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<p>Curriculum Vitae</p> <p>Curriculum Vitae</p> <p>Mr. NITIN ANKUSH KUMBHARASHA NIWAS B,ROOM NO.203, ROAD NO.22KISAN NAGAR NO.3, WAGLE ESTATETHANE-400604Mob. NO : - 9768571277 E-mail: JOB OBJECTIVE</p> <p> Looking for a challenging career to show the best of my professional ability, skills and techniques to enhance my knowledge and growth in Electronics and Telecom industry.</p> <p>ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION </p> <p> B.E. (ELECTRONICS &amp; TELECOMMUNICATION ENGG.)</p> <p>YearUniversityPercentageInstitute</p> <p>2015-2016 SEM VII-SEM VIII(Mumbai University)68.68 %S.S. JONDHLE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, ASANGAON.</p> <p>2014-2015 SEM V-SEM VI(Mumbai University)53.46 %S.S. JONDHLE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, ASANGAON.</p> <p>2013-2014 SEM III-SEM IV(Mumbai University)58.25 %S.S. JONDHLE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, ASANGAON.</p> <p>2012-2013 SEM I-SEM II(Mumbai University)56.83 %S.S. JONDHLE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, ASANGAON.</p> <p> H.S.C.</p> <p>YearBoardPercentageInstitute</p> <p>2012MSBSHE(Maharashtra State Board of Secondary &amp; Higher Education)67.17 % VPMS JR. COLLEGE,MULUND, MUMBAI-81</p> <p> S.S.C.</p> <p>YearBoardPercentageInstitute</p> <p>2010MSBSHE(Maharashtra State Board of Secondary &amp; Higher Education)79.64 % SHREE NAGAR VIDYAMANDIR,THANE-04</p> <p> PROJECT WORK </p> <p>Final YearMega project</p> <p>Title: Pen Drive To Pen Drive Transfer using Arm11Description: Now a-days, to transfer some data between two pen drive we use PC or Laptops. But it is not always possible to carry such large devices. So we made a device which we can carry anywhere. Using this device we not only transfer data but we can monitor and analysis the transfer of a particular file which ought to send. Team Size: 4</p> <p> Mini Project Title: PC assembly Description: In this mini project we assembled a computer. In which we assembled RAM , Power supply,Monitor. In this mini-project we assembled a computer and gave demonstration to students how to assemble computer in step wise manner.Role: Support Technician Team Size: 12</p> <p> AREAS OF INTREST</p> <p> TELECOMMUNICATIONS. NETWORKING.</p> <p> TECHNICAL SKILLS</p> <p> CCNA (ROUTING &amp; SWITCHING ) BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF TELECOM,NETWORKING,MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS MICROSOFT OFFICE.</p> <p>CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES</p> <p> CERTIFIED COURSE IN ANDROID BOOT CAMP IN 2013.</p> <p>PERSONAL STRENGTH</p> <p> SELF-MOTIVATION AND ABILITY TO TAKE THE INITIATIVE AND RESPONSIBILITY. GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILL. ABILITY TO WORK IN A TEAM WITH DIVERSE BACKGROUNDS. STRONG COMMITMENT TO QUALITY. READY TO LEARN NEW THINGS &amp; UPGRADE. PASSION FOR CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT.</p> <p>PERSONAL DETAILS</p> <p>Fathers name:Mr. ANKUSH NAMDEO KUMBHARMothers name:Mrs. SHOBHA ANKUSH KUMBHARLanguages known:ENGLISH, HINDI &amp; MARATHI. Gender:MALE.Marital Status:SINGLE.Nationality: INDIAN.Date of Birth: 29TH AUGUST, 1994.Hobbies: PLAYING CRICKET TREKKING. TRAVELLING. </p> <p>DECLARATION</p> <p> I hereby solemnly affirm that the particulars furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge .I will make it my earnest endeavor to discharge competently and carefully the duties you may be pleased to entrust with me.</p> <p>Date: </p> <p>Place:</p> <p> (KUMBHAR NITIN ANKUSH)</p>