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  1. 1. Description Beginning Start off by going through the loading screen with the procution companys name coming up, then the user will encounter a series of options on the main menu such as new season, continue season, extras and settings. Furthermore the user will start building their own team with each ninja having their own special moves During the game Start playing in minor leagues offline or online End up building your team to be the best in the world Characters Ninja soccer players that have different colour robes on each team Genre Action/Sport Price 0.69p Production Company Wolf Tale Arts
  2. 2. How does it work? The user starts at the main menu, then they press new season in order to start the game, which they would then go through a tutorial on how to play the game, here are some controls Move your finger on the screen to move Tap on the screen and the ninja shoots or passes depending on where about on the screen you have tapped Hold your finger on the screen to power pass or shoot When the HUB bar is filled press and hold the special move button in order to trigger the special move Theyre a variety of special moves, such as stunning your opposition, super shooting to get a 90% chance of scoring and super speed to be able to move quicker with the ball.