No view1 On Which Purnima night the festival is celebrated in the exotic desert of Kutch.? Ans: Sharad Purnima 2 Where is the first 3D theatre of Gujarat? Ans: Science City-Ahmedabad 3 Where is Kite Museum in Ahmedabad?

Download No  view1 On Which Purnima night the festival is celebrated in the exotic desert of Kutch.? Ans: Sharad Purnima 2 Where is the first 3D theatre of Gujarat? Ans: Science City-Ahmedabad 3 Where is Kite Museum in Ahmedabad?

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<p>No</p> <p>PRACTICE PAPER - 1</p> <p>1 </p> <p>On Which Purnima night the festival is celebrated in the exotic desert of Kutch.? Ans: Sharad Purnima </p> <p>2 </p> <p>Where is the first 3D theatre of Gujarat? Ans: Science City-Ahmedabad </p> <p>3 </p> <p>Where is Kite Museum in Ahmedabad? Ans: Tagore Hall, Paldi </p> <p>4 </p> <p>Which king made primary education compulsory in Gujarat? Ans: Sayajirao Gaekwad </p> <p>5 </p> <p>What is the official state song of Gujarat? Ans: Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat </p> <p>6 </p> <p>Which is the present capital of Gujarat? Ans: Gandhinagar </p> <p>7 </p> <p>Where and when did first Gujarati school start? Ans: 1836, Surat </p> <p>8 </p> <p>Where is Gujarats largest thermal power station? Ans: Dhuvaran </p> <p>9 </p> <p>With how many states is Gujarat connected by road? Ans: Three </p> <p>10 </p> <p>Which city is known for the Bandhani tie dye art in entire Nation? Ans: Jamnagar </p> <p>11 </p> <p>Which mountain range is spread across the Valsad district? Ans: Parnera </p> <p>12 </p> <p>During which king's reign was the Modhera sun temple built? Ans: King Bhimdev the first </p> <p>13 </p> <p>Which city of Gujarat has been given the status of World heritage site? Ans: Champaner </p> <p>14 </p> <p>Which Gujrarati youth has swam 35 km broad English channel in 12 hours? Ans: Sufyan Sheikh </p> <p>15 </p> <p>What is the death anniversary of Gandhiji? Ans: 30th January, 1948 </p> <p>16 </p> <p>Where Gujarat is Situated in India? Ans: In western part of India </p> <p>17 </p> <p>Where in Gujarat is the first of the twelve Jyotirling? Ans: Somnath </p> <p>18 </p> <p>In which village of Gujarat the Afro-origin tribals are dwelling while preserving their traditional culture and customs? Ans: Sirvan </p> <p>19 </p> <p>In which city is it believed lord Krishna set up his reign? Ans: Dwarika </p> <p>20 </p> <p>In which year the Dutch establish their trading center in Gujarat? Ans: In 1606 </p> <p>21 </p> <p>Which island is in the bay of Khambhat? Ans: Aliya Island </p> <p>22 </p> <p>In which city of Gujarat did Sachin Tendulkar complete his 30,000 runs in International Cricket? Ans: Ahmedabad </p> <p>23 </p> <p>In which city is the Sayajirao Museum in Gujarat? Ans: Baroda </p> <p>24 </p> <p>Which is the Gujarat based organization that works for promotion of National language? Ans: Gujarat Prantiya Rashtrabhasha Samiti </p> <p>25 </p> <p>At which lake in Siddhapur the rituals are performed after the death of mother? Ans: Bindu Sarovar </p> <p>26 </p> <p>Which is Gujarats biggest Railway Station? Ans: Ahmedabad </p> <p>27 </p> <p>Where is Gujarats biggest planetarium? Ans: Baroda </p> <p>28 </p> <p>In which city of Gujarat is the Sabar Dairy located? Ans: Himmatnagar </p> <p>29 </p> <p>Which animals special breed known as Jafrabadi is nurtured in Gujarat? Ans: Buffalo </p> <p>30 </p> <p>What have the sites at Champaner been declared as by UNESCO? Ans: World Heritage site </p> <p>31 </p> <p>Which children litterateur was known as 'Muchchali Ma'? Ans: Gijubhai Badheka </p> <p>32 </p> <p>Which saint has built a temple on Kankariya lake? Ans: Saint Dadu Dayal </p> <p>33 </p> <p>What is Vadnagar known for? Ans: Ancient artistic Toran and Hatkeshwar temple </p> <p>34 </p> <p>On the banks of which river is the famous pilgrimage Utandiya Mahadev situated? Ans: Vatrak </p> <p>35 </p> <p>Which city of Gujarat was known as Manchester of India? Ans: Ahmedabad </p> <p>36 </p> <p>What is the name of the International Airport in Gujarat? Ans: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport </p> <p>37 </p> <p>Name the penname of Sursinhji Takhtasinhji Gohil Ans: Kalapi </p> <p>38 </p> <p>Where are famous Patola made? Ans: Patan </p> <p>39 </p> <p>In which fair are milking animals sold and purchased in Gujarat? Ans: Vautha fair </p> <p>40 </p> <p>What is the funeral place of Parsees called? Ans: Dakhamu </p> <p>41 </p> <p>Which goddess temple is on the mountain of Pavagadh? Ans: Mahakali </p> <p>42 </p> <p>Which state produces maximum salt in India? Ans: Gujarat </p> <p>43 </p> <p>How many times in a second does Sunbirds flap its wings? Ans: 175 to 200 times </p> <p>44 </p> <p>How many bird sanctuaries are there in Gujarat? Ans: Five </p> <p>45 </p> <p>Which poet is known as the poet of Garbi? Ans: Poet Dayaram </p> <p>46 </p> <p>Which part of Gujarat is known for high quality of cotton which gives long thread? Ans: Kanam Region </p> <p>47 </p> <p>To which Indian national zone does the rail way of Gujarat belong? Ans: West </p> <p>48 </p> <p>What is the meaning of the word Saputara? Ans: Abode of Snake </p> <p>49 </p> <p>Which famous temple is situated on Chotila hill? Ans: Goddess Chamunda temple </p> <p>50 </p> <p>Who has written the children poetry collection 'Jhabuk vijli jhabuk' and children plays 'Be bhai' and 'Taiko'? Ans: Makrand Dave </p> <p>PRACTICE PAPER - 2</p> <p>No.</p> <p>Result</p> <p>1 </p> <p>Which sanctuary in district Panchmahal is known for species of birds? Ans: Ratanmahal </p> <p>2 </p> <p>Where is the normal water lake near Arabic Sea in Gujarat? Ans: Narayan Sarovar </p> <p>3 </p> <p>Who has written biography of Mahadevbhai Desai Agnikund ma ugelu Gulab? Ans: Narayan Desai </p> <p>4 </p> <p>What is the birth place of Narsinh Mehta? Ans: Talaja </p> <p>5 </p> <p>In which birds nest does Bapaiyo keep its eggs for getting them hatched? Ans: Babblers </p> <p>6 </p> <p>Name the known Gujarati science magazine and name its publisher. Ans: Safari-Nagendra Vijay </p> <p>7 </p> <p>Which collection of poems is well known by poet Kalapi? Ans: Kalapi no kekarav </p> <p>8 </p> <p>In which district is the Kadana dam situated? Ans: Panchmahal </p> <p>9 </p> <p>When did Dandi March start? Ans: 12th March, 1930 </p> <p>10 </p> <p>In which district is the Jain pilgrimage Palitana? Ans: Bhavnagar </p> <p>11 </p> <p>Whose name is associated with Ranji Trophy? Ans: Jam Ranjitsinhji </p> <p>12 </p> <p>Which is the official State bird of Gujarat? Ans: Flamingo </p> <p>13 </p> <p>Where is the origin of the river Vishwamitri? Ans: Pavagadh mountain </p> <p>14 </p> <p>Which Gujarati scholar was the first to join the British judiciary in 1844 ? Ans: Bholanath Sarabhai </p> <p>15 </p> <p>What is