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Nirmal Baba Effect on Social & Moral Values

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Page 1: Nirmal Baba Ji

Nirmal Baba Effect on Social & Moral Values

Page 2: Nirmal Baba Ji

Nirmal Baba has been instrumental in bringing about a very positive change in terms of social and moral values in each of his devotees who have followed him sincerely.

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This change is from within where devotees refrain from making negative causes and start to make positive causes/karma and changes in their lives as told by Nirmal Baba.

Page 4: Nirmal Baba Ji

This change is brought about by the realization that supreme powers are everywhere and they are watching us all the time.

Page 5: Nirmal Baba Ji

This realization is also strengthened by the fact that any misdeed done and its negative effect is pointed out by Nirmal Baba to his devotees in his Samagams.

Page 6: Nirmal Baba Ji

This is explained in a very simple cause and effect way, Nirmal Baba points out the reasons in one’s life which are stopping them from achieving happiness, success or prosperity in life and devotees follow his guidelines to improve quality of their lives.

Page 7: Nirmal Baba Ji

Devotees can clearly relate to these simple truths told by Nirmal Baba and they start to make positive efforts in terms of making good causes/karma instead of bad ones.

Page 8: Nirmal Baba Ji

This is eradicating social and moral corruption from the root. An impossible task but accomplished by Nirmal Baba through his devotees.

Page 9: Nirmal Baba Ji

A few examples discussed as told by Nirmal Baba in his Samagams and experiences shared by his devotees.

Page 10: Nirmal Baba Ji

No earning by unlawful means. Nirmal Baba time and again is seen advising his devotees to earn their living by truthful means. An electrician was told not to cheat while putting wires.

Page 11: Nirmal Baba Ji

No corrupt practices whether in running a shop or business. A shopkeeper was told not to make mistakes while measuring or weighing for customers.

Page 12: Nirmal Baba Ji

Babaji’s contribution to be an ideal citizen – No tax evasion- Babaji was seen advising a tax consultant to make tax statements truthfully. He advises strictly against electricity or water theft from government. A school teacher was advised not to beat school children.

Page 13: Nirmal Baba Ji

Equality of girl and boy child- Nirmal Baba told one of his devotees who wanted a son not to differentiate between a girl and a boy child. This is deep rooted vice in India resulting in low girl to boy ratio.

Page 14: Nirmal Baba Ji

Women empowerment- Nirmal Baba stresses on empowerment of women by giving them money and freedom to run the house. A lot of cases were seen where Nirmal Baba advised his devotees to be generous in giving money to their wives.

Page 15: Nirmal Baba Ji

As a male dominated society women are often ill-treated and are not given enough money to run the house resulting in a lot of unhappiness and strain for women.

Page 16: Nirmal Baba Ji

Girls should be able to practice their own religion after marriage, in quite a few cases girls are forced to leave prayers of their religious deities and are made to pray to their in-laws deities.

Page 17: Nirmal Baba Ji

Nirmal Baba advises they can offer prayers to their in-laws deities while continuing the prayers to the deities they have been following since childhood. This way they can get blessings from both the sides whereas stopping them from practicing their religion results in misfortune.

Page 18: Nirmal Baba Ji

He advised that house maids/help should be given enough food to eat properly, we should not be stingy in giving them food. This is commonly seen that maids/help are not given enough to eat or their food is rationed in some households.

Page 19: Nirmal Baba Ji

Nirmal Baba devotees do follow these instructions sincerely as can be seen in their experience sharing.

Page 20: Nirmal Baba Ji

Babaji devotees have shared experiences where they found someone’s wallet and returned it to the rightful owner whereas they also claimed that if they had not been following Babaji they would have kept it.

Page 21: Nirmal Baba Ji

Paving the way for religious and communal harmony- Babaji has been seen telling in samagams that one should give same respect to other religions as they give to their own, one Hindu devotee was advised to pay same respect to a Gurudwara as gives to his Hindu temple.

Page 22: Nirmal Baba Ji

One lady was told to give respect to Church without bringing any negative thoughts while passing by, and another devotee told to pay respect to a Masjid by distributing seviaan (sweet) to the poor infront of it.

Page 23: Nirmal Baba Ji

This deep respect for all other religions paves a golden path for much needed communal harmony in our country.

Page 24: Nirmal Baba Ji

Nirmal Baba has achieved what is impossible in today’s world.

Page 25: Nirmal Baba Ji

He has made his devotees true to one selves and others, truthfulness which remains undeterred by the fact whether someone is watching you or not.

Page 26: Nirmal Baba Ji

Truthfulness strengthened by the realization that God is there and watches us all the time and all our actions whether good or bad are recorded.

Page 27: Nirmal Baba Ji

Imagine if all people can be this truthful, honest and sincere, we could have a corruption free society.

Page 28: Nirmal Baba Ji