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We are a design studio specialized in graphic developments with a strong conceptual process.New approaches generated through the Conceptual Process that break stereotypes by creating a "strong emotional appeal."


  • 1. Who we are?

2. A design studio specialized in graphic developments with astrong conceptual process. 3. What is ouradded value? 4. New approaches generatedthrough the Conceptual Processthat break stereotypes by creatinga "strong emotional appeal." 5. How do weaccomplish this? 6. "New visual associations" generate a break andstimulate the forgotten "right brain" causing amomentary inner ecstasy. 7. 90% of adults only use the left hemisphere. Left brain Right brain90%10% Thinking FeelingPerceptionIntuition Verbal VisualLinearSpacial Rational Intuitive Directed CreativeStructureCategoriesChaosFreedom90% ObjectiveSubjective Duty BeingIn children the relationship is reversed, we lose the daily contact with the imagination, freedomand the ability to create new concepts. 8. Breaking Stimulates Rightand ecstasy HemisphereNew ApproachesStereotypesStimulates Left Hemisphere Normal state. Usual"Who excites theright hemisphere willcreate a strongemotional bond" 9. New EmotionalStimulation BREAK Connection 10. What servicesdo we offer?? 11. ConceptNamingBrandingEditorialGraphicPackaging 12. Thank you! www.nnss.com.ar