the ranking of Gujarat in India as far as its population is concerned? Ans: 10th in India </p> <p>16 </p> <p>In which city is the Ukai Dam situated? Ans: Surat </p> <p>17 </p> <p>Which port did the Parsis come first when they came to India? Ans: Sanjan Port </p> <p>18 </p> <p>Which hills are there between Danta and Palanpur? Ans: Jessore </p> <p>19 </p> <p>Who was the initiator of Jyotisangh an organization for women empowerment? Ans: Charumati Yoddha </p> <p>20 </p> <p>For how many year Gandhiji stayed in Gandhi Ashram? Ans: 13 years </p> <p>21 </p> <p>What is Jamnagar known for, besides Bandhani? Ans: Kajal </p> <p>22 </p> <p>Who has written Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat? Ans: Narmad </p> <p>23 </p> <p>Which is the head centre in the district Kachchh? Ans: Bhuj </p> <p>24 </p> <p>What is the original name of 'Sundaram'? Ans: Tibhovandas Purushottamdas Luhar </p> <p>25 </p> <p>What is Gandhiji's residence in Porbandar known as? Ans: Kirti Mandir </p> <p>26 </p> <p>In which city is the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum located? Ans: Vadodara </p> <p>27 </p> <p>Who is the top ranked player in Table Tennis in Gujarat? Ans: Pathik Mehta </p> <p>28 </p> <p>Which is the largest river in Saurashtra? Ans: Bhadar </p> <p>29 </p> <p>In which city did the Portugese rule in Gujarat? Ans: Diu </p> <p>30 </p> <p>What is the ancient name of Adalaj? Ans: Gadh Patan </p> <p>31 </p> <p>Which play inspired Mahatma Gandhi for becoming such a staunch follower of Truth? Ans: Satyavadi Raja Harishchandra </p> <p>32 </p> <p>Where is the worlds largest refinery in Gujarat? Ans: Jamnagar </p> <p>33 </p> <p>Which Maratha kings ruled in Baroda? Ans: Gaekwad </p> <p>34 </p> <p>Who did Narsinh Mehta write the Hundi to? Ans: Shamalsha Sheth (Shri Krishna) </p> <p>35 </p> <p>Which place in Gujarat is known for Parsis Kashi? Ans: Udwada </p> <p>36 </p> <p>Which city in Gujarat was known as entrance to Makka? Ans: Surat </p> <p>37 </p> <p>When was the the first Gujarati calendar published? Ans: Samvat 1871 </p> <p>38 </p> <p>In which part of Gujarat Lok Melo is organized? Ans: Ahmedabad </p> <p>39 </p> <p>Name the scripture written by Saint Dayanand Saraswati Ans: Satyarthprakash </p> <p>40 </p> <p>Which place gets maximum rains in Gujarat? Ans: Daang </p> <p>41 </p> <p>Which fair in Gujarat is the longest one that runs for 21 days? Ans: Shamlaji Fair </p> <p>42 </p> <p>Where and when did the postal service start in Gujarat? Ans: Ahmedabad 1838 </p> <p>43 </p> <p>In which year did the Indus valley civilization penetrated in Gujarat? Ans: 2400 BC </p> <p>44 </p> <p>What is the international stadium in Ahmedabad called? Ans: Motera stadium </p> <p>45 </p> <p>How much is the area of Gujarat? Ans: 1,96,024 square km. </p> <p>46 </p> <p>How many types of marine tortoise are found in Gujarat? Ans: Three </p> <p>47 </p> <p>Who was the first Gujarati martyr in Quit India Movement? Ans: Umakant Kadiya </p> <p>48 </p> <p>On which rivers in Gujarat are there two dams? Ans: Taapi and Mahi </p> <p>49 </p> <p>Which place of Gujarat is called the Manchester of the East? Ans: Ahmedabad </p> <p>50 </p> <p>Which bird takes food with its head upside down? Ans: Flemingo </p> <p>PRACTICE PAPER 3</p> <p>No.