoughEnglish toask to go to the restroomproperly.That changed a lot

    time ago. JenniferValen-zuela, anNHSmath andscience teacher, said Sil-va is an awesome stu-dent.Hes very deter-mined and an over-achiever. She taughthim in the InternationalBaccalaureate programchemistry I and chem-istry II, and this year he

    was her classroomaidein calculus.Silva is very friendly

    and admired by hispeers.Hewas a rolemodel, she said. Al-though he tends to be onthe quiet side, she said hehas strong communica-tion skills and that helikes to help others.Even though Silva said

    hes very leery of thecoldwinters, hesmovingto the northeastwhere heenrolled at CornellUni-versity in Ithaca,N.Y.,and plans tomajor ineconomics.First, hell be off to

    Florida in a fewweeks.As amember of FBLA,or FutureBusiness Lead-ers ofAmerica, hell joinothers in the club com-peting in the nationalevent June 28 to July 1 inOrlando, Fla.He quali-fied bywinning two first-place trophies at thestate level inword pro-cessing and annual busi-

    ness report, he said.Silva,whoseweighted

    grade point average is4.698, is the youngest ofthree children. OlderbrotherMiguel, 25, grad-uated from theUniversi-ty ofArizona and com-pleted amasters pro-gram in finance inMan-chester, England, he said,whileDavid, 21, a cur-rently aUAstudent.Hisparents areMiguel andAnabel Silva.He focuses nowon ac-

    ademics but he playedsoccer fromhis fresh-man to his junior year.This past year hecoached a girls AYSOsoccer team.Hes amember of

    MESA,which isMath,Engineering, ScienceAchievement;HonorsClub,which helpsfundraise to help pay foruniversity tests; and isvice president of SEA-HEC, SoutheasternAri-zonaHealthEducation

    Center health careersclub.Hewas a three-yearmember of SantaCruz ZClub aswell.Silva is a candidate for

    the International Bac-calaureate diploma, aprogramthat helps pre-pare you for college. Youtake college-rigor class-es so you can prepare.They help you become abetterwriter, he said.A gratifying high

    schoolmemory, he said,is making the friends Ihave now. Theyvehelpedme a lot. In IB,weve become like a fam-ily so everyone caresabout each other.His parents have been

    very supportive.Theyve always

    pushedme to be the bestperson I can be. Theydont like itwhen I getBs. They always toldmeto try. For example,when I first camehere, Iwasnt the brightest stu-dent, but they encour-

    agedme to try.His advice to others:

    The reason Imhere isbecause Impersistent.AsMichael Jordan said,If you fall six times, getup seven. I could haveeasily given upwhen Ifirst camehere (at age10) and saw that nothingwasworking forme.Butmyparents always toldme to try, even if I didntsee results. I think thatknowledge ismore im-portant than grades.

    NHS valedictorian

    By Kathleen VandervoetFor theNogales International

    Marysol Luna,salutatorian for theNHS Class of 2011


    Luna ismusician


    Marysol Luna, salu-tatorian for this yearsNogalesHigh Schoolsenior class, is amusi-cian aswell as a schol-ar, playing the violinsince third grade. She

    By Kathleen VandervoetFor theNogales International

    Anthony Silva,valedictorian for theNHS Class of 2011


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  • Class of 2011 Nogales High School

    A commencement ceremony on May 26 celebrated the Nogales High School Class of 2011, whichincluded 381 candidates for graduation.



    Yeah! We made it!

    Im going to miss you!

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  • Class of 2011 Nogales High School

    Members of the Class of 2011 listened to words of advice from NHS faculty andfellow classmates at the May 26 graduation ceremony at Nogales High School.


    The Color Guard

    The Band

    Time for a speech!

    NHS Faculty

    Hugs all around!

    A moment of reflection




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    Perseverance pays off for Justin Kim

    Whilegraduationisnt a race,it was a pho-to finish atthe top of theclass. JustinKimandAlexGer-ber fin-ished in adead heat,each

    sporting a 4.66GPA.Being this years Co-Vale-

    dictorian is an honor,Kimsaid. It ismore thanwordscan describe.Itwas not an easy achieve-

    ment,Kim said. He creditsThe ability to continue towork hard through high schoolwithoutmygrades dropping,without lettingmywork ethicdown and,when times arehard and you dontwant to doanything, the ability to perse-vere through thosemoments

    for the achievement.Itwas a journey forKim.

