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Nmap basics


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2. Nmap Basics - OverviewWhat is nmap?Nmap, short for "network mapper", is an open source utility which can quickly scan broad ranges of devices and provide valuable information about the devices on your network. It can be used for IT auditing and asset discovery as well as for security proling of the network. 3. Nmap Basics - OverviewWhat does nmap do?Nmap uses raw IP packets to determine what hosts areavailable on the network, the services that are enabled, theoperating system and version of the host, what sort of rewallor packet lters are in place and many other aspects of thenetwork. The information can be used both proactively toidentify and correct security holes and by attackers to performreconnaissance about the types and quantities of targetsavailable and what weaknesses exist. 4. Nmap Basics - OverviewNmap runs on?Nmap is available for a wide range of operating systemplatforms. The standard download is a compressed lecontaining the UNIX version (which runs on Linux, Solaris,Free/Net/OpenBSD, and Mac OS X) and the Windows versionas well as NmapFE, the X-Windows front end for UNIX, andNmapWIN, the recommended Windows GUI for Nmap. 5. Nmap Basics - OverviewNmap can perform a wide range of scans. Some are moreaggressive and blatant, while some are designed to be stealthyand scan undetected. Depending on the type of scan performed,different information can be discovered as well. 6. Nmap Basics - Overview ConnectSYN StealthFIN, Xmas, NullPingUDP ScanIP Protocol ScanSome of the scan types are: ACK ScanWindow Scan RPC ScanList Scan FTP Bounce 7. Nmap Basics - First ScanHow hard is nmap to use? Nmaps ability to be run from both the command line and from a GUI enable most people to get the tool up and running very quickly. Advanced features require more command line and technical expertise to use the tool effectively. 8. Nmap Basics - First ScanWindows users take heed: Windows XP Service Pack 2 is shoddily supported due to the fact that Microsoft removed the socket layer from the Operating System. Furthermore, hacks and workarounds that have been discovered to get nmap to work results in Microsoft patching up this hole shortly thereafter. With this in note, your mileage may vary. 9. Nmap Basics - First ScanBasic nmap scan example. 10. Nmap Basics - First ScanApplicationIP Addresses scannedTime and date of the scanPorts discoveredState of the portThe type of service this port typically isTotal number of IP Addresses scannedIP addresses found to be activeNumber of seconds to complete the scan 11. Nmap Basics - Version Detection What is host detection?Host detection is a feature of nmap that tells it to furtheranalyze what the packet behavior is, and assess whatOperating System the target host is based on its analysis. Ok, well what about version detection then?Version detection expands on host detection by also queryingthe ports nmap nds open for what the service is. 12. Nmap Basics - Version DetectionExample output from the version detection ag.Service InfoService VersionUnknownFingerprintUnknown ServiceIdentier 13. Nmap Basics - Version DetectionExample of host detection.Operating SystemInformation 14. Nmap Basics - PingingHow does nmap identify hosts? Nmap by default will perform either a TCP SYN or a TCP Connect ping to gather active hosts. In some cases nmap will even use ARP pinging to identify hosts as well.How can you turn off pinging? The -P0 (P) switch will turn this feature off. 15. Nmap BasicsThis concludes Hacking With Nmap, Part 1 16. Nmap BasicsInformation Gathered from:Insecurity.org - The home of NmapNetsecurity.about.com - Providers of the much of the Overview material.