</p> <p>Result</p> <p>1 </p> <p>Which ancient religious place is there near Bhuj? Ans: Koteshwar Temple </p> <p>2 </p> <p>Which is the official state tree of Gujarat? Ans: Mango Tree </p> <p>3 </p> <p>Which state did Kalapi was a king to? Ans: Lathi </p> <p>4 </p> <p>What is the name of the dairy in Gujarat which is associated with the name of one district and a river ? Ans: Banas Dairy </p> <p>5 </p> <p>Which lake in Kachchh has sweet water even though it is close to the sea? Ans: Narayan Sarovar </p> <p>6 </p> <p>Which Mughal king believed Gujarat as the jewel of India? Ans: Aurengzeb </p> <p>7 </p> <p>Which city in Kachchh is known for manufacturing knives? Ans: Anjar </p> <p>8 </p> <p>Who was the first lady Minister of Gujarat? Ans: Indumatiben Sheth </p> <p>9 </p> <p>How many types of poisonous snakes are there in Gujarat? Ans: Five </p> <p>10 </p> <p>What is Dattatreya Balkrishna popularly known as? Ans: Kakasaheb Kalelkar </p> <p>11 </p> <p>Where is the Hamirsar Lake in Gujarat? Ans: Bhuj </p> <p>12 </p> <p>Which is the biggest palace in Gujarat? Ans: Lakshmi Vilas Palace-Vadodara </p> <p>13 </p> <p>Which city of Gujarat is known as Green city? Ans: Gandhinagar </p> <p>14 </p> <p>Who wrote the poem, 'Aandhali ma no kagal'? Ans: Indulal Gandhi </p> <p>15 </p> <p>Which Mantra did Pujya Mota want people to chant? Ans: Hari Om </p> <p>16 </p> <p>Which chief minister of Gujarat started the mid day meal scheme? Ans: Madhavsinh Solanki </p> <p>17 </p> <p>Where is the holy lake Narayan Sarovar in Gujarat? Ans: Kachchh </p> <p>18 </p> <p>How much part has been covered by the Desert in Gujarat? Ans: 27,200 sq. km </p> <p>19 </p> <p>which is the main language of Gujarat? Ans: Gujarati </p> <p>20 </p> <p>With which sport is Aparna Popats name associated? Ans: Badminton </p> <p>21 </p> <p>Where is Asias largest dairy situated? Ans: Anand </p> <p>22 </p> <p>Who started the orphanages in Gujarat? Ans: Mahipatram Rupram </p> <p>23 </p> <p>Which national marine park is situated in the bay of Kachchh? Ans: Jamnagar Marine National Park </p> <p>24 </p> <p>Which city of Gujarat has the highest number of schools? Ans: Ahmedabad </p> <p>25 </p> <p>Which famous Roza in Gujarat is considered the largest and most artistic Roza? Ans: Sarkhej Roza </p> <p>26 </p> <p>What was the name of Narsinh Mehtas daughter? Ans: Kunwarbai </p> <p>27 </p> <p>Who established Arya Samaj? Ans: Swami Dayanand Saraswati </p> <p>28 </p> <p>For which item Paatan is known for world over? Ans: Patola </p> <p>29 </p> <p>Who is known as the promoter of Libraries in Gujarat? Ans: Motibhai Amin </p> <p>30 </p> <p>Where in Gujarat is the biggest Gita Mandir? Ans: Ahmedabad </p> <p>31 </p> <p>For which species is the Nal Sarovar a sanctuary? Ans: Migratory birds </p> <p>32 </p> <p>What is poet Kant's original name? Ans: Manishankar Ratnaji Bhatt </p> <p>33 </p> <p>Where is Indias biggest Ship breaking yard in Gujarat? Ans: Alang </p> <p>34 </p> <p>In which year was Kankaria lake built? Ans: 1451 A.D. </p> <p>35 </p> <p>Where is the Dada Hari step well which is architecturally very valuable? Ans: Ahmedabad </p> <p>36 </p> <p>Which Hindu festival celebrated according to English calendar? Ans: Uttrayan </p> <p>37 </p> <p>Where is the Kala Dungar( Black Mountain) located in Gujarat? Ans: Kuchchh </p> <p>38 </p> <p>What was the birth place of Hemchandracharya? Ans: Dhandhuka </p> <p>39 </p> <p>Where is the biggest mineral centre in Gujarat? Ans: Ankleshwar </p> <p>40 </p> <p>Who got Modhera