    Heworked hard inmiddleschool andmade good grades.I achieved straight Asthroughoutmiddle school.When I entered as a freshmanI thought Iwant tomaintainthese grades, thiswork ethic,so I could prove tomyself,myfamily and friends that I couldbe successful atwhatever Ido.Kimhad always had his eye

    on good grades, but set hissights forValedictorian dur-ing his junior year, he said.That pushedme toworkharder.The rewards are great, Kim

    said. I have been accepted tomany other schools, such asUniversity of California at SanDiego andUniversity ofTexas, but I decided to go toUofAbecause they have themost scholarships such asWildcat Excellence.While itwasnt theApple of

    his Eye, JustinKimgot aniPod alongwith theWildcatExcellence scholarship,which

    amounts to $8,500. I ammoreof a PCguy, but Ill take theApple.Kim is alsowaiting on other

    scholarships, he said.Kimwill use his iPad, along

    with tuitionmoney, to studyscience, he said. Iwant toma-jor in either chemistry or biol-ogy.Mygoal is to become anophthalmologist.Iwant to be able to help

    peoplewho cant afford neces-sary eye care,Kim said. Iwant to be able to give that tothosewho cant.Kim succeeds his sister,

    Kathy,whowas salutatorian atRioRico last year.His father,SiKim, ownsPepesMensWear inNogales. Mymother(Thong) helps around the storebut,mostly, she is a greatmother. She has had a great ef-fect onme. She is always therewhen I need her.The leap frommenswear to

    eye carewas an interestingone,Kim said. Mydad hasworked at the store for over 10years.He has always toldmeDont fall inmy footsteps. I

    want you to domore in life. Iwant you tomakemore of animpact in life. That haspushedme to domore.In addition to studies,Kim

    has been a bandmember sincesixth grade.He plays trumpetinmarching and jazz band,Kim said. My sister has al-ways been in band alongsideme. She plays the oboe.Outside of family,Kim

    takes inspiration fromGod, hesaid. Hehas guidedmy lifeup to this point and Ive neverfailed to believe inHimor gotoHimwhenever I need him.Kimalso follows his heart,

    he said. I never let anyoneelse differ the road Iwant totake. If Im set to do some-thing, I amnot going to letanything change it.Iwant to tell people to al-

    wayswork hard andwork fortheir dreams,Kim said. Iknow thatmaybe clich, but ifyou set yourmind towhat youwant to do you can reallyachieve a lot of things. You canmake an impact.

    Rio Rico High School

    By Roger ConroyFor theNogales International

    A photofinish forKim andGerber

    I dont feel like I amsit-ting here as valedictorian,Gerber said during an in-terviewprior to calcula-tion of final grades. I feellike I amsitting here as co-valedictorian.Wehave al-ways been neck-and-neck.It is a photo finish, Iwouldthink.Gerbers prediction

    proved true asGerber andJustinKimeach achieveda 4.66 finalGPAwhen re-sults from finalswere cal-culated just days beforegraduation. Before that,the twowere 1/100th of apoint apart. They havebeen vying for the top spotfor four years, PrincipalJamesAnders said.There is always one


    Justin Kim

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    2011 co-valedictorian

    It isan hon-or. I feelproud ofmyselfthat Iwas

    able to accomplish this,AlexGerber said. I nev-er really picturedmyselfas a valedictorian, eventhough other peoplethink ofme as the smartkid in the class, I neverreally picturedmyself asthe smartest kid in theclass.Gerber achieved a 4.66

    GPA. It took late nightsof little sleep to get there,Gerber said. Mostly justan understanding of allthework you have to putin. You have to go intohigh schoolwith priorknowledge of howmuchwork it is going to be.Gerber concentrated

    on studies, but foundtime to be on theRioRicoRiverRats swim teamand theHigh Schoolteam the year they com-peted, he said. My firsttwo high-school years, Iswamon the high-schoolteam.Now,we dont havethe high school team Imstill swimmingwith theRiverRats.Finding time for both

    school and swimming ishard butGerber doesntthink of it as a balancingact, he said. My firstlove is swimming so,each day, I swim for anhour and a half and thatiswhat it is going to be.Then, I just figure out

    how I amgoing to getmyhomework done. Thatsounds harsh, but I haveto be efficient. It helps.

    FamilyGerbers father isDr.

    JosephGerber,who hashis practice inNogales.Hismother, Suzanne, vol-unteers at aChristian(Spanish) radio station inNogales. She is awon-derfulmom,Gerbersaid.Gerbers sister,Marisa, is scheduled tograduate from t