Surya Temple constructed? Ans: Bhimdev the first </p> <p>41 </p> <p>Where is the Indroda Park (zoo) in Gujarat? Ans: Gandhinagar </p> <p>42 </p> <p>How many sanctuaries and national parks are there in Gujarat? Ans: 21 Sanctuaries and 4 National Parks </p> <p>43 </p> <p>Who has been the youngest wicket-keeper and batsman to enter Indian Cricket team? Ans: Parthiv Patel </p> <p>44 </p> <p>Which special place is created at the end of the monsoon in the northern side of Kachchh desert? Ans: Surkhab nagar </p> <p>45 </p> <p>Which revolutionary patriot from Gujarat was a professor of Sanskrit in Oxford University? Ans: Shyamji Krishna Varma </p> <p>46 </p> <p>Where do the Uttar Vahini rivers in Kachchh end? Ans: In the desert of Kachchh </p> <p>47 </p> <p>What is the five days penance when young girls of Gujarat take salt less food in the Indian month Ashadh, known as? Ans: Molakat </p> <p>48 </p> <p>Which City in Gujarat is known for being the birth place of Jamshedji Tata &amp; Dadabhai Navroji? Ans: Navsari </p> <p>49 </p> <p>How old is the Golden bridge on the river Narmada in Bharuch? Ans: 150 years </p> <p>50 </p> <p>Whose residence was Hradaykunj in the Harijan Ashram? Ans: Gandhiji </p> <p>PRACTICE PAPER 4</p> <p>No.</p> <p>Result</p> <p>1 </p> <p>Where is Shri Rang Avdhoots Ashram? Ans: Nareshwar </p> <p>2 </p> <p>Where is the lignite-based electric project in Kachchh? Ans: Pandhro </p> <p>3 </p> <p>What is poet Narmad's pen name? Ans: Prem Shaurya </p> <p>4 </p> <p>Where was Zaverchand Meghani born? Ans: Chotila </p> <p>5 </p> <p>Which deer in Gujarat is also known as Krishna Mrug? Ans: BlackBuck </p> <p>6 </p> <p>Who established Amul Dairy? Ans: Tribhuvandas patel </p> <p>7 </p> <p>Where is the fishery training centre? Ans: Veraval </p> <p>8 </p> <p>In which year did poetess Meera come to Dwarika in Gujarat? Ans: 1537 A.D. </p> <p>9 </p> <p>What is the old name of river Banas? Ans: Parnasha </p> <p>10 </p> <p>Which mode of transport plays a crucial role in Gujarats economy? Ans: Sea ways </p> <p>11 </p> <p>Where does Taapi enter into Gujarat from? Ans: Haranfal </p> <p>12 </p> <p>Which mountain range is spread across the Valsad district? Ans: Parnera </p> <p>13 </p> <p>Which place in Kutch is famous for museum of Kutchhi Art? Ans: Anjar </p> <p>14 </p> <p>Which museum of Gujarat is the oldest museum of the state? Ans: Kutch Museum </p> <p>15 </p> <p>Which district of Gujarat has the maximum of Tribals? Ans: Daang </p> <p>16 </p> <p>From which century the state got identity as Gujarat? Ans: 14th Century </p> <p>17 </p> <p>Who had written Shikshapatri that is so much respectfully followed by Swaminarayan sect? Ans: Sahjanand Swami </p> <p>18 </p> <p>What kind of fiber is made for the double ikkat technique of wearing a saries in Patan? Ans: Silk Fiber </p> <p>19 </p> <p>Where was poet Dalpatram born? Ans: Vadhavaan </p> <p>20 </p> <p>Which hill measuring 1173 feet in height of volcanic origin lies near Rajkot? Ans: Chotila </p> <p>21 </p> <p>Which is the first hill station in Gujarat that has been systematically developed as per tourism planning? Ans: Saputara </p> <p>22 </p> <p>Where is the biggest Mental Health Centre in Gujarat? Ans: B M Institute of Mental Health-Ahmedabad </p> <p>23 </p> <p>Which Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Gujarat is now in the worlds top ten SEZs list? Ans...</p>